Zebra Employees and Products Help Serve Those in Need

Zebra Employees and Products Help Serve Those in Need

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All the zebras are gathering, we caught a
zeal. A zeal, that’s the official term for a bunch of zebras.
So here we are at the Northern Illinois Food Bank. We’re gonna volunteer today.
Gonna get an understanding of how our portfolio works in the real world and
the good that it can do and how it provides that smarter more connected
business. Everything that we do here is volunteer
dependent. We are helping feed the local communities packing some food. This is
all meat. Really helps to get people immersed in the environments, we try to
help people get more efficient in. It’s one of the best perks about the company is the spirit of
volunteerism. How far did you come from today? Paris, long way isn’t it? We are the fifth largest food bank in
the country, so we have to work efficiently in order to move this food
as quickly and as inexpensively as possible. So we’re gonna track for every
product we bring in about twenty six different points of information and a
couple years ago we were thinking about could we bring barcoding into our
business to help us really better track the food that we’re bringing in and out
of the warehouse? You have 73 million pounds of goods that you have to
distribute. The flow of data and the continuous visibility in the enterprise
was needed. You know that’s when the Northern Illinois Food Bank brought in
Zebra mobile devices, as well as Zebra printer products and just automate that
whole outbound logistics delivery. We’re a machine, Sara and I have done about three
pallets so far. They’re feeding millions of people every year.
So if our devices, our scanners, allow them to organize their food faster, the
quicker it can get out into the hands of those that need it. The engineering side of us is always thinking about how we can design this process better, but ultimately it’s about
the community. Seven thousand four hundred and sixteen mills that you guys
packaged today. People working together empowered and enabled by technology can
really change the world. We’re connecting the physical to the digital and we’re
making it happen with Zebra Technologies’ portfolio.

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