Young brothers use custom cake business to help local charities

Young brothers use custom cake business to help local charities

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our business is call it two brothers in they teaching I’m the CEO and my brother is the CFO I usually get cake orders about every single week you know like giving back to community because the community has given a lot to us we’ve donated over 200 meals to the homeless we gave toys to kids in hospital I do hope to continue serving the community with our business hello I’m Shane I’m Nigel and together we are two brothers in the kitchen so me and my brother were baking before we could reach the country so maybe like before we got in to actually selling our cakes because one day we entered a baking competition but we use our grandma’s secret recipe for the filling I think and that’s 21 we actually won three years in a row and that was when we really realized that we could start baking YouTube the sugar geek show us how I learned our decorating skills and practice we spent about 15 to 20 hours a week on business we made a wedding cake it was six layers to tears it was an eight cake so you have you can see the sides I like to bake because it makes up art in an exercise you need to know how acids react to bases its kind of the science of it that’s why I like me yeah favorite subject is probably math this year I’m taking engineering at HCC Community College last start taking college algebra first time I went into winnable class in CPC some people thought I was in their own class but the teacher knew I was in the class but everyone else – I’m thinking about going into biomedical engineering next year I’m taking precalculus class I think I want to be a math teacher if you wanted to give back with a lot of people help us along our way our business so we do Fortman cares and the J be done all the foundation so they’re basically trying to rebuild a hospital in Africa of course we would like to continue to support the community because we have no it to us when we get back this is our book Nick called beyond the kitchen about how to cook up successful sliced failures me and my brother wrote this book it’s about me and my brothers feels that we’ve made in the kitchen how we learned from them we just released our book last week how you don’t have to be perfect to succeed it’s okay to fail as long as you learn from it and we ruin it it’s to inspire other people don’t be afraid to fail [Music]


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