Ylvis- Vegard in charity challenge [English subtitles]

Ylvis- Vegard in charity challenge [English subtitles]

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Somewhat over there there are 20 starving children having a birthday party And that’s where we come into play. We will compete in teams about delivering 4 pizzas, Soft drinks and cream dressing with help of hot air balloons 100 000 kroner are in the jackpot, the match is between 2 teams and the winner can decide to which charity they will donate the money On my team I have adventurer and driver Samuel Massie We will compete against program leaser Line Elsvsåshagen and comedian and pilot Vegard Ylvisåker What did you say, for how many years have you been flying? 13 years – Good – That’s true, Vegard is actually an educated pilot If I say up, we go up, okay? I know that’s it’s totally impossible to navigate these things But I heard that the higher you get, you can swing. Do you know anything about these? I think we will just go this way. Straight to the east If we don’t win this, I don’t understand anything Have you ever had an aviation accident? – No. Many nearly accidents That’s good But what I’m most afraid of is that we crash into the birthday party And that it will be a VG headline – Yes, that would be bad PR Or good PR – Barf bag- I think I take this one – And here is a piss bag I know that this thing here manages a fall from 50 metres on asphalt Now you’re not allowed to say “fall” anymore. Not allowed to talk about falling I don’t know anything about this here. Can you navigate it? – No, you can’t navigate it But we can go up and down? – Yes you can So the tactic is to…? – Fly and run? – Fly and run, yes high five 1, 2, 3, life insurance It’s time for a good old hot air balloon pizza delivery race Go Goodbye! Goodbye – We will just go up to where’s there’s wind I don’t want to go up, I don’t want I don’t want to go up, Okay I won’t look down – This is plain sailing. Where are they going? No, I can’t look down. Are we going a bit too high now? – No, it’s fine Unless there’s a shortcut through the stratosphere, I don’t understand anything I will just look at my card somewhat – Okay, I’ll sit down – Don’t forget the children’s birthday! Now we are …here. And we have to go there Will it work? – It will work very well – No, now we’re going down again I think it went into the wrong direction – I don’t give a damn as long as we’re ahead of the others But should we bring it down so that we can tow the balloon back? -No I don’t want to go down, I don’t want to get closer to that slope It’s okay – We’re going a bit down fast now I think It’s totally okay. It could have been so much worse Hold tight- Watch the cars The point is that I just have to… – Go above the cars? Are we going above the cars? – Just watch out for the cars Hold tight Now the children will get angry I see that we’re on the totally wrong way – The birthday party is over there – We should have gone there, but ended up here, do you get it? The problem with the wind makes both balloons have to make stopover. But soon we’re on our way up again – Yes, now it looks good – Now we’re going And we’re going again – They will definitely get pizza Come on now Now we’re starting to get closer here They’re cheering for us Now, they’re on the right course – You have a bad balloon – This is not working out for you, look at their long faces Awful balloon – We’re just saving up for the end Oh, look – This is totally fine – Now we’re speeding up This is very good, balloon-man – Oh no, they’re starting the landing Yes, yes, yes. Dear God, nice! Are we ready for pizza? – Pizza is coming here We have to win this here – I think we will crash the children’s birthday. We will land in the middle of the table – They’re crashing right into the party Are you ready? We’re flying too far – We have to jump if we want to win No, no, no, wait, wait Wait, wait – I wait. I’m ready Hold tight The pizza! Now, now, here Here you have pizza – Here you go Very good I think we can say for sure to Peppes, Dolly and the pizza baker and the others that Hot air balloon, it’s not the thing Birthday party!


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