1. If I get bitten by the same insect time and time again I start to become proactive so not to be bitten again.
    That even goes for insects that look like the ones biting me. I swat at them. That's what my brain tells me to do.

  2. Wow this is getting worse for the minute. I feel sorry for the African american community but one thing I do know THIS TIME black people fighting back and it's not gonna be good. Enough is enough. I pray for this nation in Jesus name Amen

  3. This just happened to me at family dollar thats why i searched for a video. So the lady came to the counter and I put a bag on the floor not from family dollar and she goes: "what is that?" I had to tell her twice, Im like 'its mine.' She then gave me weird dirty looks. She said ''oh i was just wondering because you had a bag on the floor". I said mmk… Then she takes my money and check to see if its real. I said, "na its real" Then she handed me my money aggressively so i stook there for 30 seconds counting my money. then she had the nerve to tell me "calm down".๐Ÿ˜‘

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