Why I Got This 15 Minute Nose Job | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

Why I Got This 15 Minute Nose Job | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

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The biggest thing I love about my job is the ability to take a physical attribute which can be connected with something deeply emotional in that person that’s upsetting them and change it within a moment. My name is Rubey Lalia and I’m getting a filler in my nose. From my ethnic background, being Indian, it’s very common to have a hump on the nose. It’s out of your control that you have that. But I believe in if you’re happy with how you look then either own it, or if you’re not then change it. When I started my Instagram profile I started
to get a lot of followers quite quick. Then I would get bullied quite a lot. I get people sending me DMs about how I have
a big nose and then I was considering getting rhinoplasty and I talked to my mom and dad about it. Probably about three or four years ago I started to
get a little bit more affected by it. Some people have given me some crazy names. The media themselves. Doctor beautiful, the lip Doctor, lip Jesus. My name is Dr. Tijon Esho, I’m a cosmetic doctor and I work on Harley Street, London. I’ve been doing this for about seven to eight years now. This specific specialization. You know I’ve been a doctor a long time before that. I don’t like the word expert but I believe doing that for that period of time has got me to the level I am now. Filler injections are so popular because it’s the ability to have a change that’s not permanent. I think also now and accessibility is more
affordable and accesses to masses. Dermal fillers are normally known as Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural substance produced in our body, but in a Dermal Filler it’s in a synthetic form the one in our body always gets broken down within a 24 hour cycle whilst the one we inject can last anything from six months to even a year depending on the type of filler used and also the patient and age as well at the same time. Two years ago it was my lips first that I was conscious about. I did my research. I came across Dr. Esho because of his reputation in the beauty industry. The procedure I had on my lips was amazing. But I didn’t think the nose procedure was possible. So I was actually looking into getting an actual nose job first and then I messaged him and said, “Is it possible to get a procedure done for my nose before I actually look to get proper Rhinoplasty and I can see what it will look like?” As a culture we are now more aware of ourselves visually, you know, and I think probably the biggest impact of that is social platforms, you know. We take a picture of your coffee, take a picture with your friends, you take a picture of yourself. We are all now more aware of how we look. We are constantly analyzing each other. The reaction from my family and friends has been positive but there’s always a fear that with your friends they’re like, “Don’t go overboard.” They didn’t want me going down the Rhinoplasty route. I haven’t had any bad experiences with fillers. I’ve always done my research from day one so I wouldn’t have any botched jobs. Having treatment with Dermal Fillers is medical procedure, and with medical procedures there’s always going to be risks–blood clots, infection. A lot of the time people find this is because they’re going to see unqualified practitioners based on a bargain. I’ve seen people have this in the back of someone’s shed or in the back of the gym. You need to know where you’re having these procedures. You would know where your food is prepared and cooked, so make sure you know where your face is going to be treated. It’s a medical procedure and it should be done by medical practitioners. In this case, rather than injecting local anesthetic as you would have seen with lips, I tend to put topical anesthetic on the area because it’s very quick and it’s less painful. And then what I’ll start to do with very precise injections is start to resculpture the actual plateau of the nose itself. I’ll start just above the hump to even that part out. As the needle slides deep within the tissue and the Dermal Filler product is injected, what you may feel is a stretching and pulling as the pressure is applied to that particular area of tissue. As the needle moves around in the skin or deep within the mucosa, sometimes people feel that a bit more intensely and when the needle is withdrawn or you may feel at the same time is that pressure suddenly relaxes and gets released. And then I’ll move just below to lift the tip of the nose until by my eye line that nose is perfectly straight all the way along. Good. When it’s finished blood is wiped away and the person leaves happy with a really straight nose. It’s a really difficult procedure and can go wrong but I do my best to make it look easy. I think the biggest feeling I like leaving the patients with is that I made them really feel this was a big moment for them and they walk out there a different person, but in a positive way. Amazing. Since having the non-surgical nose job, I feel like I’m a lot more confident and I feel like the filler has done the job of getting rid of the hump on my nose. So I feel like I don’t need to go down the surgical route to get a permanent nose job. Because I’ve had the procedure done, I’ve had a lot of negativity from it. But then when I didn’t have the procedure done, I would have people sending me horrible messages saying I needed a nose job. So I feel like I can’t win either way so you just have to go with the motion of your life and you’ve got to do what makes you happy. Thanks so much for watching. For more videos, click here. And to subscribe, click here.


  1. Well, my nose doesn't have this bump but it is quite spread out. I hate it. Its not big, it has a good shape. I just wish it were thinner

  2. I see her a BEAUTIFUL girl. It is such a shame that she hated how she looks and tried to fix it with the minimal way in order to live in peace without CYBER BULLING. Any way if that will make her happy let her do what she wants. And she mentioned that her friends are afraid to be in the plastic road or pass under the knife. thanks for them to think like that and care about her.
    I just wonder is the filler going to stay forever or must he redone every 6 months?

    And the bgm editing went from ASMR to something else.

  3. Hii from India, my cousin sister's daughter doesn't have that hump and she worried about her daughter's looks, what a hypocrisy. In india people want that hump

  4. I understand how She feels. One time my “friend” called rinoceros because of my nose, and it was like i got hit in my face or something

  5. I'm Lebanese/Colombian so I have a ethnic looking nose and I remember always getting bullied for that as well as other features of my face. I'm seeing all these people saying "jUsT bE hApPy wItH hOw YoU lOoK" but it really isn't that easy and I wish people understood that.

  6. I’m an Indian girl just like her and I relate so much to her as I too have a nose just like hers ….many people first notice my nose than anything along that I have a small chin which makes my nose “look “ even more “bigger” I’m planning to get this done in the future…I would really consider this as most of the time even get bullied for it

  7. Her nose was perfect before the procedure. What a shame that a naturally beautiful woman should feel that she is in need of “fixing”. What a shame the she cares what other people think.

  8. I am not against anyone having any work done. It's just sad that external opinions made her want to change herself. It should be something you want not something you're bullied about

  9. She was beautiful before and after. People need to take a note from Thumper in the movie Bambi. If you can't say nothing nice, don't say nothing at all.

  10. I hate needles I hate needles I hate needles I hate needles I hate needles I hate needles I hate needles I hate needles I hate needles I would never do this arghhhhhhhhh

  11. It's horrible that she gets bullied but its definitely ok for her to want to change an aspect of them. It's only bad when they feel that they have to

  12. "it's a difficult procedure"
    You're kidding me right? It is absolutely not a difficult procedure… Risky… Yes, but not difficult. It hrs that good, he also should have filled and lifted the tip of the nose to balancee it out. It would have looked amazing then.

  13. Maybe if her bashers sees my nose they will kill me. If her nose was ugly what about mine? I swear her nose was pretty mine is round 😅 but I am ok with it.

  14. Bullying is not okay. But I feel that minor beauty changes like this are absolutely fine and beneficial.

  15. No wonder people always thought I was Indian because of my nose. Either ways I’m exactly 30 days post op n I’m happy I got a rhino/septoplasty done

  16. Her nose looked fine! Honestly, I don't understand why people bully you on your looks. What matters is that person's behavior, it's what matters inside. Also this girls makeup is amazing! Can she teach me? 😉

  17. Having a large nose with a bump myself, I’m here to say that western, homogenized beauty standards are garbage. Nothing is inherently ugly about a “big” nose. Erasing ethnic characteristics is denying the beauty, heritage, and culture of those who care before you. It’s tragic that people with “unconventional” looks, especially in western countries, are made to feel ugly. It’s horrible.

  18. One aspiring model that started to work trade shows for us had a slight hump on her nose. Because of this hump she had a unique characteristic and attracted attention from many many individuals. But she was so insecure and wanted a nose job. She saved all her money and got rhinoplasty. Now i swear she hardly gets the attention she used to and most men and women find her "just normal". She is sadder then she was before. Our creator has bestowed each and everyone of us with unique features. These are our own exotic look. Don't let the opinions of others or the perception of what others might think change your own unique character and gift.

  19. my nose is like fat, long and big and my nose holes are also sooo freaking big. in two years (when i‘m 18) i just wanna get a nose job lol

  20. Disgusting societal pressures, no more natural beauty or uniqueness, everyone Will just look like each other with the same beauty standards, very shallow

  21. I need it I really need it…. How can I get it… I don't know ….but I really need it… Please…

  22. I really wish people who use social media would stop listening to others who know nothing about them. 👌

  23. I have that bump in my nose just exactly like hers but we have different types of nose I'm not sure if I should do a nose job when I'm 18 or not because I don't really like my nose I'm 13 btw well that goes to my twin as well we both want to buy we are not sure if we should do

  24. To she was already gorgeous. Those people displayed such crappy behavior. However I definitely don't knock her for doing what made her feel better. It came out looking great.

  25. i just got filler injections in my nose yesterday and it’s amazing how they give you even more confidence than you used to have!! To me they didn’t make a lot because my nose its not big or anything, but i did had a little bump… It’s magical!!

  26. remember: you are “ugly” because society says you are. there is no beauty standard, just be yourself

  27. I live in Finland and got this done TODAY 21.10.2019! Got my lips at the same time and I basically look just the same as before, just more symmetrical (lips+nose).

    Cost me 530€, nose 290€ and lips 240€. Best decision ever❤️

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