Which Countries Have The Best Sex Education?

Which Countries Have The Best Sex Education?

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The United States has one of the highest teenage
birth rates amongst other industrialized nations. And some have blamed the US’s more conservative
methods of sexual education. So, we wanted to know, why is the US so far behind? Well, according to the most recent World Bank
data, which measures teen births from girls aged 15 to 19, Europe has most of the world’s
lowest teen birth rates. Frontrunner countries like Italy, Germany, and Switzerland reported
rates below 4 teen births per thousand people. Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and
Belgium also had low rates – just 5 or 6 teen births per thousand people. Overall, European
countries tend to have less than 20 teen births per thousand. Why? Well, Europe’s low teen birth rate
has been partially attributed to their progressive sexual education. One researcher found that
in the Netherlands, parents and teachers focus less on the “dangers of sex”, and more
on the normal, positive aspects. Dutch teenagers are therefore less likely to be secretive
and misinformed about their first sexual experiences. Other northern European countries in particular,
hold that young people are still “rights holders”, and are entitled to correct and
comprehensive sex education. The US, by contrast, has one of the highest
teenage birth rates of all the developed nations – around 30 teen births per thousand. Many
believe that this high rate has to do with their more repressive views towards teen sex.
In southern states especially, they teach abstinence-only sexual education, which leaves
out key details about pregnancy and diseases. United Nations reports have noted that this
kind of education can backfire, and contribute to more risky sexual behavior. The US also
has a generally more negative attitude towards sex, highlighting the “dangers” and the
risks associated with it instead of the benefits of a healthy, intimate relationship. So does sex ed make a difference? Well, there
certainly seems to be a positive correlation between comprehensive sex ed and low teen
birth rates. However, not all countries follow this pattern, and many scholars still disagree
on the best method to decrease teen births. Some United Nations officials maintain that,
although the rates of teen sex are unlikely to change, the safety of teen sex can be significantly
improved with sexual education. When it comes to Sex education, Germany is
miles ahead of the United States. To learn just how successful their program is, check
out the story from Seeker here. There’s a link to that video in the description if
you’re on your phone. Thanks for watching TestTube!


  1. How can someone give sex education to a 5 year old kid who doesn't even know what's good, or bad? Why not teach them the commandments of God, that will FOR SURE keep them from doing sex before or out of marriage ..

  2. Here in Germany we get things like using a condom and how to put it on and why to use it and the blablabla taught  right before were getting fertile. I put a condom on a banana at 11 years in class with the teacher showing how to do it right.

  3. bullshit man, not to be a dick but at my highschool there were like 30 prego chicks, it was normal, and they were all mexican. its all the mexicans

  4. Sex should be thought of as a good thing, albeit one that requires sensible precautions against STDs or accidental pregnancy. 

    One reason slut-shaming annoys me, aside from sexism issues, is that it treats sex like its something to be ashamed of for wanting & enjoying. Emphasis on virginity and purity has always struck me as harmful, ostracising and nonsensical, particularly in an age of contraception & modern medicine. Its one reason most porn is irritating. Why must they constantly call women 'dirty whores' and 'sluts'? Its both hypocritical and, to me at least, not particularly sexy (except maybe in BDSM).

  5. I find it ridiculous that people find the idea the idea that teens have the right to accurate education 'progressive'.

  6. I don't see how having children young is a bad thing provided they can care for them etc. Why are they trying to encourage something that would lower the birth rate when its already low in these countries??

  7. What is wrong with having a baby at 18/19? What's wrong with having a baby ever? Please, inform me

  8. I lived in a conservative Christian area of Norway when I first started going to school, and they had a similar book to the one used in Germany, that they showed us in 1st or 2nd grade (aged 5-7). Mostly to take the load off the parents having to explain everything, because some parents can actually end up traumatising the kids instead.

  9. 1:39 did anyone else notice the U.N picture is outdated look really closely and you can see the east Germany flag outside the U.N building even though east Germany doesn't exist anymore WHAT?

  10. And why does the US hav an uptight view about sex ?   Bekauz uv religion,  thats why — fucking religion.   Europe iz moor civilized bekauz it haz far less religion.     And the southern states — ( which ar the most religious states )  haz the worst teen pregnancy problem.   This iz just moor uv religions PRO-IGNORANCE agenda.

    Join the revolution  REBELWARRIOR  NET  and  REBELWARRIOR  ORG .

  11. Got a question, this may sound dumb but I come from a country where this isn't taught. What are the birds and the bees? (I know it has something to do with sex)

  12. Btw most middle eastern countries do allow sex ed to be taught in schools but it is the schools choice to teach it so most of ours schools teach the basics like how to get pregnant what contraception is and periods and puberty along with sexual transmitted diseases or infections

  13. As long as your the age of concent and the baby is made out of love it doesn't matter if your a teen parent in my opinion

  14. 1) Fix this: Teens can reproduce much sooner than our society prepares them to provide for offspring.  
    2) Fix this: In abstinence only, “God” gives us the ability to REPRODUCE outside of marriage but claims that we shouldn’t have sex until marriage?  Facts people, please.
    3) Teens today typically do not have children under the same roof with their parents as teens did in the far past, therefore forfeiting much of the benefit and family bonding that occurs from having grand-parental guidance on child-rearing.
    4) Today's teens are increasingly stressed with academic demands that increase cortisol, testosterone and therefore, aggression, risk taking and libido.
    5) To combat religious ignorance on sexuality, don't ask, don't tell and sexual harassment are effective policies to adopt.
    6) Because sex is not just a physical act but also involves trusting someone else with your body, teens should be taught the importance of safely sharing their sexuality with someone who has proven to be emotionally trustworthy, compassionate and responsible as well as financially responsible.  
    7) Spirituality, as the Apostle Paul believed, will not solve these sexual dilemmas and we can see it in his own writings.  In Romans 6:18, he claims that Christians such as himself are set free from 'sin' and then he turns right around in Romans 7 saying that 'sin' is living in him and he can't carry out what he wants to do but keeps doing what he doesn't want to.

  15. I don't know the other countries but most of the dutch girls that ı met got pregnant at the age of 16 and then I asked one of my dutch friend. he said it is getting normal in the netherlands

  16. I'm Italian and I can confirm the low teen pregnancy, but unfortunatly that is not thanks to a good sex education. In Italy sex education is not really thought, and that's bad, because, I think, this will close minds from everything concern sex, LGBTQ world, genders, etc.

  17. ok I can't withhold my smart-ass-self… the UN pic at 1:37 seems a little outdated since it shows the flag of the German Democratic Republic, which doesn't exist anymore for 25 years now (it merged with West-Germany)
    …just saying… :'D

  18. but Europe also suffers from a declining birth rate as well. the countries are dying, not as bad as Japan, but still the population is in decline

  19. Why do you keep saying "many believe" like it's in question? It's not in question! Poor sex ed (specifically abstinence only) leeds to more teen pregnancy. IT'S A FACT!!!! It's been conclusively prooven a ridiculous number of times to the point where acting like it's up for debate is absurd! It's common sense! Teenagers aren't going to stop having sex because you tell them too! Anyone who has met (let alone been) a teeneager should be able to tell you this. If you want them to stop getting pregnant you need to teach them about birth control. NOTHING ELSE WORKS!!!!
    Also for God's sake stop protesting the people who give them free condoms. You want fewer abortions? Fine. Do the opposite of what you are doing and that will happen!

  20. It's terrible. I swear almost every girl my age: 20-25 here in Western North Carolina has a baby. Often multiple children. Just the other day I was dining out on halloween listening to live music and met an 18 year old girl with 6 children. Six! That's just ridiculous.

  21. i blame psycho religious people for the lack of sex education like in middle school our english teacher was a die hard christian and decided to use the bible to teach us on sex "its a sin its a sin its a sin yadda yadda" ugh and apparently she's been doing that for years and no its wasnt a catholic school it was a public school and i was shocked she wasnt even fired!

  22. I go to a Catholic school in Chicago, Illinois, United States. I have not received any sexual education, other than a brief explanation on puberty (the "changing bodies" aspect, not the sexual aspect.

  23. North Korea has THE lowest teen birth rate (1 birth per 1000), followed by S. Korea, Switzerland (lowest in Europe), and Hong Kong. Singapore and Japan are also at the top of the list. (World Bank 2011-2015 Data)

    "Not all countries follow this pattern…"

    More like, the countries at the top of the list don't….

  24. gee I wander why those countries have such a low birth rate,oh ik THERE NOT THE SIZE OF THE US OF COURSE WE WILL HAVE HIGH BIRTH RATES. also why the US,did they not bother to look at China?

  25. @johnny dotson . Hhhm someone wasn't taught about percentages and what " per one thousand means" . The US has got the highest percentage of teen birth rate than any developed country . Around 20 per 1,000 . If you don't get what that means and the fact that the large population means nothing , it's in fact the percentage , then you sir, are a dumbass and have not received a proper education.
    Are you American I wonder ?

  26. In my opinion they should give out free condoms in high schools everywhere to help combat it . If there's condoms there won't be a problem using them . It's only the fact that the shear awkwardness going into a shop and buying condoms or the teenager not in fact having money for them . They should have like vending machines in high school bathrooms . That give them out for free . In my school there's a machine that gives out tampons right outside the girls bathroom.

  27. I live in Canada and I feel pretty satisfied with what I learned in my sexual education I learned about std's how to prevent them I learned about how all the sexual organs work I learned how to prevent unwanted pregnancy I learned about all the different kinds of contraceptives so I feel pretty satisfied with my sexual education

    p.s i was in public school

  28. Want to have 0 births per thousand teenage people? Teach your children to not have sex before marriage.

  29. fucking lies
    conservative muslim countries have the lowest
    western have minor age issues to not let them marry but they accept their kids fucking you have the highest for that reason only

  30. Abstinence isn't that effective the more you oppress it, the more teens or young adult will do it. Its like you cant eat meat coz its bad for you but others is doing it. The key is education what is right and wrong in engaging sex. I really hate Religion suppressing sex education because its there rights to know at the early age. Like they said prevention is better than cure.

  31. We need to take sex education out of schools as that is not their responsibility. The birds and bees talk is the job of the parents. Stop making the schools the parents!

  32. Y'all think the US is negative in it's approach to sex education? Let me tell you about a country called India.😢

  33. We call ourselves the smartest but we are the only living being that has to "learn" reproduction. For animals its instinctual.

  34. 0:57 The Netherlanda focus more on the positive espacts of sex? Say that to the four years of test about sexual illnesses I had to make in highschool!

  35. 'Which countries have the best sex education' proceeds to talk purely about America and throw in a couple of 'Europe's which is A CONTINENT!

  36. In most states here in the USA, there is no sexual education whatsoever other than Abstinence Only. I blame the retarded, theocrat, idealist Evangelical and Non-denominational Christians. They have F-d up this country REALLY BAD.

  37. Sex Ed in the Indian state called Maharashtra is banned. The education minister of India at some point suggested that Sex Ed be banned.

    Oh the irony!

  38. It puzzles me that so many teens are getting pregnant or getting others pregnant. As an asexual I don't want sex so that teens are having sex at all is confusing to me.

  39. Dude shut up! If you talk about sex in Korea, teachers will literally scold at you. Like even saying the word "sex" is bad. Just fuck that shit country. In Korea sex is pretty much the worst thing you can do. And you know what? In Sex-Ed they make up fake ass bull shit stories about rape to scare us. Idiots.

  40. 15 to 19. First of all 18 and 19 are adults. I know a girl who is 14 and just had her second child. Girls are having babies at 12, 13, and 14.

  41. most american girls don't even know where their pee actually comes out off… THAT is creepy!!! Not educating children is creepy!

  42. Could you kindly remove the old links or try to update newer versions since the clips that you guys advertise are often removed.

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