What is Democratic Socialism? | Mashable Explains

What is Democratic Socialism? | Mashable Explains

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The word socialism is a bit of a taboo here
in America, where capitalism reigns supreme. We want our businesses and economic markets
to be freer than a bald eagle flying through the sky eating a big mac. But clearly the stigma of socialism is lifting
as one of our presidential contenders Bernie “feel the Bern” Sanders, has brought socialism,
and in particular democratic socialism, to the forefront of the national conversation. Socialism, at its root, stands for the
belief that a group of people can work together for the betterment of all the members of that
population, not just for the benefit of the few Not to be confused with its more extreme totalitarian
form – communism socialism isn’t about how much the government
controls, but that its people control and share its resources. Democratic socialism is the enactment of socialist
principles through the means of the democratic process Democratic socialists believe that the government
and the economy should be run by the people it is representing rather than a small handful
of people working against the interests of the majority. So it makes sense that socialism is making
a sort of come-back here in America, right? Thanks to unfettered capitalism, the top one-tenth
of the 1% wealthiest people in this country now own more wealth than the bottom 90%. CEOs are making 300 times what their workers
make – and some aren’t even giving their workers liveable wages or benefits. Now you may be looking at me right now and
saying “well he’s just a communist” but I assure you I am not a communist, I’m just
a millennial. And we love socialism. And what a lot of people may not realize is
that America is kind of already a socialist country Think about it Medicare, free k-12 education, the Postal
Service, even the Army are all socialist programs. Hell, if you drive on a road or highway, you’re
utilizing socialism. It still remains to be seen if socialism will
catch on with Americans enough to elect a boisterous democratic socialist to the executive
office. Jaded from the Cold War, and weary of bigger
and more costly government programs it seems like democratic socialists have more
work to do to move past the stigma created against socialism in this country. And Americans only need to look to other countries
to see that Socialist parties can thrive and work in conjunction with capitalists to have
a free market that works for everyone. The important thing to remember is that there
are good things and bad things about both socialism and capitalism, and that we only
need to strike the right balance to make them both work And you know what really doesn’t work? Facism.


  1. We will never get past the spam of all these right-wing extremists. The fact of the matter is America wants Democratic Socialism to restore balance. Our government and economy has gone off the far right end and those people are using their money to push even more far right until the United States becomes an lawless anarchist state so that they can have an excuse to step in with all their money. We must stop them!!!



  4. lol I'm a millennial as well but i don't like getting kicked in the balls , i mean socialism…….but what is the difference?

  5. Socialism is a fantasy. Truth is when people put in the work for socialism to work, they get an awakening surprise that it doesn't work.

  6. You forgot to mention the gov controls the means of production in socialism and that you can't vote it out, you have to literally shoot the socialists dead or starve along with them

  7. You can spend all day bending words to make your point seem reasonable but an actual slightly informed person would realize this would never work

  8. National Socialist Party or Nazi Party may refer to: National Socialist German Workers' Party, more commonly known as the Nazi Party.

  9. You said that America is already a socialist country but stating Medicare, roads, and the military. But understand the these aren’t free we pay for them through our taxes. That what people don’t understand nothing is free, is we start making everything free your still technically going to pay for them through high taxes.

  10. Louder with Crowder!!! Of course all you millennials want everything for free. You invented "reaction videos" and "influenced" as an actual career and beg for people to give you money so you can just do that. You're and idiot. Get a job. Oh, are you going to turn me in too for saying something to hurt your feelings?

  11. 2:02 im from South Africa and trust me. Socialism does not work for us. The country is going down the drain.

  12. video is shit.
    Trump's not a Nazi.
    When Bernie said free healthcare, who PAYS for it? The GOVERNMENT!

  13. You're referring to European countries whos' governments do have a majority of democrats to socialists. These countries are doing well, but people have to know that these countries also have a capitalist economy. If companies follow the rules, they are allowed to thrive.

  14. I'm a millennial and don't approve of socialism. Stop saying you're a millennial and own up that your uneducated opinion.

  15. When I was a kid during the Cold War with the USSR if you called yourself a Socialist in the United State they'd find you face down and unconscious in a gutter somewhere.
    Nowadays liberals wear that term as a badge of honor. Just a reminder for ignorant leftists in this country, Lenin once said "THE GOAL OF SOCIALISM IS COMMUNISM"

  16. 1:10 "Thanks to 'unfettered Capitalism, the top one tenth of the one percent owns more wealth than the bottom 90%"

    Meanwhile this fuckhead doesn't mention that the "bottom 90%" in the U.S. has more "wealth" than 80% of the worldwide population.

    What the fuck is this guy doing here?

  17. Socialism: The Government takes your stuff. Democratic Socialsm: We vote for The Government to take your stuff. Either way, you're screwed.

  18. Socialism = Suffering, Starvation & Death. ! Vladimir Lenin on Socialism ( The goal of Socialism is Communism ) It literally has never led to anything but Death !

  19. I say no to socialism yes to taxing the rich more if they are unwilling to share the wealth and be more equitable and charitable. There also needs to be a living wage, everyone getting the same income no matter who you are or what you do is not fair. Capitalism does suck on many levels, like wealthy business owners getting excess profits instead of sharing with the workers. People can form unions to try to get a fair shake but more and more that doesn't work, companies say"you Unionize and we'll just move to another country , and hire cheap labor". I liked Bernie sanders until he started saying things like "White people don't know what it's like to be poor", that's just pure B.S.

  20. The background music on this video should have been some score from a sad scene from a sad movie. With some cheerful music anything can be made to appear good… ANYTHING!

  21. The socialists hate corporations. Why not to get rid of them (corporations) completely at least in two states, say, NY and CA, for all other states to see what a bliss will follow. But I suspect that progressive politicians will not embrace such idea: who there will be to blame for the problems then? Without such punchbag they will be politically bankrupt because campaigning against corporations is the only substance in these airbags.

  22. The whole “socialism will destroy us” line is trite, old and boring. Our United States were founded on a combination of free market economics, socialist systems, regulations and capitalism. We’ve gotten along more or less just fine with a combination of economic ideologies and we will continue to do so. Just for kicks lemme rattle off a handful of socialist programs in the US…

    1. The department of agriculture
    2. Public schools
    3. Amber alerts
    4. Veteran health care
    5. The White House
    6. Police departments and prisons/jails
    7. Amtrak
    8. Public beaches
    9. Public busing services
    10. Business subsidies
    11. The Census Bureau
    12. Our Government
    13. The CIA
    14. Federal student loans
    15. Dams
    16. Public defenders
    17. Disability insurance
    18. The department of energy
    19. The EPA
    20. The FBI, the FCC, FEMA
    21. Farm subsidies
    22. Fire departments
    23. Food stamps
    24. Garbage collection
    25. Food stamps
    26. Public housing
    27. The IRS
    28. Public Libraries
    29. Public landfills
    30. Medicare, Medicaid, and our military
    31. State and national monuments
    32. Public museums
    33. NASA
    34. The National Weather Service
    35. Public parks
    36. PBS and NPR
    37. Snow removal services and sewer systems
    38. The department of transportation (streets, roads, bridges)
    39. Public street lighting
    40. Welfare and the WIC program
    41. State zoos
    42. United States Postal Service
    43. Etc etc etc…

    So it would be a good idea for us all to just take a deep breath and not paint with broad strokes. Capitalism unchecked has its drawbacks (remember the bank and car industry bailouts) just like a society without free market competition would have its drawbacks. No one is advocating we abandon the combined ideological approach that has worked (not without problems of course) for our United States so far.

  23. I heard a off duty soldier in the post office who said he wasn't voting for Obama because he was a socialist. I asked him what is a socialist. He replied I dunno so it must have slipped my mind but I'm not voting for obama because he is a communist.It made a funny story in my government class lol

  24. Corporate Obligarch rule us and treat us a machine slaves and yet stupid people are happy with less. It blows my mind how these people literally vote against their interests…

  25. Wow, two and a half more thumbs down than up on this video.
    Maybe because you don't have a CLUE what you're talking about.

  26. 0:25 that's exactly what free market capitalism does. It brilliantly incentives people in such a way that fulfilling their selfish desires is best accomplished by contributing to society. In other words, if you want to get filthy rich, go and make something that people want to buy! Give something of benefit to society and get paid for it. Socialists are so incredibly stupid that they don't understand this and think it's the other way around.

  27. The people's party 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Bernie2020

  28. "communism is the government owning the means of production" "socialism is the people owning the means of production through the democratic process" the democratic process is what we use to elect government officials you just said socialism = communism nice job.

  29. Driving on a road is not socialism. Better roads built in nicer neighborhoods whereas the poorer neighborhoods have potholes. There isn't free education. We pay taxes and again poor neighborhoods have lower performing schools whereas richer neighborhoods have the better public schools and you have to prove you live in the district because everyone wants to go to an "A" school. Not equal across the board, not socialism. I live in expensive neighborhood, my child's public school has more resources.

  30. This guy is a retard and so are the like-minded millennials he speaks of. Socialism has never worked… ever! And that's why people flee from socialist countries to come here, they are not coming here for socialism! In the end you can put sprinkles on shit and it's still going to be shit.

  31. "If you are driving on a highway you are using socialism"😆 the money for public transportation comes from a service tax that we all pay from the purchase of gasoline, that is totally different and not related to socialism… This guy is just spewing crap.

  32. You guys did not define socialism correctly AT ALL. This is the definition of socialism: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/socialism

  33. Terrible video. Came here in hopes of seeing things from another perspective and learning a thing or two and instead got a bunch of propaganda. Didn’t explain a single thing.

  34. You’re a fascist, using fascist tactics. You speak half truths. Yes the US has socialist programs (I.e. welfare), but that would be better defined as Capitalism with a conscience, not socialism you ass.Why don’t you try working in the spring time making stupid videos that make no sense. And if you do work and make good money how much of that are you giving to the IRS or given to social programs in addition to Taxes another words are you practicing what you preach?

  35. Socialism is a requirement to establish a communist state. Everyone knows this. It's one of the first things you learn when studying Marx. It's really not a hard thing to understand.

  36. I understand this is what you and your "comrades" believe socialism to be. However, you are omitting so much more. This is like describing a rapist as just "a human" and omitting all the horrible things they have done and will do.

  37. The millary is not a socialist concept, soldiers training is not free it has a time of service required as payback, and time is money folks! Not to mention the millary contacts for manufacturing and research that creates patent application. Which leads to Capitalism and money.

  38. Socialism in America will be the final nail in the coffin for the middle class in America. Dumb liberals think that the rich will be paying for everything. No they fucking won't be, it'll be the middle class.

  39. You almost pulled it off until your last frame where you couldn’t help yourself but put up that “picture” of Trump. As a side note, when your bluffing it’s best not to show your hand.

  40. How do "the people" organize political and economical structures to runas them without paving the road to autocracy to the saviours of your ilk like Bernard Sanders.

  41. Liberals: white achievement is toxic!
    Also liberals: Scandinavia is a paradise! We should be more like Norway, Sweden…

  42. So basically the mediocre and the inept get a free ride while the rest of us work hard? Kumbaya … We are the world … I'd like to buy the world a Coke

  43. Democratic socialism is simply the mob voting to steal from others that which they did not earn or produce and the mob voting to steal the rights of individuals and replace them with state sponsored slavery. The party of Democratic socialism is always looking to create more government dependence because that is the source of their votes. I'd feel freer living under a monarchy than under Democratic socialism. And in the words of Vladimir Lenin, socialism is the road to communism.

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