Wayfair employees walk out over border detention facility order

Wayfair employees walk out over border detention facility order

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  1. They should all be fired for walking out over something so incredibly ridiculous, stupid liberals!..Wayfair more power to you. 😁👍

  2. All of the personal that walked out should be fired. When the crazy people think they run the aslyum this it what happens

  3. the proletariat are NOW dictating the bourgeoisie on what to do, next step socialism/AOC/BERNS…then communism

  4. I hope they all get fired for being stupid. Imagine a kid waiting on a bed who is sleeping on a floor but those clowns won’t send it. Smfh

  5. I'd rather the government spend the money on shipping each and every ILLEGAL right back to their side of the border. Come here legally or get out. Very simple.

    (build the wall, fix the laws.)

  6. If they would of stayed home they wouldn't be in this situation should give all this money back to the homeless here in America and the veterans USA first not illegals

  7. Buy the beds from someone else. Let the workers at Wayfair lose their jobs. I am sure that will make them happy.

  8. The left is a sickness none of them gave a s*ht when Obama was doing this, they cry for lawbreakers but don't want them comfortable. the hypocrisy and stupidity blows the mind.

  9. Fire them all and then hire the illegals to do their job for less than half the wages that way they don't have to go back to making beds being sold to the government. This is proof positive that the American education system is a total failure these ignoramuses and truly uneducated.

  10. What a bunch of morons thousands of children come in the border with out parents what are we supposed to do with them???

  11. Build that Wall. The democrats know what the problem is great economy. Mexico and south America has been over throne by the drug cartel they want the borders open. Drug's being smuggled in Money smuggled out. Democrats care about these children? On the other hand they support Abortion up to birth laws. It's not about the children for the democrats. We can't afford the rest of the world's downtrodden. We have no vacancy. We are Overflowing with people. 50,000 people Americans if anyone cares living on the streets of San Francisco A larger number veterans. This is crazy to let them keep coming in.

  12. Fire them all!! Keep your politics out of your company’s office!! Liberals wanted separation between church and state? Then they should separate politics from their work environment!!! If I was CEO of WAYFAIR, you’d be fired for insubordination. Period!!

  13. They are heartless not to provide bed for the illegal aliens kids. Wayfair should fire this she ignorant snowflake.

  14. Now Wayfair, go to the unemployment office and hire all new people for the ones that walked out. Problem solved.

  15. Well that's stupid . The kids need beds and it's not their fault. I don't care which side of the isle you're on, these kids should have what they need.

  16. Bed for 1 adult 133.95 – 200.00 per night.
    Bed for a mother and her children in a family center, 319.00 per day.
    Bed for a child separated from parents in tent city, 775.00 per person per night. ( You could get a weekend house on the coast for less than that.)
    Private contractors providing detention centers have to bid the job for less than the cost paid by the govermment. Private contractors are in it for profit; you can expect them to cut back on anything and everything.
    I am not even sure what exactly this walkout is about, just thought I'd throw. In some stats. Now back to figuring out what's going on. MAGA.

  17. I have never bought nothing from Wayfair, never will. But do them stupid employees even know how a business is run. Guess Not!

  18. I guess the kids will just have to sleep in the floor, we can't stop them from coming and breaking our laws as they enter our nation. What we can control is if they sleep on a bed or not.

  19. This means I will never order anything from them. I’m sure there are many others who feel the same way I do.

  20. Way-Unfair More TDS on display and it’s only going to get worse heading into 2020. Any company that allows this display of ignorance will lose my business! MAGA 2020!

  21. How pathetic that people are upset that kids are getting beds. By protesting this youre opting against better conditions for these kids. Do you even understand what youre doing? If so you are the monster.

  22. Trump is all about the Benjamin’s! Him separating families has more to do with his buddies earning money to house them. It is not illegal to seek asylum! Americans reap benefits from resources around the world more than any other country. Trump builds wherever he wants to build. All of these Fox News haters feel they should be able to go any where on this globe AND take what they want…. SAD!

  23. Yes let's boycott somebody wanting to give us money so we can have a job what A bunch of idiots… Close the factory down give him all their severance pay reopen it and hire new employees. you You should care more about the children in the ghettos and Appalachian mountains they have no food no water. They would love to have one of those nice beds. I guess the i keya employees would rather as buy from a Mexico bed manufacturer

  24. Everybody easily forgets this is obama's mess. He started it all and now they're trying to blame Trump for obama's screw up.

  25. Guess no ones been to Lowell or Boston Mass lately!!!!!!!! 75% Mexicans when I was there in 08'
    Soooooo… hope they enjoy there point……

  26. These employees are entitled to their opinions. If they don't like what the company is doing, they can quit. If they simply walk off of the job they should be fired.

  27. Fire them all. There are many people that can take their place.
    Liberals created the immigration problem and they refused to fix it.

    MAGA !!!

  28. I don't understand why they baby these people? We have FEMA CAMP'S all over the country just sitting there! If those are good enough for Americans their good enough for illegals! Quite spending money.

  29. It’s a business. They make money. Walkouts can apply at Arby’s. They don’t run the company. They are “workers”, not owners.. next……

  30. Funnest part is that most of these people aren't even sure why they're walking out….I bit most of them would say there're do it because it's what everyone else is doing.

  31. Look at it this way, when the civil war starts, we will know who the liberal morons are, they'll be the the ones playing in traffic.

  32. Fire these.prople and no other country lets illigals and refugees hust walk in and stay thay should send them all back these workers are stupied

  33. Idiocy to a new level. These moron are so fixated on their irrational hatred of the President that they refuse to see the fact that this is a fabrication of the democrats. If you ask anyone of these people why they hate him, you'll get the same response "BECAUSE". They refuse to accept that they are the problem, they are the ones tearing the country apart. All I can say now is that their progeny will bare the price of their acts, and the future will judge them accordingly.

  34. I'd fire them all. These kids have some issues, good job parents. The audacity to basically tell your employer, you will do what we want, or we'll have a walkout. The company that gives in to this loses all control of their company.

  35. I would identify each employee and immediately dismiss them. They sleep in a nice bed but a poor unfortunate child cannot because they don’t agree with some political point. I personally would round up these scum and torture them. They aren’t Americans they are expendable filth.

  36. i work next door to Way fair and the majority of the people who walked out support trump (Republicans) Still want them fired ? didn't think so

  37. Wayfair should relocate their operations out of Boston and into the middle of the USA.   Their employees in Boston are either immoral or stupid.

  38. I’d fired everyone of them who protest the sale of beds, remind them that this is a business that keeps them employed! Fire them all period!

  39. U want to walk out because the company is selling beds to be used by CHILDREN. I’d fire every single person who walks out. And don’t let them back in till they (the employee) DONATES a bed to be used at the border patrol facilities. What a bunch of LOSERS

  40. Fire the ones who walk out and replace them with some of the immigrants who WANT to work. And when the ones who walked out if they had lockers donate the contents of the locker

  41. anyone knows which company provide those kids food? let the left know, and this crisis will be over in 7 days

  42. Good reason for the hard working, rax paying citizens, aka "deplorables" to not ever buy drom this communist company again. Please ban them. When workers get laid off they'll soon get it. Show them how capitalism works.

  43. Idiots of the World – Unite! 🤣 So . . . it's better for Illegal Aliens to not have beds. Another example of DemWit logic! No wonder they're the workers & most likely paid minimal wage. They'll sing a different tune when their jobs are replaced with illegal aliens.

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