Uber & Lyft Will Spend $90 Million Against Workers

Uber & Lyft Will Spend $90 Million Against Workers

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Let’s go to, let’s go to our friend Manuel
Antonio Rodriguez calling, I believe from Mexico city, or at least potentially from
Mexico city. Well, I want to [inaudible]. No, I don’t want that. I only went to Milan. My parents are from Guatemala. I’m doing good. Thank you for taking my call. Of course. I’m actually calling you live right now from
Beverly Hills. Um, our organization, the mobile workers Alliance,
actually having a, uh, a protest outside of the Uber Uber founder, uh, Garrett camp on
house. But anyways, my question is, is this, um,
the last time we spoke, we were speaking about Uber and Lyft drivers. And I want to talk to you about that again,
but I want to tell you about some developments. So the California governor Gavin Newsom signed
the new law recently, uh, where basically in California, Uber and Lyft drivers and other
like, you know, food delivery people are going to be considered employees now and no longer
independent contractors, right. That law is gonna kick in January one. Um, and basically it’s gonna have more protection
for us, for us drivers and you know, we’re going to, hopefully we’ll be, you know, able
to collect, you know, wages overtime wages. Once you start doing that, I will have more,
you know, more benefits. Hopefully some paid sick leave with that. But here’s the kicker. Um, Uber and Lyft and door dash recently announced
that they’re going to put $90 million towards basically reversing that through one of those,
I will a California state initiative, you know, like one of those proxy yes. And that set to take, basically they’re going
to try to put it on the November, 2020 ballot. Um, I guess I want him to hear what you think
about that. I mean, it is direct democracy in a sense
that people get to vote on these laws, but you know, the way we see it as that, and they’re
cutting the protect California, uh, app drivers, something like that. And so basically they’re, they’re, they’re
putting in this law and they’re trying to say that they’re going to do a, they’re gonna
provide a lot of benefits from that, such as minimum wage. But when you actually look at the details,
you know, some of these things, they don’t need to do it through, through a California
state initiative. They could, if they want to pay us more, or
if they want to pay us a minimum, they could start doing it tomorrow. Does that make sense? Absolutely. Absolutely. So this, this is going to be a massive propaganda
campaign. This will be a massive propaganda campaign. They’re going to pour money in. They’ve calculated that getting this reversed
is worth more than the 90 million. They’re going to put in, I don’t know if that’s
the number you’re saying it’s the number I believe you, but it may not be, let’s assume
that it is a, and you’re absolutely right. They’re going to package it as if, if we reversed
the decision about the Uber and Lyft drivers having to be classified as employees, we will
raise wages and we will do all these different things and you’re completely right. They could have done all of those things all
along and it is direct democracy. But when one side has 90 million, is it a
fair playing field? Is the question, and this is what always comes
up in these cases. So listen, I think it’s the right decision
for the drivers to be classified as employees. Uh, I would not be surprised if there is a
very effective campaign mounted to get it overturned. But I do think that it is not clear that they
can win that on a ballot initiative. I think that a lot of people everywhere, including
in California, understand the importance of why the drivers should be classified as employees. So we’ll see how it develops. Right. And then let me just tell you one of the things
that they’re proposing and this enlisted of, so supposedly they’re going to put payment
minimum wage now, which is all great. And like I said, they can start doing that
tomorrow if they really wanted to pay us some them ways, right. But the way they want to calculate a minimum
wage is not if as soon as we accept the ride. So a lot of times I never sit in their cars
waiting to pick up people, but it’s just, it’s not busy or the area that they’re in,
there’s not, you know, no one’s requesting any ride. So they’re already having loopholes in that. So they’re not seeing this work for waiting. So in other words, if in an hour, if in an,
if in a real hour you had 40 minutes during which you were on rides, you really are only
owed two thirds of an hour of minimum wage, even though you were in the car for the first
60 minutes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So we have hundreds of drivers here in Beverly
Hills and we’re going to go to, you know, to the mansion. He just bought it. He paid 72 point $5 million for this mansion,
one of the biggest purchases here in the, in Beverly Hills in the nine Oh two one Oh
but we drivers, we’re sick of it David. And so you know, if there’s any drivers listening
I hope they can get involved with them, who I work with than I am. Right. Okay. Manuel Antonio. Always a pleasure. Great to hear from you and keep it up. Okay. You want him in there? All right, we will talk to you soon. Let’s take a quick break. Don’t hang up if you are on the phone cause
we will go right back to the phones on the other side of the spring.


  1. I don't agree that what is obviously an independent contractor position should be classified as anything else. It sets a precedent for other industries. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Having drivers considered employees is the last thing UBER/LYFT want. Not only because they'd be required by law to pay them at least the minimum wage, but also because the employees would have more rights, be entitled to benefits, and so on.

    And yet, if they can get anyone to relinquish the fight for being considered an employee (how the whole "contractor" thing was ever legal indicates a massive flaw in the law) they will gladly promise all sorts of things… which won't be legally binding, at least not in the same way. They can give some raise… and then slowly scale it back, not keep up with the Minimum Wage/Inflation, or introduce some sort of fees or exceptions that would effectively reduce the income and route it back to the company. Companies tend to hate oversight, because it hinders their desire to be shady and immoral and makes wage theft more difficult.

  3. Pedro got $300 in his pocket😂
    Uber & Lyft have $90 Million to spend

    who wins? my answer is (Priceless)

    what's in your Wallet?!! 😠😂

  4. I never understood how some Mexican Americans born in the states develope this accent. I was born in Mexico and raised in the states and have no accent. At least not as heavy as this dude. 😂

  5. Uber is going to transition completely to driverless vehicles soon anyways. Its unfortunate, but a lot of drivers will be losing their jobs in the next decade.

  6. Ey im from guatemala too

    i dont really care since i know nothing about that country

    but all i know is that i was born there

  7. As a Lyft driver, (in retirement) I can tell you that they are doing all that they can to pay Us less. I bought an XL rated car 1 year ago and the rate at that time was $1.42 / mile. Since I have had the car, the rate has been cut 3 times, and is now $.52 / mile. Apparently since they went public, (now on the stock market) and not being smart enough to figure out how to expand the market, and needing to show more income, they are taking it from the drivers. They always find some fancy way to dress it up with promises to pay you for something else instead, but it never works out where you make more money, in fact, you make less, but it is more consistent. That is, consistently less! I won't be with them for much longer.

  8. I actually love this CA push. Because this will force both companies make a stronger push for self driving cars, so by all means please

  9. ZZZZZzzzzzz……all moot. by the time you finally get what you want autonomous-driving vehicles will have replaced every last single one of you.

  10. I’m all for higher wages, medical, and pto , but the Flexibility to turn on/off and accept and decline rides on the driver app may be out the window if converted to employees. I’m going back to school in January I fear making my own schedule won’t be an option anymore.

  11. Uber and Lyft is a total waste of money I did it for one year by the time I was done the car that I bought was $13,000 at the end of the year my car was worth $3,000 I put 80,000 miles on my car plus all the maintenance after all that I brought home $7,000 for the year and I had to pay $507 in taxes on that which brought me down the 65 and that was all I did was just that for one year just see where it would go someone needs to make a change in Uber and Lyft or the drivers get together create your own app and a better wage

  12. Not a fan. It’s just going to drive prices higher. Uber is supposed to be a side hustle. This is only going to ensure that Uber pays its drivers even less to make up the difference. Another instance of government creating more problems than it solves.

  13. Uber is spending money made with drivers earrings to fight them with their own money. Uber is pathetic. Quit and move on with life ✌🏼

  14. Uber lost $1bn last quarter. Seems like an unsustainable business mode to me. Unsure why they would pay drivers to sit around waiting too. You could just switch your app on and sit at home for 45 mins before taking a ride.

  15. There's something about Spanish speakers speaking English that is just so poetic to my ears…I don't know why, it just is

  16. Uber and Lyft should just pull out of California, setting an example to other states before their business model becomes unsustainable.

    And terrorizing a family at their home is not the sign that you are on "the right side of history," but on the "very wrong side of evil."

  17. I drive for uber and lyft and I do not want to be an employee. If you want to talk about better pay I am on board. But I am not on board with giving them the ability to dictate when I work, what I wear, where I drive, etc. If I am an employee I also cant run both.

  18. Hmmm…
    If they're considered employees that comes with the caviat of having stricter hours. Gone will be the days of doing it whenever you want. Sure you get a few benefits, but then regulation will come with it. All they need right now is a simple background check and a working vehicle.

    Also… aren't they not even profiting right now? I could've sworn that neither company has actually even made a profit yet.

  19. I totally hear him and agree with him to a point. I drove for Uber as a side hustle when it was newish to Atlanta and the fare rate they were paying was truly fair, but in that two years of driving I could see where it was going…and that was downhill. That was in 2010-2012. I've done a few side hustles that involve my car but in the end, my theory is that it should be kept a side hustle or a bridge gig until you find a more traditional job. It should never be your main job because by design and their insistence on the 1099 classification and their size and popularity, the workers will end up getting screwed and more screwed the more ubiquitous the services become. Sad reality but those are facts. Find something else to do. I am not rich, my family isnt rich and still ain't got shit but I am a hard working woman who can figure out a way to earn a dollar with my brain and pure tenacity so I do not say that from a position of privilege. I am not "above it". But at a certain point, you should be striving to leave the hustle economy alone. Yes, fight, but your expectations should be tapered with the reality that system is still grossly rigged in money and power's favor. Want a side hustle where you make good money and dont mind wear and tear on your car? Just deliver pizza in an affluent area. You get min wage and tips. I know it's old school but it works. Did that for 6 months and it got me by in a pinch. It was less wear and tear because my delivery was limited to a certain radius. I dont know, just seems like ppl expect ppl to not be greedy assholes just because an industry/technology is new. If any it's even more reason for them to be greedy assholes. Noble cause but the long term solution is to find something else to do.

  20. David, you could have just made a case here for the Freedom Dividend for these hard working drivers. See how shilling blocked your creativity?

  21. Personally, I think Uber and Lyft need to be either A) abolished or B) forced to become actual cab companies. This program is too cute by half. They run hard working cab drivers out of business or force them to become UberLyft drivers for pennies on the dollar from what they were earning as cabbies. Plus, cab drivers MUST obtain livery licenses, which is a higher form of a driver's license requiring more training. UberLyft drivers only need a standard driver's license. Excuse me for wanting the person I'm paying to drive me from point A to point B to be a professional, not an amateur.

  22. Just a question, as someone with only second-hand knowledge of what it's like to drive for Uber (friends and family do it, not myself): wouldn't making them employees mean that, because the company will have to pay them a wage instead of per ride, that the company will then just start behaving like a cab company? Isn't accepting a ride, or even becoming active in the system, totally optional currently, and wouldn't that stand to change once you switch from being contracted to employed, since now the employer is going to want to make sure they're not losing hourly wage profitability? All of the people I know that drive for them have said that's their favorite aspect of it.

  23. Drivers LOSE money working for these ride shares. It’s a complete illusion. You are basically donating your car to these companies. After wear & tear on your vehicle, taxes and overhead, the whole job is really like a credit card that gives you the illusion you have money, but really, the job is like an unsustainable line of credit to buy you time. It is not only NOT GAINFUL employment, it’s a downright scam and straight-up thievery.

  24. It's worth pointing out that re-classifying uber/lyft drivers will mean that the freedom of the worker is reduced alongside that of the companies. I can no longer work when I feel like it on the side. I have to work as an employee, probably full-time for practical reasons.

    While I have a nuanced view on this issue, it's amazing that no one bothers discussing the downsides of the eradication of the gig economy & what that might actually mean for most workers.

  25. Those bastard corporations can TRY paying employees only for driving time, but they'd be violating labor laws! It's called "Waiting to Work* & must be compensated at the same hourly rate. Manuel Antonio & others should def. file a complaint with the Dept of Labor, or organize to tell Uber it's not worth trying. Also, they can negotiate for higher pay. – No one will drive for minimum wage — at the very least,, your insurance is more expensive as a driver. The public shd really be warned that voting against drivers means they'll have to go back to expensive taxis, and their supply is now UBER-limited!

  26. I don´t know if they should be employees. Ebay sellers are not employees either. If a Lyft user hires multiple drivers to drive his cars, then they would be his employees but I think they should be independent and they also don´t go through a regular interview or hiring process like an employee would. Many Truck drivers are also self employed and I would consider Uber and Lyft drivers to be very similar.

  27. David when someone's phone quality is fine: sounds like you're drowning kittens in the background while you're in the subway and holding the mic 2 feet from your mouth.
    David when someone's quality is shit af, but he speaks Spanish: Alright, great hearing from you.

  28. As a Lyft driver who doesn't want Lyft to go out of business, I don't want the California law here in Minnesota. If I wanted a real job, with THEM setting my hours and so on, I would go back Whole Foods or whatever. Lyft (and Uber) have not made a SINGLE dollar yet, they are deep in the red, and this would simply force them to raise prices to same as taxicabs.

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