Tūhoe sign formal agreement with Oranga Tamariki

Tūhoe sign formal agreement with Oranga Tamariki

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Tuhoe has just signed an agreement
with Oranga Tamariki. It’s hoped the pact
will enable the iwi to care for any children
from the tribe who have come to the attention
of the child welfare agency. And as Rapaera Tawhai reports, Tuhoe believes
they’re best qualified to do the job and they cite the example
of a whanau from Waimana who care for six children. She looks after children
and her community for the well being of the children. I’m here to make sure
these families are safe and to guide them on the right path. Stewart has been looking
after children of Oranga Tamariki for over 40 years. At this very moment
she is caring for nine children and has also legally adopted
seven more as they are not able to
return to their parents care. It’s very sad for them. I’ve seen so many torn
from their families. I’ve been involved myself. She knows the difficulty
of removing children from their families
that’s why she is happy for her iwi, Tuhoe to work alongside
Oranga Tamariki. I’ve said for myself to
arrange the meetings with families and also for myself to explain
the situation to these families and if they don’t comply then
this is what will happen. She says there are many families
in this community who have fallen into trouble
with the law. However, the problem is there
is not enough people who are allowed
to take care of these children. There are 54 children who
are currently being looked after. She also says, the good thing about
this new agreement is that families
will be able to help their own. Rapaera Tawhai, Te Karere.

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  1. How ironic, the treaty was signed between the crown and maori and it still wasn't upheld, now Tuhoe wants to make a pact with the Devil sooooo funny

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