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Hello everyone, what’s up? So today, I’m making a new video When I look at my channel and I have lot of collaboration videos So, I thought I should make more videos of myself Today, I am going to trying American Candy Quite a lot of people do that video I thought, why not to do this video All the candy that I’ve never tried before They’re all made from American I brought 6 American candy because I think they’re good enough for me I will start with Milk Duds It is made from chocolate and caramel I don’t really like caramel very much Oh, very hard It is really nice Very nice It is long chewing The next candy product is Hershey’s They’re very popular candy to sell in UK I really want to try this I’ve heard that a lot of people don’t like this candy There have different flavours Organic chocolate and this one is Cookie and Creme Hmm.. I like this one It tastes of white chocolate and cookie This is my first time to eat this, I’ve never tried before This is really nice The next candy product is I’ve heard that candy is popular Reese’s I saw it in anywhere, such as advertisement I never knew that this candy is made of American Oh! I don’t like it It tastes of peanut, I don’t ever like peanut The next candy product is Twizzlers The candy is strawberry flavour This is not bad but theres no flavour though That is not that bad really The next candy product is Nerds! There have lots of different flavours I chose this colours because yellow is lemonade I love to eat lemonade candy On the other side, red is apple flavour I will eat each flavour I will to eat lemonade first, then apple and then mixed It very sour Obviously lemonade is sour The next one is apple This time I’m going to mix the candy I think I do like lemonade as it’s a strong flavour Finally the last candy product is Jolly Rancher I use watermelon flavour They are very hard candy That is not bad Very sweet Im going to try to bite this candy, let’s hope that it doesn’t break my teeth Really good, really good Very hard chewing So overall, my favourite candy is It is really hard to choose, I would to say.. Can I pick two? Actually yeah I really like this one I absolutely have no idea why people doesn’t like this candy Nerds! I think that’s it! I would like to try different countries candy Like Australian candy, Japanese candy, everywhere! I hope you guy enjoyed this video I hope you have a good day and enjoy the Valentine’s day tomorrow If you are single, please make sure be enjoy yourself Thank you for watching! Bye


  1. RIP Your teeth after eating the joly rancher! I usually just suck on the candy for a while and once it's small enough then chew! Glad you enjoyed some of the candy though!

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