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All right what’s going on guys faze rug here and today? I’m bringing you guys a brand new video, and I’m super happy to be doing this video with my beautiful cousin Hello, Mandy if you guys don’t know who she is she is Jessica’s sister Jessica’s always in my videos and you guys look Like exactly I’m a mixture of Chanel injustice, but yeah guys. I’m so excited to be bringing you guys this video We are doing the drive-thru person swap prank part two actually I did the first one with Jessica her sister And it did phenomenal add bruhitzliam4 on snapchat Million views and all the comments were like run do a part two we want to see a part two and I was gonna do add bruhitzliam4 on snapchat But I’m like why not do it with her sister like be a little bit different and Mandy you saw that video right? It’s so funny. I can’t wait to do well. You’re excited. Okay excited. We might get injured doing this video I have like TVs back here that like we hit our back on and like our legs and like me and Jessica were basically beat up after that video But it’s definitely worth it from the reactions we get from the drive-thru workers if you guys miss the first one I’m gonna play a clip from it so you guys know how it goes Yeah my fries yeah One guy you thought I was a guy you Saw, that was a guy I’m a girl I just cornered my friend. Oh yeah, I’m by the way before we get this video started. I am less than 18,000 subscribers away from 8 million subs so Mandy Can you just tell them to hit that subscribe button smash that subscribe button? Smash it right now guys get me the 8 million I think we can do it by either the end of today or tomorrow and that’s such a huge milestone Thank you guys so much for all the support. I love you guys How many times do I talk about my youtube channel one too many times honestly? I’m so annoyed if you don’t know how the drive-thru person swap prank works. I’m just gonna explain It real quick i’ma be in the driver seat. I’m gonna order some food and then when I get the food I’m gonna ask the worker for like a water cup or something to get them away from the window and while they’re away me and Mandy are gonna switch so Mandy’s gonna be back there, and then I’m gonna go to the back She’s gonna come to the driver seat, and then we’re basically trying to confuse the drive-thru worker There’s gonna be so hard. I know not I thought it was gonna be hard, but me and Jessica did it pretty smooth Do you want to do like a practice? Oh? I’m so excited. Let’s do some practice right okay? All right, so let’s say. I’m the one driving so get in the back all right here. We go guys. We’re gonna Just do some practice runs here. We don’t want to mess up. Do I go behind you? Yeah, behind me and I kind of like get back Okay, so how me and Jessica did it we took off our shoes because it makes it a little easier Okay, okay All right, so this is a crutch for us because of this entire Center oh Look at those guys. I have this like center console thing that and he won’t let me step on it So there’s no you can step you guys just as long as it makes the video good, okay? So I’m gonna switch to that seat but under there, and then you’re gonna come up here some of you like hey Um can you please give me a water cup or something like I really appreciate that and then okay? She’s gone She’s Doing yeah Okay, honestly am I taller than you know. I think you are guys Be hard because Jessica is shorter than me and Mandy. I think is like the same height Okay, but you’re gonna have to be the one driving off. So do you know I don’t like use the controls on my car Like tilling drives, okay, so this is the brake obviously drive. Yeah, yeah, I’m go to the damn button add bruhitzliam4 on snapchat Sorry Okay Alright second one was pretty good. Can we remove these TV? I know guys these TVs are killer like It doesn’t even move to like shush. You know how many times I’ve hit my head on that Oh my god, and it hurts like this is gonna be a dangerous video But guys we’re about to go to our first drive to place Mandy mmm-hmm. Let me really fun with my asthma Okay, so like we try to practice run. You don’t look too good there. Okay? We needed you at least like three more Okay guys. We’re gonna practice off-camera. We’re gonna get it down and we’re gonna go to our first dry food place I hope you guys do enjoy the video. Please smash that like button the first one got like over 150,000 likes and you guys all wanted to see another one, so let’s see how many likes we can get on this video Let’s get it that subscribe button. Let’s do this thing woo. Okay guys. We got the cameras rolling We’re at our first drive-thru plays jack-in-the-box. I’m gonna order like a small fries and when we get to the window Mindy Oh my gosh. I’m so nervous What should I like ask for shows be like a small water cup or because sometimes guys the water machine is like right out the? Front so they don’t have to like turn around Nervous, I’m nervous try to be like hey look over there Oh, what grade are you guys all right Mandy? How nervous um not that nervous? I’m a pro at this. I’ve already done. This couple times. You’re also very flexible Did you do gym now? Yeah, so shy just be like okay small friend? Hi, can I just do a small curly fries and that’s all I feel like the first one’s gonna be a success okay Just gotta be positive, I woke up in Chris Brown’s body So I all this shit turn into Freaky Friday Just came out like four days is good are you? Um no it’s okay. Thank you Thank you, um can I also add a cup of water, please? Oh wow thank you so much, Oh, yep churros sure yeah, can I do that please sure thank you. Thank you, okay? No reaction no Reaction why oh my god? I think that’s what happened with me and just got first to like we got no reaction on the first one Okay, okay. We got this damn. Okay. It’s all good First one wasn’t that like it was kind of a fail not gonna lie She was expecting us to turn into a girl. Yeah for sure can I have one? potato topped oh That’s gonna be it, thank you, thank you No Thank you Why do they not have any reaction what’s going on right now, thank you huh all right guys Attempt number two another failed you don’t care. This is not working out I know it favorite, but you don’t want we’re gonna keep going We’re gonna try to get at least three or four good Reactions like they really don’t care like you said like they just expect it like they expect you to turn into a boy and need to turn into a girl like Maybe like it happens often to them if they don’t have any Attempt number three guys. Uh I feel like you should do like a chicken sandwich or spicy chicken sandwich, okay? And then when he comes back Like either one more chicken sandwich or add on fries okay come on Carl’s jr.. Please. We don’t want Oprah. Three we want one Can I just do one spicy chicken sandwich uh-huh and that’s all Moving you hit your leg all the way up to the mom. Maybe it’s my head You’re gonna wake up with like a couple of bruises in the morning like is that okay? Yeah, you’re good. Yeah. Thank you add bruhitzliam4 on snapchat Spicy chicken. Oh yeah, thank you so much I Know that gonna be a thank you so much. I appreciate it Wait what’s her face? I couldn’t see your face. Did she have like a weird look on a Mini cheddar piece of yeah, oh sorry can I actually just add one chocolate milkshake, I’m sorry Thank you so much, sir What what happened what’s up? He said now it’s a man I said, but like I am a man you needed to like comprehend Yeah that you were at me because we look exactly the same Right think about if you were the drive to work or like how would you react like not right away like you first? You’d be like shut. You’d be like wait. What the hell is going on Um can I do one chicken little when all the batteries are to die Thank you Um no it’s okay. Oh wait. I’m so sorry can I have a mac and cheese yeah, please? Thank you Okay What switch My Becky Murder it’s the macaroni. Yeah, oh You – hey where you go? Let’s go, baby Hi, I’m can. I have just one cheeseburger One yes, ma’am that’s gonna be it That’s all I want guys that’s our plate for you. That’s why you want to get out of here so fast. Yeah, what’s the rush? Okay Right hi. I’m sorry. Can I actually add a sundae sorry? Thank you so much? Okay, we made the switch Hi yeah Sunday right yeah Really no, I got the Sunday, and then the the cheeseburger right. Yeah, we thought other girl I don’t know who I don’t know who she is I’m by myself. Sorry Here’s all our fast food if anyone wants some like Anita Oh Burger King meet us at Burger King, and we will give you guys his food Okay guys So obviously we don’t want all this food to go to waste so we found a homeless man on the street And we’re gonna give them all this food. Hopefully you’ll be happy with we just want a bunch of fast It’s all for you man, it’s all for you enjoy it. Thank you so much man. Have a great day. Thank you all right guys I hope you did enjoy This drive through person swap prank if you did please be sure to drop a like subscribe if you are new shout out to Manny For helping me with this. Oh my god. That was honestly the most nerve-racking, but funnest thing to do Yeah, cause like the reactions were so funny the first two I was like oh shit This is not my way like I’m nervous I don’t think this is gonna work, and then like the last three or four we’re good reaction so guys once again I hope you enjoyed so please smash that subscribe button Get me to 8 mil because like you know why not you need to get to email Brian I’m rooting for you tomorrow needs to be the day it will guys be sure to follow Manny’s link in the description her Instagram go Leave her some nice comments for helping me with this video I hope you guys all the great rest of your day other than that I’ve been drugged Mandy and we’re out add bruhitzliam4 on snapchat




  2. is noone gonna even talk about when rug gave all the foods to the homeless man?
    rug is so nice

  3. She used so much makeup on her eyes or whatever the fuck it is

    Watch all the girls correct me and shi ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. I love you so much I'm crying๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’โค๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’Ÿ๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™

  5. Me: guys smash that subscribe button and get me to 20 subs. We only need 1 more.

    Rug: guys we are less that 80,000 subs away from 8 million so smash that sub button

  6. Iโ€™m still mad that I canโ€™t find that orange faze hoodie you are wearing I want to buy it soooo bad LIKE WHERE DID YOU GET IITT !!๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

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