Tree Barberchairs, Then Strikes Worker

Tree Barberchairs, Then Strikes Worker

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Two silviculture workers were slashing brush
along a transmission line’s right-of-way. One would die attempting to fall a tree. Low brush covered most of the work area, but there was also a small clump of trees
in a gulley within the right-of-way. The clump of trees didn’t need to be removed, since it wasn’t considered to be a hazard
to the transmission lines. Because of this, the trees weren’t shown
in the project maps for the area, nor did the work plan state whether they were
to be left standing or removed. Worker 1, on his own, would decide to fall
the trees. Many of the trees were greater than 15 centimetres or 6 inches in diameter at stump height. This is significant because falling trees
greater than 6 inches in diameter must be done by a certified faller. To fall trees, fallers make an undercut. And then a backcut parallel to, and above,
the top cut. This creates a hinge that helps control the
tree’s fall. As a tree begins to fall, the faller moves to a safe location along
a previously cleared escape route. At the site, although not a certified faller and therefore
not qualified to do so, Worker 1 felled trees as large as 23 inches
in diameter. He also felled some 9- and 10-inch-diameter
trees using straight-through sloping cuts. Cuts like this are dangerous, as they can cause loss of directional control
of the falling tree. Worker 1 would attempt to fall what would
be his last tree — an alder that was 16 inches in diameter. Alders are prone to barberchair or split
vertically up the trunk when they fall. Worker 1 made three shallow, angled cuts into
the alder. The overcutting increased the chances of the
trunk splitting as the tree fell. With no escape route, Worker 1 performed the
backcut. The alder barberchaired, kicked back and then fell onto the worker. Worker 2 discovered Worker 1 under the fallen
alder. Attempts to resuscitate Worker 1 failed. One. The information was inadequate: The failure to note the clump of trees in
the documentation and maps prevented effective planning of the project, including potentially eliminating the hazard
of falling trees that didn’t need to be cut down. In the absence of information, Worker 1 arrived at his own conclusion that
the trees required falling. Two. The falling of timber was unsafe: Worker 1 was not qualified to fall trees greater
than 6 inches in diameter. His incorrect cuts into the alder led it to
barberchair. Three. There was no escape route: The ground was covered in debris and behind Worker 1 lay a steep bank. Four. The hazard review of the site was inadequate: Neither a walk-through by the principal nor the review of an aerial video of the site identified all the potential hazards. Employers: Identify and address all site hazards
and inform workers doing slashing work which trees should be left standing and which must be removed. Workers: Falling trees is one of the most dangerous
tasks. Take caution, don’t overestimate your abilities, and only fall trees you are qualified to fall.


  1. I don't feel that would kill you immediately. At least from the diagram. Wouldn't you most likely suffocate?

  2. Some good points here except I disaggree with putting the blame on the employer/line clearance company. If it's an established rule that only certified fallers cut significant trees, then why blame the company for the insubordination of the employee? Seems logical to me that if the company sends brush cutters into an area of dense brush they can expect the cutters to cut the brush and not start falling the trees.

  3. just out of curiosity, what is the benefit of humboldt over open face or conventional face cuts if you are felling such small trees and not saving the lumber?

  4. Should never have happened' sad day for the tree workers around the world when we here of accidents like this sad sad sad

  5. Building a case against the guy who cut down the tree.  Breaking the rules in the first place by cutting trees above his authority, he nonetheless went ahead and, on his own thinking cut it down and killed himself.  His poor decision and his lack of authority to cut the trees, the worker is responsible for his death and the company will not pay any of his employment related pay, etc.

  6. The video narration appears to be a lawyers claim that represented the victim (novice arborist) and is a warning to Companies that send Dufi (many) into the wilderness to do work. BE AWARE – Corps. will always be liable, no matter how clear things are specified, to the last blade of grass counted, if someone breaks a toe at the jobsite- corps. must have insurance and more lawyers. In fact biz owners should make all your employees sign a statement daily. I won't do anything stupid or dangerous and work alone, if I do I am the one to blame, not the company. Now go ahead and try that.

  7. Sadly the days of learning from experienced 'elders' has gone by the wayside, in favour of BS classroom instruction that still puts juniors in harms way because?? They don't have any damned experience!! NOTHING TAKES THE PLACE OF THE EXPERIENCE OF ON THE JOB TRAINING STARTING FROM DAY 1! We live in a shitcan world these days due to greedy bastards whose only job it seems is to complicate a simple process so they can put some unemployables to work 'teaching' young impressionable dummies how it's done on paper and theory.
    Don't even get me started on the BS 'safety' dumbing down industry.🤡

  8. why do they give guys that don't know fk all about trees the job of making videos about felling trees lol that guy ran like a bitch and dropped his saw next to the tree on purpose tell me how many trees he's cut 2ed I am a pro and if you can't cut a 10 in tree with out killing our hurting​ your self your going to die doing sum thing else sum where lol only thing I agree with don't straight cut trees at least snap cut if there small

  9. Man, things sure have changed since when I was young felling and bucking trees in Idaho. The only qualification then was that you could use a chainsaw and wasn't afraid of heights. Watching this video makes me feel Im lucky to be alive, but we all started that way back then. The only training you got was on the job.

  10. That's funny I'm a thinner zero training besides don't cut your leg off and hey it's been 4 years still destroying trees and I'm fine. It's life experience no paperwork is going to teach you anything actually experience teaches you everything

  11. Sounds to me like a "investigator" was hired$$$$$$$ to represent the company.Maybe it should be looked into what the company expected from the worker before the injury happened.I worked on a crew in the early 70's removing "brush"from the trans Alaska pipeline right of way during construction—-"certified faller"my a#$#$#.How did we ever live before all these gov't regulations?Back then we all knew what a preachers seat was and widowmakers without certifications.All this crap is for lawyers.

  12. A lot of stupid fuckers on here talking shit… The video is showing exactly what can and will happen if you do it wrong ! Lost more then one friend to this same thing and have witnessed many, many alder tree's barber chair even when cut correctly. Alder is the one tree that will kill you quick ! It splits , jumps, explodes open , and is very ,very unstable when cutting. Ask anyone who has been logging for any length of time. The most safe method I have ever used was to put a chain around the tree about one foot above your cut. Make positively sure you have a safe escape route and always use a sharp chain so your cutting fast and straight and fucking up your cut ! Also don't work alone in the woods if you get hurt nobody is their to save your ass !

  13. the deck crew was doing the sideline crews job…..and one more thing thats a logging notch… not good either….. tree work is the second most dangerous job

  14. Large ratshit strap or short rope just above the cut. Dosnt take much time and a sure way to prevent that. Fast saw sharp saw helps but sometimes isnt enuff

  15. Men have enormous egos that make them stupid and there’s no fixing stupid! Sorry but this is Darwin Awards territory not a “safety” issue!

  16. Im an arborist, felled thousands of trees of shapes and sizes, to my utter amazement this video is totally misleading and incorrect. Dont EVER cut above the wedge you have cut out of the tree. This negates the purpose of doing so by, by passing the hinge your trying to make, or cutting further than you should. The wedge should be 1/3 of the tree deep, and when doing the back cut, this has to be parallel with the base of the wedge cut. This provides so much control over the tree you can decide to turn the fall left or right, decide to let the tree fall fast or slow, or wether you wish to have the tree remain attached to the stump (slightly off the ground for logging up when felling smaller trees) or jump of the hinge to clear a gap. You can do non of this with the method discribed here, very odd.

  17. Another Darwin award. No wonder the world is falling apart. You need a worker, then someone to watch the worker, someone else to train both of them, another person to certify the training, another person to check for hazards, another person to supervise, and then the government to come in with hindsight and tell everyone how they could've done it better.

  18. Federal law – companies must provide a safe working space regardless of what the worker is doing. The company failed to do so, they hired employees to work and make decisions. What a fool blaming the worker.

  19. In my 35 years and 3rd generation tree remover ,wild cherry trees are the most likely to Barber chair .

  20. I grew up in the country and spent a fair amount of time in the bush from a young age. When I was around the age of 20 I was clearing a section on a very steep slope. It was mid summer and I was falling a relatively large maple. I had notched the backside and I was about a 1/3 of the way through the front when I heard the cracking start. I looked up to confirm that the canopy was falling where I was trying to place the tree…but the canopy was only moving slightly…there was too much noise, and not enough movement. I knew something was wrong but I couldn't tell what was happening. Then I saw the fracture in the trunk. Starting from my cut on the front side, running about 15ft up the trunk, the tree barberchaired. The tip of the barberchair acted as a fulcrum. I tried to bail out, but with the steepness of slope (about 40 degrees) and running backwards with a saw, my heels hooked up and I fell …. I watched the tree teeter on the fulcrum, until the thick canopy hit… the canopy acted like a trampoline. I will never forget the speed at which this tree shot at me. It was coming directly for my face. I rolled to the right and the tree grazed my left shoulder. The impact was so sever that imploded a 20-24" butt about 1.5 feet into the side of the bank. My ears, eyes, nose and mouth were filed with dirt. My friend, on the other side of the tree, called my name. I could tell by the way he called my name he thought I was dead. I couldn't say anything at first because my mouth was filled with dirt. I picked myself and the saw up walked down to the bottom of the slope. I probably shook for the next hour. It was a valuable lesson. I was at an age and experience level where I just knew enough to get myself in to a lot of trouble. A good dose of humility.

  21. regardless of details , I'm so sorry for the man an and his family ,,, wow ,, that's truly shocking to see ,,, 🙁

  22. What went wrong. Not being aware of all the surroundings and not being aware of what's involved and not stepping back and assessing the situation. That will allways kill

  23. Couldn't this just have been stopped by only supplying brush clearers with chainsaws with 9/10 inch bars? This way they can cut small trees but would not even to be tempted to cut anything larger than 6 inch tree. Removes all chance of employees doing the wrong thing.

  24. You fell a tree not fall a tree. Felling trees can be very tricky even by experienced people. My friend had a branch fall out of the tree as he was cutting down. Without a hard hat the branch cut deep into his head and he almost bled out before help came. I've felled many trees over the past 20 years or so and every one scares the shit out of me until its down on the ground.

  25. All I can see is that there were hiring practices that did not include showing experience in a resume about having felled anything 6" or otherwise such that they hired a person for cleaning up an area with a chainsaw who had no experience. All the other crap you mentioned could be learned in short order with very little instruction. Yes, felling trees can be dangerous, but there is no reason you have to make is sound that hazardous.

    You just have to use the brains God have a hamster before you start. I have watched YouTube videos of supposed professionals doing even more stupid things than that guy did. You don't turn you back on a tree that is just starting to fall. You quickly move out of the way so that you can turn and watch it go so you can move out of the way if the tree if it gets squirrely going down . That guy more than likely thought just walking away slowly was sufficient. Obviously it wasn't !

  26. classic case of telling the employee to do something on his own then blame him for the fuck up of the company not following rules.

  27. I hate falling trees its so mf dangerous even gotta worry about a gush of wind fucking up the tree making it go a different direction .

  28. lol doing the notch upside down is just weird. you are post to make your angle cut then you bottom flat cut then go behinds and up a lil. this is for when it falls over the lip keeps its from kicking back in your lap. then he didnt go near enough deep into the tree. Wtf they talking about certified to notch a tree. lol how do u get certified in it if you dont first do it and practice the cuts. Then the fact every tree is diff on the dangers. you sure as fuck cant read the book and get certified. fake talk to make the blame less on company. Here more how it is. get over t heir and get that shit cut. hurry up. reason tree work is so dangerous can climb dead trees all day and be ok then get in a live one and the tree break in half on you because an ants nest inside you cant see.

  29. Weird. I've cut a good number of Alders, as well as other varieties, and I've seen some split up a few feet but never as bad as this. The amount of lean and bow in the trunk, which creates tension, is a good indicator of any tree being likely to try to split. You gotta finish the last cut pretty quickly, be fully prepared to actually jump away if needed, be willing to drop your saw like it was trash, AND HAVE A CLEAR AND EASY PATH OF ESCAPE. Logging is dangerous work even when you know what you're doing. Stupid trees sometimes do what you don't expect.

  30. Does the investigator not know that the word for cutting down a tree is "fell" not "fall"? I'm not an expert by any means, I only know the word because of the manual that comes with my "home-consumer" chainsaw.

  31. This is a very unfortunate accident. The fact that no escape path had been cleared was negligance. Was the worker trained ? I'm sure he would have been. To point fingers at others is not going to make the next guy follow the rules. When you're dead you don't know it. It's other people that suffer. Same thing when you're stupid.

  32. At the end of the day "YOU" are responsible for your saftey. This guy that died from his ignorance wad asking for it. "Survival of the fitest"

  33. This is my first season I bought a farmboss a hand full of tags I'm having trouble finding anything besides pine any tips should I talk to the locals or did I start too late and all the good product is gone

  34. Although unfortunate for the man's death; let's be realistic and assume every logger, union or otherwise, looks mighty forward to each and every paycheck in support of their families. With that said, ninety-nine percent of us would work any amount of overtime possible to sleep better those nights; as well, greed playing it's part. Besides, bosses are typically pushy and employees do as there told if they want to keep working. And yes, safety is a must for us humans and never stressed enough; however, until we have robots do every little thang, they'll be mishaps w/ loss of life.

  35. Sometimes I think it's downright absurd that anyone who wants you're chainsaw is able to go buy one without first demonstrating proficiency. What makes it truly frightening is how many men are so arrogant, insecure and stupid that they feel their manhood is being threatened anytime someone tries to instruct them in the correct usage of a tool. When shit goes south while running a chainsaw it goes south real fucking fast and has the potential to turn the final seconds of your life into an absolute Horror Story. I see these absolute idiots doing absolute idiot things with a chainsaw and when I politely try to tell them that they're putting themselves in a dangerous situation more often than not their response is "I've been doing it this way for X amount of time and I've been just fine so far. Maybe you should stop being such a pussy."
    At this point I sort of feel like these are exactly the kind of people who should be using a chainsaw. The sooner they get killed the less opportunity they have to pass on their dumb-fuck DNA. If there's any ladies out there who happened to be reading this please do the world a favor. If your man is a stupid arrogant moron, don't allow him to get you pregnant.

  36. Ya gotta have a good leader to teach the new guys. And ya gotta have a good listener and the new guy. I remember started in construction building house foundations.

    There were not really any good step by step teachers, so I built, and then 4 hours later learned that I screwed up and had to tear it down and do it over. I guess that is a good way to learn from trial and error. The leaders said they were bipolar, a lot of the time they looked high as hell on something and angry most of the time, but when it seemed like they were happy then they communicate with me. And I guess, me being completely new apprentice is definitely a big difference of someone with building engineering degrees and certifications.

  37. The worker shouldn't have been falling trees if he wasn't qualified. Rule number one falling a tree is to look around the tree and determine which way it's leaning. Rule number two. Make sure you have an escape route. Rule number 3. When you make your straight cut, make sure you cut out the heart of the tree. Then, notch it and make your back cut.

  38. Stupid and machinery don't mix especially when the machinery is a chainsaw if your gonna run a saw know what your doing or step aside drop your pride and watch and learn from someone who does know what they are doing running a chainsaw correctly is an art form that is quite satisfying when in motion but if you get distracted or complacent for a moment it can and will kill you I've been around saws my whole life and I got my share of scars being a cocky young shit enough to become seasoned and know when to admit when my toys just arnt enough to do the job right an bow out to those who got the toys ….. it's a shame the gentleman in this video didn't get the chance to learn from his ignorance God rest his soul

  39. The mans rite cutting teees is no damn joke. if your not qualify you shouldn't be doing it .to many good men have lost there lives for being over confident of themselves .

  40. I cut an 8" limb off a downed power line after a ice storm 1994 , on a steep cliff overlooking a large lake , just when I touched the limb it rebounded so fast and hard It threw the running saw a 044 stihl over my head just missed my face , the tree limb went probably 50 yards or more out into a lake , knocked me off me feet , this all happen so fast there was no time to react. This was my first real chainsaw , and was almost my last .

  41. Good informational video. But you never really know where the blame lies in these situations. The worker was obviously inadequately trained for cuts larger than 6". His employer may have made it clear, w/o saying so, they didn't want to incur the cost of a certified feller and he may have felt the need to do this type work to keep his job.
    Also, I am in construction, often there is work to be done not shown on the drawings, especially in Division 2 (sitework). Generally speaking, when you clear a ROW / Easement you clear the entire width of the ROW / Easement and this worker may have been told to do that.

    I am a believer in Sun Tzu's philosophy that whenever soldiers fail (in this case a worker) it is always the leaders who are at fault, because they did 1 of 2 things, 1) Didn't train the soldier adequately OR 2) Didn't give clear instructions.

  42. If the employee had abided by the rule/s, his demise would not have occurred, plain and simple!!
    It was his responsibility to follow the rule/s. Don’t blame the employer.

  43. Conclusion: Worker 1 is a dumb ass!! Such a horrible notch and who cuts trees with one angled cut?? There is a sign he has NO idea what he was doing. Shoundnt even have a chain saw in his his hand.

  44. The best way to cut a tree that's prone to split is to cut your notch then bore through the tree about an inch behind the notch making sure you leave the proper amount of hinge wood. Of course, the tree has to be at least 12" diameter I've cut 48" (DBH) Oak trees that were leaning used this method, and the tree didn't split. If that Alder was 16", it could have been cut used that method without danger of splitting. It's clear this guy was far too inexperienced Anyone who knows what they're doing, always clears a safe escape route, sometimes a second one just in case it's needed. Always make sure your chain is sharp…..I sharpen new chains because even a brand new chain isn't as sharp as it can be….

  45. This is what happens whe your cutting straight grain trees and don’t know what your doing! You also need to side cut it you idiot! So the center pops instead of splitting! Morons

  46. Im literally in the ER with a broken leg because of a barber chair right now
    Guy i was with said my notches were too big. Went smaller, barber chaired up to 12 feet. I didn't have time to react and got struck on the hardhat, and left tibia and fibula broken. Lucky to be alive.

  47. I "fall" cut trees 8-10 all the time and I admit I don't know what the hell I'm doing, this video may have saved my crazy life. No mo!

  48. The Bore Beetle killed Ash in Northeast UNITED STATES…Once tree past 50% growth to dead,even root could be dead.They are prone to split when felling,especially when top heavy.The beetles tend to be prone to the V in a Y…Examine for pulling apart rot parts.Jolt from felling could make part drop near trunk or even blow out.BE WEARY IF NOT EXPERIENCED…

  49. What went wrong? Probably a couple of idiots who didn’t really know what they were doing…probably hired cause of nepotism

  50. so sad for the worker u can tell that advice come from a professional if you a young tree man pay close attention to these messages god bless

  51. A certified faller? Horseshit. Most of the best tree guys I’ve ever seen didn’t need to get certified by anyone because they ARE the experts. You can’t tell a guy how it is that’s been felling trees longer than you’ve been alive.

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