Touchy Feely Co-Worker – 1999 Ep04

Touchy Feely Co-Worker – 1999 Ep04

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– Without DNA evidence — – Guys! Brace yourselves. Touchy Tim from upper management will be joining us today. – Not Touchy Tim. He’s a piece of shit and he’s all touchy-feely on me. – Oh hey guys. It’s me, Touchy Tim – Hi Tim. – Hey Broden. Good to see you. – [Broden] Touchy Tim! Hello. – Lovely to see you. Mark, always a pleasure and ah — – Fucken Touchy Tim! Aww, not again. ♫ Touchy touchy touchy Tim. ♫ ♫ Touchy Tim, Touchy Tim. – (Imitates aeroplane) — Oh yes. – Excuse me, Broden. Could you please pass the Bordeaux? – Hello? No, I can’t talk now. I’m just about to try these new blue M&Ms. It’s impossible! – Tried everything. – Never mind. I’ll do it myself. ♫ He’s got long armies. ♫ ♫ And he’s getting M&Ms. ♫ ♫ massage ladies ♫ – Yeah, right. It’s interesting how planes work, isn’t it? It’s interesting. Oh, jeeze Louise! – A tea towel won’t help, Touchy Tim!
– [Touchy TIm] I’m so sorry. Let me help! – Stop it! – [Touchy Tim] Oh my goodness! – You bloody d– – [Touchy Tim] Oh, let me just get that for you. – Don’t put your other hand in, Tou — – [Touchy Tim] There we go. Let me help. I’ve got it mate. – Oh jeeze Louise, he’s done it again. (Mumbly Touchy Tim music) – Did somebody say long arms? Hmm. I thinks I might have an idea. Allow me. (chuckles) Argh! Aargh! Okay, All right. Ok. All right. Oh. Nah. Fuck. Sorry. I got this. Fuck it! Fuck it! Sorry. (Touch Tim music) (Whispering) Mark. Mark! I’m fingering someone. – Hi-five mate. Hey. (Touchy Tim music) ♫ Touchy Tim, Touchy Touchy Touchy Tim. ♫ (giggles) – Ooh! Oooh. Oh. Aaaaah. ♫ Touchy Tim. Doing karate chops ♫ ♫ picking lots of flowers ♫ ♫ Everybody clapping hands. Clapping hands. – Mmm, yummy cigarette. Ha ha ha ha. – Aww, Touchy Tim. You’re not touchy-feely at all. You just have really long arms! – Um, that’s right and ah How do you do? Ha ha ha ha ha? – I think it’s fair to say that you’ve touched all our hearts. Is there anything you haven’t touched? – Oh, well let me see I ah — ♫ I’ve touched roofs and umbrellas and kids ♫ I’ve touched — ♫ No, listen. It’s all about context. You’ve really gotta hear the whole song. – Looks like Touchy Tim has finally had his first taste of the long arm of the law. (laughs) (cries) – You know what I’d like a taste of? Those blue M&Ms. (Touchy Tim music) Aww, Touchy TIm! (Touchy Tim music) ♫ Touchy Touchy Touchy Tim ♫ ♫ Touchy Tim, Touchy Tim ♫ ♫ Touchy Touchy Touchy Tim ♫ ♫ I’ve touched rooves and umbrellas and kids ♫ ♫ I’ve touched lots of things that you can see. ♫ ♫ I’ve touched adults and friends and everyone. ♫ ♫ All of course accidentally. ♫ ♫ I’ve got big long arms.♫ ♫ Big long arms. ♫ ♫ I’m brushin’ and brushin’ and hittin’ and that. ♫ ♫ Big long arms. It can be quite hard ♫ ♫ Let me get rid of these proppy things
♫ ♫ ‘Cause i’m. I — ♫ (laughs) ♫ I’m. I’m Touchy Tim ♫ (laughs) ♫ I’m Touchy Tim. Hit it! ♫


  1. This got me through a real rough patch in my life. You know the time between getting home from work and waiting for microwavable fishsticks/chicken nugs to cook.

  2. I just noticed that Mark isn't looking anybody in the eyes at the beginning; he's staring above their heads.

    These are the videos that keep on giving.

  3. Your work is just a UNICORNICAL GREAT MONSTER TERRIFIC AWESOME YUMMY COOL work. I need more. Thank you for kick a smile in my face.

  4. I LOVE this video. The concept is great, the music is hilarious, and his actual arms are just……..perfect. But one question: what the FUCK are those mug bread things?

  5. I see the handicapped man from Bigoted Bill has regrown his arm and become a police officer. Good for him!

  6. I know a few touchy tims at work. There's one who I plan to kick in the balls. He's always touching my shoulder when he's passing by. Wouldn't be an issue if he didn't do a creepy breathing on my neck, or always seem to want to be near me. Fucking creep!

  7. So my mate just got me onto you guys. I'm a huge fan of Ben Mendelsohn so he showed me your podcast, his voice was done so well btw. After that we watched Professor Whiskers, and to say that I was losing my shit would be an understatement. Anyway I have been catching up on all of your material and it's fucking great! This is my first time going through your 1999 series and it doesn't disappoint. Cheers for all the laughs!!

  8. Did I just hear about dna evidence at the first second there? I can only think of that one homestar runner toon.

  9. Fun fact, my mate's dad worked at the factory where blue M&Ms were being developed, and he got me a whole bag of blue M&Ms, which hadn't had the shiny glazed outer layer or the printed M&M logo of course, before they were released. I'm still not sure what the point was of adding blue ones but there you go.

  10. I just wanted to tell you guys I can't believe I haven't heard of you until now. My coworker told me about you guys and it's incredible. You're like the Australian Monty Python or Kids in the Hall. I love it!

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