Top words for your JOB INTERVIEW & RESUME

Top words for your JOB INTERVIEW & RESUME

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Hello, folks. Welcome back to,
where today, I’m going to be presenting to you some of the very best words in the English
language to be putting into your applications for work, and also directly into your CVs
and résumés. CVs is the name in the UK; résumé would be the word in America for your
list of work, achievements, and titles. So, what I’m going to be doing today is talking
through a list of adjectives to describe yourself in a covering letter. We’re going to be looking
at good words for saying what you are able to do, and some good verbs for describing
what you did in your last job. Hope it helps you get that important job. So, when it comes to talking about yourself…
By the way, I just want to make sure because I want you to remember these words after the
lesson, so just before we start talking about these words, can you make sure you write them
down? Okay? So just write them down on a scrap of paper, and then you’ll have them afterwards
as well. Okay? Maybe press pause. And welcome back. So, “accomplished”, now, this can be a verb or an
adjective. The noun would be an accomplishment, I’ll write that here. An accomplishment is
like an achievement, it’s something good that you have done. So, this is obviously in the past
simple if I’m using it as a verb. I accomplished whatever. But if I’m talking about it as an
adjective, I would say: “I am an accomplished editor, having worked for five years as…” Okay?
This is a really useful sort of grammatical structure when you’re saying what you can do.
“Having worked as…” Okay? There should be sort of a space in here. Or: “Having done
this for so many years.” So if you want to… “Having worked as”, whatever the job title
is and then the amount of years or months. Okay? So, you either accomplished something
or you are an accomplished engineer, computer programmer, whatever it is that you do.
I’m sure it’s something cool. Obviously, you have an advanced level of English
because you’ve been watching Benjamin on engVid. Yeah? So, “advanced” is an adjective to describe
when you’re really good at something. “I am an advanced judo player.” Yeah? “I am an
advanced karate.” Yeah? Advanced is pretty good. “Committed”, yeah? Committed. Everyone go
like this, committed. Yeah? That means I turn up every day. I don’t take any sick days.
Yeah? Going to get physical today guys, going to get off your bums, making some moves. Committed,
you turn up every day. So this can also be used as a verb. So you could be committed
to. “I am committed to my wife.” Yeah? “I am committed to the Green Party”, whatever it
is. The Conservatives, labour. Yeah? Committed to is when you have… You give your… Give
yourself to something. Yeah? But if you are using it as an adjective: “I am a committed
person”, means I turn up every day. “Promoted”, so this is probably a word you
would stick into the résumé. Yeah? Or the CV. So: “I worked at Lloyds Bank and within…
Within six months, I was promoted.” Everyone go like this, promoted. It means lifted up.
Okay? You go up. Promoted. Okay? So, within six months, I was promoted. So in a covering
letter, you can talk… You can talk shit and say you’re really great. So I was promoted
which shows that I am an accomplished, an accomplished blah, blah, blah, blah,
blah, whatever it is, the job you do. Now, when we’re talking about what you can
do, here are some useful little verbs. So, “provide” means provide, I give analysis,
provide analysis. “Analysis” is the looking at the positives, the minus. Yeah? You’re kind
of looking at a scientist with your spectacles, what’s good, what’s bad.
Provide, give analysis. Yeah? “Deliver”, again, let’s think about our newspaper
boy, he delivers the newspaper through, you know, puts it by your door. Maybe in America,
you see him delivering like this. So, you can either think deliver or deliver. Yeah?
Deliver. In the context of a résumé, you could deliver… Deliver excellence. You could
deliver a program of. Yeah? You can deliver a training program. Yeah? A training. Something
you did. This is what we’re avoiding. We are avoiding: “can”, “do”, and “make” because you’re
not beginners anymore. You are my advanced students, so we’re going to
used advanced verbs. Okay? “Design”, hmm, design, design, design means think
and make. Design, so an architect designs. If I am putting some theatre together, I will
design the “mise en scène”. Yeah? The scenery. Okay? I design. So I put a bit of red, put
a bit of yellow. Now, what can you design? You can design promotional material. Yeah?
Promotional. Long word. Or you can design the marketing. “Enhance” means to make better, to make better.
Enhance, make good. Yeah? Enhance, put it better. “Generate”, we use… So the colocation of
“generate” often goes with sales. You generate sales. So, you generate sales. Above the line.
Yeah? If you’re above the line, you’re operating in profit, so we want to be up here with our
sales. Generate sales means more… Getting a bit mad here. Isn’t it? More money for your
boss. Okay. All all right? We all still okay? I want to make sure that you concentrate until
the end of my lesson today, so we’re going to do something a little bit different. I
want you to stand up off your chair and I want you to take a pen because you’ve all
been writing down these words, haven’t you, everybody? So, take your pen and we’re going
to make a figure of eight with your pen. Okay? So we’re going to go around here and then
we’re going to take it with this side, we’re going to take it down to your feet and you’re
going to have to change over, and then we’re going to go up here and down. So you’re going
to use both hands and you’re going to go down to your feet, and you’re going to make a figure
of eight. Okay. How are you doing? Yeah. Remember to swap hands. Very good. Can you touch your
toes? Yeah, go on, bend down, and up we go. Good. And come back up. Well done. Hopefully
we’re ready now for our next little section. Just trying to get you to use your right and
left side brain. I’m showing off today. Right. So, this is language for talking about what you
did at your last job. So, obviously, these words are great in an interview. Okay? You
send your CV, they really like you, so you go and say: “Hello, I’m”, blah, blah, blah.
Okay? And you say all of these words. So write these down. “Co-ordinated”, “managed”, “developed”,
“redesigned”, “implemented”, “launched”, “maximised”, and “provided”. You’re super-fast,
aren’t you? Yeah. Right. So, “co-ordinate”, if we are looking at a
map-yeah?-of England. Yeah? Super good map with a bit of island over here. We won’t worry
about Europe. Now think about co-ordinate, you think about co-ordinate on a map. So,
the co-ordinates on a map lead me to this place and it’s York. Okay? So, the co-ordinate
is guessing everything together. Put it… Okay? So it’s planning, planning in detail.
Co with all the details, bringing all the details together. “Managed” is similar, you’re managing people.
Yeah? Bringing them together, make sure they’re doing this. So, in my last job, I co-ordinated
a sales contract. I… What did I do? I was promoted and I got given, as a reward, a new
pen. Okay, so I co-ordinated a sales contract. Manage, you’re managing people. “Develop”, if you’re developing… If I’m
developing this map, I’m making it better. So, I know that it’s actually a bit more kind
of like this and that East Anglia is bigger. So, developed means
to make it better. “Redesign”, if I’m redesigning it, I might
not like the red anymore; I might want to put some blue in. Okay? So I’m making it…
Making it a little bit different. “Re” means doing again. “To implement”, kind of means to start. So,
if I’m implementing this map of Britain as the new map of Britain, I tell David Cameron:
“This is the new map of Britain.” Okay? And we start giving this map to everyone in Britain.
It’s the new map of Britain. Okay? So you might implement a new policy. -“What did you
do in your last job?” -“Well, I implemented a new policy. It was very effective.” Yeah?
Implemented a new policy. “Policy” is basically a rule, an idea. “Launch”, yeah? Again, it
kind of means started. “Maximise”, I’m sure you’ve had Pepsi Max,
it’s like maximum. “Wah, I’ve got loads of sugar.” Yeah? So to the max. “I maximised
profit”, or whatever it is that you did. “I maximised library
books”, I don’t know. “Provided” means give. Now, I’ve given to you. I want you to give
back to me by going to and doing the quiz. Yeah? You’ve already written
down these words, these excellent words. I want to make sure that you know them 100%.
Okay? Do the quiz, subscribe to my YouTube channel, if you will. And if you’re really
keen, if you really want to get advanced, and promoted, and deliver excellent in the
workplace, then you might consider checking out Exquisite English; the link’s somewhere
around there. Okay, nice to see you. Bye.


  1. super cool and effective! lots of vibrant energy from you, Benjamin! thanks from Russia, Moscow

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  4. So where are they these top words for my job interview even if there were words? In any job interview the interviewer asks
    1. What do you know about the company?
    2. what is your greatest strength and weakness?
    The title must be Top sentences for your resume and answers for your job interview.

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  6. In 0:17 he says " …into your CVs and resume" he clearly is grammatically wrong ! the right sentences would be into your CVs OR resume … He does not know the difference between OR and AND..

  7. Phrases to put on a resume when applying to a brothel:

    1. Experienced with seamen
    2. Interacts with privates
    3. Comes often
    4. Has a Blue-footed booby
    5. Owns big ass

    God, I'm mature aren't I.

  8. I'm an Indonesian and still in my fifteen's years old, i had ACCOMPLISHED my duty as a good learner, and ADVANCED to knows what you were trying so hard to tell to people, as well i COMMITTED into this video as a good commentator, and with my bravery i am so ready to be PROMOTED. I could ANALYZE your movements, the way you were talking and your fingers-playing, with honor i PROVIDE you a simply comment from a girl who lived in indonesia, i DELIVERED my gratitude with this comment, I did DESIGNED this long sentences by my own and ENHANCE it as i could, i don't know if i could GENERATE anything in here… unlike money but in specific means ..LIKER , oh right i have fun with the concentrating game , I have been RE-DESIGNED The japan folk tale story which titled as PRINCESS KAGUYA/ KAGUYA HIME not officially LAUNCHED it but i gave it to my teacher for a good mark, i MAXIMIZED my self as a good english talker ,listener and leaner. this is how it be now, thank you

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