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Hey everybody! Hello. Hello. Shoot. I’m late again. Wait for some people to come in. But today I was thinking of talking about remote jobs that you can have so that you can work from home and travel because this is a question I’ve been getting a lot and I’ve been doing a lot of live streams with other digital nomads and interviewing them and Q and A’s and all sorts of things. But I wanted to kind of get back on topic today and talk a bit about how you can actually work from home. Like where do you start? What kind of jobs are even available and just kind of review some of those so that we can talk and future live streams about some of the more technical aspects of this like before talking about taxes and before talking about where to find the jobs need to actually lay out. What kind of jobs there are? So hey guys, how’s it going? Let me get my chat open here, it’s Tech Lords. Hello there! And it’s on hello, hola! (speaking in spanish) (speaking in spanish) (speaking in spanish) Um. Yeah, so I have a few videos on on jobs, anyway that are from a few months ago. There’s one on the fastest jobs to make money as a digital nomad. There’s one on how to create your own digital nomad job. And there’s one on how to ask your boss or convince your boss on how to work from home. So I do have some videos like that, but it has been a while. So I want to just recap the the main like categories. Are you are you guys? Hey Ahmed! Are you guys working remotely right now or I know Tech Lords is. But what are what is your status and hell you. Rajas de la casa or at any center of a whole Tracy. Oh now, I’m gonna close this window a little bit. So I actually even though I’ve been remote for a really long time I started in a traditional job. I mean I started in a geographically present job. I worked in real estate in Costa Rica. But I used that experience to create my own remote job and run an online relocation company which is what I have now, so I went from real estate to physical in-person relocation company with a team of employees that were in the same city as me and then after the first year or so I was able to make everything remote so that I could travel at the same time. All right, Tech Lourd is basically retired. So… But you still do um online stuff like crypto Hi Rodrigo, ah! Kayun, you you work from your house in New Jersey on real estate investing. Oh, you’re gonna love the livestream that I have coming up with Matt Bowles who has a podcast called The Maverick Show and he owns a company called maverick Investing and it’s all about real estate, investing and we have a pretty funny episode of Digital Badass Digital Nomads that we filmed in the middle of the road in Brazil. And we talked about how he created that company. He got fired from his job in working for a philanthropic company or social work or something like that and he created his own remote business. It was remote from the first day and he has two partners as well. So that’s something more advanced I think to talk about but but um, just some of the some of the basic ones is that you know, you don’t have to overthink it basically like you can it just depends on on what you’re doing, but you can work basically working remotely just means that you’re working from anywhere. You don’t have to go into a physical office. So this can be working in your same exact job, but in a remote capacity. So let’s start off with that because that’s the most that’s the most obvious one or you can go all out. No, Connection is unstable. Okay, we’re back. Sorry. My internet’s usually pretty good here. Or you can apply for a remote job at a regular company that has some remote jobs. Some physical present physically present jobs or you can apply for a remote full-time job a fully remote company. So some companies some traditional companies have a lot of remote positions. These can be full-time, part-time contract work. They could hire freelancers. They can hire from all different sources, so that’s one way of doing it and you can also apply for these kinds of jobs. Anyway, you can apply directly to the companies. You can apply through remote job boards or you can start to think about working for yourself either in a freelance capacity or in an online business capacity. So I actually hold a lot of the people in my Facebook Group which has about 2,000 people in it. I posted in The Nomad Cruise alumni, which has sent something like 800 or so digital nomads in it and I asked what people did to get their remote jobs and the majority of them like the overwhelming majority either said that they were freelancing there’s like three basically they either came freelance artists or got hired at a remote company or got a remote job at a regular company. So those are like basically the major things that you can do and then also like like Tech Lords you can be retired like on how you can work with passive income from real estate investments. So there’s a lot of talk about passive income and uutomated income when it comes to working from home and working online and that’s definitely a route that you can go as well but it does take a certain amount of expertise in a specific area. So it can be well first you could have just a recurring income stream from investments that you’ve made in the past, from the sale of a previous business from a traditional retirement accounts from your 401k, from being vested In a government job or any sort of retirement income that that comes your way and then you can also create your own passive income streams that come through new investments, real estate or selling specific products online like passive income is really highly associated with Amazon FBA with drop shipping with stuff like that. But I just wanted to tell you guys that you don’t have to completely leave your zone of genius or you don’t have to abandon your past skill sets to be able to become a digital nomad and you don’t have to do it all at the same time either. You can start with like I said pitching your company to let you start working from home. Sometimes you can start a side hustle on a part-time basis. You know, there’s a lot of things that you can do and it’s worth it to just look back, you know. Even if you’re not going to apply for any jobs, just to kind of update your resume at home for yourself and with out any limits, you know how with CDs and resumes, there’s all of these, limits like it has to be one page and it has to be structured like this. Whatever you can just do a full brainstorm of basically patting yourself on the back all of the cool things that you know how to do all of the experience you have all of the things that you like to do and just kind of go through your history. Even from childhood like things you used to like to do things you wanted to do but didn’t do things that you’re good at but you don’t like doing. Things that people pay you to do now and you should be able to come up with a long list of valuable skills that are worth money and then you can start deciding what you’re going to do with that. So depending on your situation, if you can actually find your current job, with just go into the office and sit in the marketing department with your other colleagues, well your specific job title could be available in a remote capacity with a different company. So instead of having to convince your current employer to let you work remotely which you can do and I’ll link to that video below with tips. And I have a blog article on that as well on Medium. You can just apply for a different company where they’re already on board with the concept of remote work and you don’t need to convince them of the benefits of it for both of them and for you. And yeah, that’s basically already a part of their culture. So that’s a way that you can get there as well. And then if you don’t want to work as a salaried employee, then you can start looking at what you can use your skills for to make money in a freelance capacity. And of course you can do this participating in the gig economy. So to speak in real life like tutoring one-on-one in real life or driving for Uber or some other sort of side hustle that you can do in person, but then you can also think a little bit farther and think about when there you can offer those skills or who you can offer them to and it might not mean that you need to create a website or a personal brand or profiles on every single freelancing site. It could be that you just start offering your skill set to your network. Like if you have 500 friends on Facebook I’m sure there’s at least a handful of people who can benefit from the skills that you have to offer or it could be actively looking for somebody with your skills. So you don’t necessarily need to change the world or start a super complicated business or make a really huge change in your life. it could be just incremental changes and you could contribute your skill set to support someone else who has an online business whether it’s a sole proprietorship or a huge corporation, so just some food for thought there. Let’s look in the chat. Rodrigo is unemployed after ten years of the construction company. Are you looking for a job or are you just chillin? Tech Lords is thinking of buying a sailboat and traveling the world living full-time on the boat. Highly condone that decision. I would say go for it. Very, very cool documentary. Suit after look it up I’m drawing a blank was it called one of my friends from the Nomad Cruise actually Paddled Road across the Pacific Ocean. It is amazing. So I met her last April and I didn’t even watch the documentary until this month because I didn’t have Netflix, but let me look that up. It was it was really inspiring. I was feeling like a big slacker when I saw that. It is Losing Sight of Shore. That’s the name of the of the documentary and it’s on Netflix. So there it was a six women well yeah, they rode 24 hours a day. So it was a teams of four but in total it took six of them to get the whole way from California to Australia and it took like almost a Year, I think something like that. Oh, no, they thought they’d make it in six months. It took them nine months. My friend was Natalia Cohen. She’s in that but anyway, I saw that recently and then also one of my like, family friends I saw an Instagram today they retired officially and they’re just sailing their boat around Florida and they sail around the Caribbean and it just seems like a great way to spend your life. I sailed only in Croatia and I did the cruise with the Nomad Cruise and the Mediterranean and I all across the Atlantic Ocean and it’s just amazing. Of course, we had really good weather for all of those. So I feel like that it makes a huge difference. We are really lucky and it was pretty calm and I guess we were going during good times. But Yeah, it’s really nice. I actually have a dad a near-death experience on a on a boat in Florida. So do you have a sailing experience? Although you don’t really need it. If you buy a sailboat, there’s plenty of stories of people who just had that inner conviction to buy a boat and sail around the world and they just learned as they went. I don’t know if that’s recommended. But there’s another girl her name Liz. Liz what is her last name? She’s sponsored by Patagonia. She’s a surfer and she just lives on a sailboat by herself with her cat. sailing around the South Pacific and surfing all the time and it’s just very inspiring. Okay, Rodrigo, I’ll check Twitter. You want to work online at home? Okay. We’ll help you out on how to well you and hell you already work at home. Hello, let me translate Bulgarian. Hey, Darren, hello. Tech Lords is in the Navy so you are an expert sailor then need to go to google translate here. Mm-hm. Christine your videos are awesome and charged people with positive energy. Thank you and many successes I wish you well, thank you so much. That is such a nice comment. Martin thank you. Oh She’s touched oh. Yeah, I had this near-death experience so I decided to move temporarily back to Florida even though I’ve been traveling since I don’t know I’ve started traveling like living abroad in 2002-2003 and then I moved permanently or long-term to Costa Rica in 2005 and traveled all around from there. But there comes a time that sometimes you just want to go home or you want to like take a break or have a home base? So I went back to Florida for 2016 and during that year I almost died three times one was on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico that I hadn’t really spent a lot of time on boats. At this point I hadn’t been sailing ever in my life at this point. And so it’s not actually funny. But yeah the boat engines broke and we got stranded at night when this giant storm came and it was such a bad storm that they cancelled the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football game. And we got rescued by the Coast Guard and so after that I decided I was get my sailing license and learned how to sail so that I could never be at risk of dying like that again and have my fate in the hands of another person who happened to be drunk. But um, anyway, so I take some, sailing lessons. I was living in st. Petersburg on the west coast of Florida in downtown St. Beautiful place and I failed miserably like I don’t think anyone has ever been so bad at sailing and granted it was in the winter and this was January. So that happened like September to October of 2016 and then I took the sailing lessons and Danny I wrecked the boat like, no less than three times. And I think I was the only one who failed this like it was like a two or three day intense sailing course. I’ll have to try again. Maybe not during the snow in the freezing rain. Tech Lord says, please install a Bitcoin wallet and share receive address on your Patreon page. FYI and one of your patreon, oh my god. You’re my first one. I think I haven’t checked it yet today. I went snowboarding this morning. I’ve been working non-stop ever since so I haven’t even checked my that email yet or I haven’t checked my Traveling with Kristin email yet or my comments yet. So if I haven’t responded to you today, that is why okay. Oh. Thank you so much Tech Lords. This is so cool. I can’t believe I I mean, thank you guys for recommending that I do this and inspiring me to open a patreon account that I had like 20% done for a long time. And thank you for, and Ahmed too. Yeah. Hey, thank you guys. Traveling with Kristin which category are you in? Are you in the team? Are you in the the jet setters or the VIP lounge? That’s okay anyone is okay. Thank you guys. I really appreciate it. Ahmed remind me what do you do for work? Oh Jjet setter or at hecklers high-five We do a high-five on here. These YouTube emojis are weird. I don’t know. Where are they? Where’s the high five? These are high fives for Ahmed and Tech Lord’s Not prayer hands high five, high five. So anyway, I looked up let’s get back to the jobs jobs. I looked up the fastest-growing and top fields for remote work and the most common work from home jobs. So I don’t want to read the whole list because they will be boring. I have multiple lists, but the main premise is that there’s your tech jobs and your non tech jobs like I am a non tech person and I’ve been working remotely for since 2012, 2013. So if I can do it you can do it, but of course like the top fields are mostly in computer and IT things like that. But you can also do really any functional business area medical and health sales education, training, customer service accounting, finance, HR. Fastest growing remote career categories for 2019. I think this is according to select jobs are math and economics. Number one actually mast is like one of my worst topics subjects, but I did really well in economics and science. I don’t know what that but insurance many insurance agents out there nonprofit in philanthropy is one of the fastest growing job categories, mortgages and real estate, marketing, engineering, project management. That’s basically what I do. Science Legal and pharmaceutical. So just a note on that’s I didn’t realize that pharmaceutical was a top growing remote career category I always envisioned pharmacists as people who work in the back of a drugstore. So that’s exciting and I know that’s exciting for lawyers. Law is definitely one of the fastest growing remote fields and I think that lawyers, you know, they’re they’re just known for being overworked and not necessarily feeling fulfilled in their jobs. So I know a lot of lawyers. I have family members who are lawyers and friends who are lawyers. And yeah, it’s a tough job with long hours. I mean depending on the type of law you’re in but whether you’re working for a corporate firm and high hours for like a low hourly rate or you’re in private practice for a higher hourly rate, but you have all this other all these other responsibilities like working remotely can really take a lot of stress off. Oh, I’m ads trading currencies yeah, you guys are like two two peas in a pod. I really can’t wait to have a IRL retreat on on digital nomads or becoming you know working remotely that was one of my goals for last year that rolled over to this year. So I want to try to make it happen in the third or fourth quarter of the year. So maybe I’ll get to meet some of you guys in person. I like, um yeah, I mean it’s really the only the only limits to to remote work are really your imagination. Like I created my own job just invented it but there are so many job boards and there’s actually a big skills gap right now in in like remote jobs. And then people to fill them so if you have if you’re looking to make extra money online like of course you can trade like Ahmed, Tech Lords trade crypto, trade currencies, teach yourself like we’re living in a time where any skill you need to survive is you can learn it online these days and actually this morning I was listening to a podcast called how I built this and they were interviewing the founder of Burt’s Bees and she, this lady, she used to live in the woods in the 70s. I think she was living on in 1975. She was living on $4,000 a year with her husband and their kids and then she ended up being a single mom. And didn’t really have like a regular job. She was just very resourceful. And this was like before the Internet and she ended up founding Burt’s Bees and now she’s like a multi multi-millionaire. So and she was talking about how she kind of put herself some herself in positions that she had to be creative as a ways to make money these days. It’s getting easier and easier every year. There are some high-paying remote jobs too, so not only do you save a lot of time by working remotely but you can make more money than traditional jobs and just a better trade off. But of course attorney is up there with one of the highest paying jobs, but also marketing manager, IT manager Business Analyst, 83k a year. And then you get into like, customer success engineers, development operations managers. Development operations managers saw from some of the people who’s talking to here in Bulgaria. They’re making like Five to seven thousand euro a month, doing doing customer service type of jobs. Just pretty good. Not too shabby and then of course you also have like your non-technical job. So you know, you could ,if you’re a writer you can do do writing copywriting, ghost writing, blogging, any type of content creation. There’s all different types of like sub sets of things that you can do and then untraditional remote jobs, like I saw an article recently about nannies and a pears and how much money they make and I have a friend who is a nanny who makes over six figures and she also had an idea for an app that had to do with that industry. So even if you are in like a traditional job role you can think of how that job can be made remotely or can be turned into a product or a service like I’ve heard stories of babysitters who created websites to book babysitters and then they made revenue from that. I know a nurse who quit nursing and now makes money off of a Facebook Community for nurses who want to travel and do like home health and are seeing and travel nursing. So if there is a topic or an industry or something that you have a lot of Expertise and knowledge and you can transition from being a person who does that job to a person who manages a business about that job or that career or that community. So these are just some ideas. Oh. It is good, I agree Ahmed it’s good to learn about machine learning and automated training. I mean machine learning. I don’t know much about it but I mean, I know that it’s infiltrating everything and how we’re doing these days. I mean there’s a lot of worry that I may I and things are going to take all of our jobs but I think that things will just transition. I don’t think that the whole world will just be put out of business or become unemployed. You know, we’re seeing this with even the shift from the old energy production systems to renewable energy.. It’s Another way of creating jobs, but it does mean that some jobs will go extinct. It’s like alchemy I’m an optimist though. I think everything will work out. Ok guys, you know, if you have any questions I will catch up on the comments and tomorrow is Q&A Friday. So I will post the exact time but is this time working for you guys this later in the day time? Look at Jacque Fresco Venus Project, okay. Alright, thank you guys for coming in. Okay, this is a good time for Tech Lords. Cool with Ahmed. All right. Thank you guys and hello to new people Charl, Rodrigo Mmm, Freedom Hustler. Hello Martin from Bulgaria. And okay, cool. Alright. See you guys smile probably around the same time. I’ll post on YouTube, okay. Bye guys. Oh Maurice. Hello, how are you? I’m just signing off but come back tomorrow for Q&A Friday and get those questions ready. All right. Bye guys!


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  2. Hey Kristin .. how are you doing ? I'm preparing for work and listening to your today's topic. I will make it happen. You are an inspiration. I am sick of giving money away but specially to melt my life and brain away to make someone else wealthy spending all the money in luxury cars and vacations at French Polynesia while I am bursting my head off in the office. I will hear your topic later when I get back home. I cannot be late otherwise they will deduct this off my salary. Yeap welcome to corporative slavery living. Also for a starts I'll have a first hour morning meeting to analyse sales targets. I need a hug. 😉 Thanks for the video.

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