Top 10 WORST Charities!!

Top 10 WORST Charities!!

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From blatantly wasting money to overpaid executives…stay
tuned to number 1 to find out the worst charities in the world! Number 10: Kid’s Wish Network. There are few things more tragic in life than
a young child that has a terminal illness or a disease that will likely take their life
if a new medicine isn’t made for them. To that end, there are many foundations who
try and provide an experience for a child based on a wish or desire that they have. It’s a great idea, and there are many who
do this deed. But one you should avoid is the Kid’s Wish
Network. They are an offshoot of this type of charity,
and instead of doing what they promise, they take 97% of the proceeds that they get and
give it to themselves. That’s right, they only give 3% of the donations
they get to the kids they’re SUPPOSED to be helping! Which is even more infuriating when you look
at their website and see that they “promise” to give 100% of the proceeds to children and
families in need. Over $110 million dollars donated to this
charity has been given to corporate employees, and the founder of the charity has pocketed
$4.8 million so far. If you’re looking to help a kid get his wish,
that’s great, go to Make-A-Wish, they can back up their service with proof. Number 9: International Union of Police Associations. The police may not be the most popular people
in the world today, but the fact of the matter is that they are people, and they are people
who deserve to be taken care of just like any other person on this planet. A union is a way for these peace officers
to get what they need, and help when it’s required, but the International Union of Police
Associations is a scam pure and simple, as they claimed to raise money for these officers
and troopers, but do basically nothing of the kind. It got so bad that those who got scammed filed
a lawsuit against them. As they should. According to the union, if you sign up, you
will receive retirement benefits, health and well-being assistance, and even help finding
mortgages, better insurance, or travel assistance. But do they deliver that? Nope. Instead, of all the donations, they give only
.5% of the proceeds to the police officers and their families. What’s worse, they actually give away a bulk
of the money to for-profit business that they are a part of. So what’s worse? Not helping the people you promised to help? Or, taking their money and using it to try
and make more money? You decide. Number 8: Youth Development Fund. Before we talk about the heinous acts of this
charity, take a moment to like this video and join the Zero2Hero community by using
the buttons below! The youth of our world is what we should focus
a lot of time on. Not just for their education, but for helping
them get out of bad situations so that they don’t end up going down the wrong path in
life. Which takes people who are willing to help
them through their life situation. The Youth Development Fund claims to be just
that, but in truth, they’re not, they’re not even close to living up to that promise. For proof of this, look no further than their
founder, who not only gives 20% of what they receive via donations to the people he promises
to help, he uses the money to fund his own production company, and he makes $200,000
dollars a year. And despite his promise to push “outreach”
in the communities of the world, his Youtube channel for the company barely reaches anyone
at all. And the clothes that they get from donations
they sell for money that they keep themselves. If that’s not bad enough, the founder of the
charity actually went onto CNN and noted that he didn’t feel he did anything wrong, and
that’s not wrong to use the tactics they use to get more money. There is so much wrong with that sentiment. Number 7: The Wounded Warrior Project. Ok, in context, this is one of the more “above
board” charities that you’ll find on this list. And there is no doubt that The Wounded Warrior
Project helps veterans who have been hurt in action, this is undisputable. However, what is disputable is how much of
an impact they’re actually having. According to reports, 50% of all of their
donations go to veterans injured in combat. That is a lot, but it makes you wonder, how
much is the “half” that wasn’t given away? Well, in 2012, the charity claimed on their
tax returns that they got $234 million in donations. Which is a staggering amount. But, that means that $117 million dollars
DIDN’T go to wounded veterans. And when you consider how many of them are
out there and could’ve used that money for various things? That’s not good. What’s more, while there are standard “business
expenses” that do need to be accounted for here. The costs of various other things that the
Wounded Warrior Project did don’t add up. Like employee salaries equaling $30 million. Or $17 million on “events and meetings”. Again, there’s no doubt that the Wounded Warrior
project helps people. But they clearly seem to be helping themselves,
too. Number 6: Project Cure. If you promise to take money from donations
to help fund research on various diseases to try and find a cure…you better do it. And Project Cure doesn’t do that. Ironically, they actually have a very good
rating in terms of how they handle the donations, but this is clearly a front, or a payoff for
what’s actually happening. Instead of doing research, they just teach
about the disease. Which is helpful, sure, but it’s not ACTUAL
RESEARCH about how to try and fix everything. What’s more, a majority of the money goes
to the people who try and raise the money, and the founder gets a nice big paycheck for
himself. Thankfully, people are starting to see that
this is a scam, and donations to this place has plummeted over the years. Number 5: Woman to Woman Cancer Foundation. When it comes to cancer, both men and women
are affected, but women are subject to certain types of cancer more than men, especially
Breast Cancer. To that end, getting women checked out for
this cancer, and other cancers, is crucial. And charities like the Woman to Woman Cancer
Foundation is meant to help get the women to the doctor in order to get checked out. But…
…in 2013, the financial reports from this foundation were made public, and it doesn’t
paint a good picture: $13.7 million to solicitors, over $700,000 cash to the charity itself (for
paying employees and such), and over $50,000 to direct cash aid. When you’re raising millions and only paying
out tens of thousands to those who need it? You’re a scam. Number 4: The Committee For Missing Children. Every day, children go missing from the world,
and many of them are never found. There are many organizations that dedicate
themselves to trying to find the children that are missing. But, The Committee For Missing Children is
a scam that prays on the lost in order to make themselves some extra cash. Just in 2014, they raised $16 million dollars,
and that’s a lot that could be put to good use! But, they sent $13 million to the people who
helped raise the money, the founders took a $100,000 salary for themselves, and that
left $200,000 to go to the actual purpose of the charity. But, the question is…do they actually go
and search for these missing kids? Nope! They’re an “advocacy group”, which means that
they only advise on what to do, and don’t do anything themselves. The state of Georgia has red-flagged this
charity to give people warning as to what it truly is. Number 3: Heart Support Of America. Cardiovascular Disease is one of the biggest
killers in the world, and the urge to find a way to cure and prevent this is paramount. So when charities like Heart Support Of America
take advantage of those who have it, or want to help stop it? That’s wrong. During one year, they raised $2.3 million
dollars, but $1.9 million of that went to fundraising costs, aka paying people for helping
them raise the money. Only half of the remaining money was sent
to do the charity’s purpose, and the rest were sent to the founder and other employees. Always research a charity before you donate
to it is the lesson here. Number 2: Cancer Fund Of America. Cancer is one of the worst things that can
happen to a person. Treatment is not fun, nor cheap, and many
times, it can be terminal. Which is why cancer research is one of the
most important endeavors in the world of medicine today. There are many charitable funds that try and
raise money so that more research can be done and more medicine and potential cures can
be made. But the Cancer Fund of America is one charity
that does nothing of what it promises in terms of cancer research. They will take the donations from people and
shell it off to corporate sponsors, or pay their employees sometimes $8 million dollars. Think about the research that could’ve bought,
and that was just in 2011, imagine what the salaries are like now! What’s more, when they do try to provide for
cancer patients, they do the bare minimum. They once did a campaign to raise money for
pain medication. Want to know what they gave the people? Ibuprofen…for real. They’ve also made bogus claims about the people
they’ve helped. Such as how they shipped $35 million dollars
worth of medicine all over the world…but their distribution people came forward and
said, “No you didn’t.” According to reports, only 1% of all donations
to the Cancer Fund of America go to cancer patients, and that’s wrong on every level. Number 1: Goodwill. Yeah, surprised to see this one, aren’t you? Goodwill may be one of the best-known charities
in the world today, but that doesn’t mean that it’s one you should donate to lightly. This is because Goodwill has been exposed
in many ways as being a charity that doesn’t exactly live up to the charitable name. How is that? Well, most GOOD charities don’t make profit. Often times, they’ll pay their workers or
staff the agreed upon amount, and the rest goes to charity. Which SHOULD MEAN that there aren’t people
in this charity making hundreds of thousands of dollars. But in the case of Goodwill, that happens
more than you might think. In fact, they’ve lost numerous CEOs and heads
of various branches because they were taking home anywhere from $300,000 to $700,000 dollars
annually. Think about that, think about what that amount
of money could’ve been used for in the world. What’s more, Goodwill DENIES that this happens
even though there’s proof that it does. What’s worse, many employees of Goodwill get
paid minimum wage, and some with disabilities get paid less than that! It’s a literal crime and shame that this happens. Now, granted, not every Goodwill is like this. Some are actually really good and honest stores. But, you might want to look into less controversial
charities to donate your old clothes and items to. Tell us what you think about these charities
in the comments below! Any that you like? Any that you hate? Tell us about them and…take care!


  1. Please do another version of this video and include the scam "1877KARS4KIDS." I read that the organization also pays exorbitant salaries, doesn't define what they do for children, and gives a small fraction to the charitable purpose.

  2. Sadly, either working for well known charities or setting up your own seems to be a fine way of conning money out of the well meaning!!!

  3. You really have to check which charities are not stealing from the people. Don’t give your hard earned money away.

  4. I once volunteered at a little storefront charity in a run down section of Philadelphia. They said the were there to collect money, food and clothing to be distributed to the poor. After a few weeks i noticed i was seeing hardly any poor people coming in to get help with anything- all they did was refer people to government agencies.

    So where was all the donations going? It was used TO BUY GUNS. They were a crazy far left political group that wanted to take over the government and install their own socialist system.
    They conned alot of well meaning people- doctors, lawyers , businesses etc…into helping them, including me! And they had no shame about it because, to them, the end justified the means.

  5. How about United Way and Red Cross? Companies I had worked for had a committee and yearly fund drives for United Way. You weren’t obligated to donate but you had to sign a form that you would not donate. I used to wonder what they had on the companies I was working for. As far as Red Cross I remember them getting over 1 billion dollars after 9/11. And when people were asking why the families of the deceased weren’t getting any money they got quiet. I also saw a representative trying to explain away disaster relief by saying that donations don’t necessarily go to the disaster for which it’s donated for. Well if that’s the case why do they use the disaster to raise funds and why start begging at the next disaster like they don’t have funds to help. Not to mention the blood drives… with all the different blood drives at various companies, where does it all go? See how much a blood transfusion at a hospital costs or even at private physicians. My wife donated blood every time the Red Cross ran a drive. The last time she was told she couldn’t donate because of an iron deficiency. She wound up going to an oncologist and had to have a minor infusion which wound up costing $1000. Yeah don’t even get me started on insurance companies! Just some tragic stuff!

  6. A couple years ago I was working as the bakery manager at Walmart. I was in charge of the company feed. There was quite a bit of food left over and my manager asked me to take it to a local homeless shelter. They really appreciated it and I thought this is perfect. So now instead of giving money I give food. Every once in a while when I see a guy at a corner wanting money I buy a burger at McDonald’s or closest burger joint and give him that. There are many ways to give other than money to charities. It’s good for the soul too.

  7. How about the United Way? Hate their tactics of going into a workplace and trying to shame the employees into regular contributions out of their paycheck.
    You actually have to sit through a presentation and then fill out a form that states how much you are donating OR check off a box that indicates you choose not to donate.
    If you work at a place that gets funds from them, it is reflected in your performance reviews. How is this even legal?

  8. The best are charities that Gary Senise is involved in. He is an amazing person and he does not advertise

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