1. watching through the amazing frog segment without skipping is the hardest thing i've done so far in 2018. i felt mark's pain the entire time. pls, never again

  2. Tmw you don't get access to the internet often so you miss a lot, including a shirt of DARKIPLIER!! 😭😭😭💔💔💔

  3. Trying to sleep but my anxiety is bad tonight and I feel lonely, so thought I'd try and sleep while teamiplier keep me company ❤😴😪😴

  4. I wish he’d have a selection so then I could get IT IN DAMN TIME BECAUSE MY POOR ASS NEEDS TO SCRAP UP MONEY inhale

  5. I just went to go check out Omar's youtube, too see how much he's changed, and he's got a decent channel.

  6. ?????????? Heavydirtysoul is playing in the background at one point???? I didn't even know they played copyrighted music on streams????

  7. ok how come everyone waited to answer the skype call eXCEPT ME
    i didn’t even read the name of the caller i just got the call, panicked, and answered

  8. Ethan is so fucking cute just stab me straight through the chest 28 times his British accent is so fucking cute and I want to impale myself on a picket fence and run through traffic with a fence post literally going through me.

  9. Really though just fucking look at Ethan. Just slam your head in the door of a microwave and then blast your face with radiation on the fucking popcorn setting like turn the power level up to fucking 11 and just cook and then you will know the maelstrom of emotion that hits me when I see this adorable fucking human being. Get a nuclear bomb straight to the face and that's the force of the giant fucking wave of love I feel hit me when I see him.

  10. Thanks for uploading this I love being able to going back to old streams when I have nothing else to watch, this is my third time watching this stream!

  11. 2:03:41 Chica looks so cute in that hoodie. Love the artwork so damn much. Wish I could have gotten a shirt. Hope another Darkiplier item comes in the future. 8:48 imagining a horse named HEEE. laughing so damn hard. 10:10 Tyler, great words to live by. Thanks for the amazing time you spent with everyone.

  12. It made me laugh so much when they could've looked at the controls on the wwe game but decided to be idiots and not to look at the controls but Mark is still one of my favorite youtubers

  13. This is probably about the fourth or fifth charity livestream that I’ve watched in a row. I love these so much and I would very much love to be a part of the next one! I know I’m super late for this, but if anyone sees this, does anyone know how/where these livestreams are announced? And how early? My plan is to request the day of the next one off so I can actually participate in the whole thing as it’s happening.

  14. Mark: I have not built a dick yet, in Subnautica!

    Me: Why, when you always talk about that shit…


  16. the origin story of Stan Wheeler the Water Man:
    He was born during Markiplier’s 10 hour water charity livestream, as he was handed to his mother, Stan opened his eyes and saw Mark, Ethan, Tyler, Amy and Katheryn raising awareness for the importance of water. This was the day Stan knew what he needed to become, this was the day ‘Stan the Water Man’ was born

  17. Man… how easily they would choose sucking Mark’s dick over and over to picking actual funny answers in quiplash just astounds me.

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