They Took Welfare off A Cancer Patient!!! [CC]

They Took Welfare off A Cancer Patient!!! [CC]

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Hey guys. Caitriona here, the Zebra Wheelie.
Welcome back to my channel. Well, my dad’s been home for almost a week now. And he’s
doing OK. But we got some rather bad news in the post this morning. As you know, my
dad is disabled and he has been for years. And he worked all his life. He’s not one of
these ones that just sat about doing nothing all day. But today he got a letter from Personal
Independence Payment. Which is the welfare that replaced Disability Living Allowance.
Basically they are stripping his Mobility component. Which is how you get the assistance
with getting an adapted car. He’s not going to get that anymore. We are absolutely outraged
at this. Because he will be in a wheelchair. Although he will be an ambulatory wheelchair
user, like i am. But, what the hell do they not understand about him having cancer! Like
he still has cancer. Even though he’s been in the hospital for almost a month. It’s not
something that you fix overnight. I’m really, really p***d off about this. We are going
to fight it. We’re not going to take it lying down. We are going to appeal the decision.
This is what i mean. It’s really difficult to get PIP if you are disabled. Sorry, i’m
just so annoyed that this has happened. He won’t have to give his car up for now. But
he may have to in the future. But hopefully not. Hopefully we’ll win our appeal. But other
than that, things have been going OK . We’re just trying to sort out my dads prescriptions
with the doctor. Because he’s on a lot more tablets now than he was before. There is two
other occupational therapists coming out to see my dad on Monday. One is to asses him
as to whether he will need full time carers. And the other is to asses him for a permanent
wheelchair. Because the one that he has now is on loan to him. And, to be honest, it’s
a heap of junk. But, as i said before, he will be an ambulatory wheelchair user. Which
means he can walk a little bit, but not far. But he is getting his own wheelchair soon.
I just hope they don’t stick him with a crappy one like they stuck me with before i got my
K Series. in the meantime, somebody from a vlogging app called Rumbl contacted me. And
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watching. Bye bye.


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