THE TRUTH ABOUT SWEDISH SOCIALISM: Debunking the lies of the left

THE TRUTH ABOUT SWEDISH SOCIALISM: Debunking the lies of the left

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Is Sweden a perfect socialist utopia? My name is Henrik Jönsson, a Swedish independent libertarian entrepreneur – and today I am going to answer this question from a small business owners perspective. If you appreciate my videos, please feel free to contribute to my productions using one of the payment options to the left. Without your support, this channel would not be possible. Also don’t forget to hit the “Subscribe” button down below if you haven’t already done so, and make sure to click the “Bell icon” so that you might get notified – the YouTube gods be willing – when I release new videos – which I do with razor sharp precision every Saturday morning at 8am central european time. Today, I’m talking about “the Swedish model” – oh stop it! Today I’m talking about socialism, truth and the state of Sweden. Stay tuned! *INTRO MUSIC* Many people in the western world are now looking to Sweden expecting to find a brand of socialism to model their politics on. And by “a brand” I’m implying the ideological hope of finally finding a socialism that works – not the genocidal rule of Stalin, the terrors of the DDR or the terrifying implosion of Venezuela. The kingdom of Sweden, home of ABBA, IKEA and fermented herring, is shrouded in a legend of being a perfect socialist utopia. How does it actually work, brining the world statuesque blondes, world-class soccer players and… PewDiePie? ”Hey cameraguy, catch!” Let me start right off the bat by establishing that Sweden is neither perfect nor an utopia – and it is certainly not socialist even though an unsavoury aftertaste of the 1970’s and 1980’s still lingers. PewDiePie has moved to the UK, Zlatan lives in LA and most of the statuesque blondes went on to make DVD’s in San Fernando Valley. But they didn’t all leave for a lack of socialism. Sweden has rather become successful IN SPITE of socialism. In order to understand Swedish political economy, you need a quick overview of the history of Sweden. It is 1867, just over 150 years ago, and Sweden is an agrarian economy, with 70% of the population surviving on what their farmland can give them. The spring had been extremely cold, with collapsing harvests as a consequence. During the years 1868 – 1869 up to 10,000 Swedes were estimated having starved to death. Over the coming 40 years over 1,5 million Swedes escaped Sweden’s poverty and famine – and left for America. Fast forward 100 years: by the mid-1960:s, Sweden was considered the per capita richest country in the world. The average income had multiplied almost ten times, and life expectancy rose by a staggering average of 30 years. The government took credit for this massive improvement in living standards, and attributed the extraordinary growth to their homegrown ideology of “Democratic Socialism”. This is the picture many foreigners still hold of Sweden: a big-government triumph of solidarity and redistribution. An amazing ideological success story – except that it isn’t true. So, what really happened between the famine of the 1860:s and the record years of the 1960’s? Well, a whole number of things, and socialism, wasn’t one of them. First of all: the transition from an agricultural economy to an industrialized nation became possible because of a number of laissez-faire reforms championed by lieutenant Johan August Gripenstedt during the final decades of the 19th century. Gripenstedt brokered free-trade treaties with the super-powers of Europe, and abolished the guilds, who up until the end of the 19th century had controlled who got to work in what profession. Private ownership rights were strengthened, it was made easier to form companies, and citizens were allowed to keep the majority of the fruits of their own labour. Massive de-regulation saw the productivity of Sweden soar – and the country rapidly became a leading European industrial nation. However, it would not be until the aftermath of World War II that Sweden would be propelled from an industrial growth economy into the super-rich per-capita wealthiest nation on the planet. The reason for this was Sweden’s policy of “neutrality” – which provided Sweden with an excuse for collaborating with the Nazis rather than being occupied like Denmark and Norway. Sweden traded in granite, iron ore and leased train carts to Hitler’s Germany – profiting from the German war effort. After the end of the war, with the rest of Europe in ruins and in need of rebuilding, Swedish industrial exports soared and so did the wealth of Sweden during the 25 year period between 1945 and 1970. This period ALSO happens to be the “Golden Years of Social Democracy” during which Swedish politicians made a lot of noise about the superiority of the “Swedish model” – Not only was it untrue that “socialist big government” was the cause of Sweden’s increasing wealth – at the time there wasn’t much of a big government at all. In the 1950’s the total tax burden in Sweden hovered around 20%, less than the United States and most European countries. Sweden also had a much smaller public sector than the United States and most European nations had at the time. It wasn’t until the 1960’s, that the government, drunk on post-war capital flowing through the Swedish economy, started raising taxes and establishing large-scale benefit-programs for the redistribution of wealth. Wealth that had been generated through a combination free trade, entrepreneurship and a questionable relationship between the socialist government of Sweden – and the third Reich. Socialism never entered into the equation. In fact, as soon as socialist reforms started being implemented, the Swedish economy started to tank. The inflated post-war export revenues normalised during the 1970s. This, paired with a series of tax hikes which made Sweden less productive, quickly made the populistic welfare-reforms and generous government handouts underfinanced. In order to sustain the welfare systems, further tax increases were introduced – which lessened productivity further, and reduced individuals’ incentives to invest in their education and professional skills. At the same time, generous welfare benefits made it less and less attractive to work at all for low-skilled labourers. During this period, national icons Ingvar Kamprad of IKEA fame, and the world-renowned film director Ingmar Bergman both left Sweden due to its unsustainable taxation policies – and globally loved author of Pippi Longstocking, Astrid Lindgren, wrote a scathing story on how her tax rate now had reached 102% – meaning she was actually *losing* money for each new book she sold. During 1980s the Swedish welfare systems were so underfunded that the government in desperation started borrowing against the Swedish pension funds, in a futile attempt to sustain the socialist utopia that never had existed. By the early 90’s the Swedish economy finally crashed, and the currency of Sweden imploded with a brief stint of interest rates at 500%. Austerity reforms were introduced by a crisis commission with broad support in parliament. As the dust settled, the Swedes had lost nearly 30% of all their wealth – and had fallen from being one of the per capita richest countries in the world in 1970 – to 14th place in the year 2000. This was the result of Sweden’s experiment with socialism. This – or much worse – is anyone’s result of experimenting with socialism. RUNNING A SWEDISH STARTUP IN THE 90’S It was during this socialist apocalypse, that I started my first company in Sweden. I had no contacts and no experience in running a business – but I was strong willed and had an idea that I wanted to realize. As I was sixteen years old at the time, I took my business idea to the career coach at my school in order to get advice on how to best go about forming my company. I remember distinctly how she tilted her head and gave me a worried gaze before continuing: “To run a company is really, really hard, Henrik. Why don’t you just to try get a job somewhere?” Her words are forever etched in fire upon my soul as the most deeply immoral thing you can tell a young individual who earnestly is expressing their first entrepreneurial impulse. To kill ambition under the pretext of something being difficult?! Between the lines, I was being told by this publicly employed career coach to fall in line, to be a good citizen and not to think too much of myself. I started my company anyway. A year later I had 4 employees and great growth figures. We were designing multimedia CD-ROMs, and were just managing a transition into early-stage web development when we ran into Sweden’s infamous LAS-system – the Law On Employment Security. This law stipulates that an employer can only legally fire the last person hired, under the premise “last in, first out.” The LAS-law, first introduced in 1974, was designed with the 20th century large-scale industrial companies in mind whose enormous workforces were increasingly controlled by the unions. Utterly incompatible with the recruitment needs of the flexible, small-scale IT-startups of the 90’s God knows how many great ideas were thwarted, how many companies it never allowed to form, how many opportunities were lost. Like tears in rain. ”Time to die.” Sweden certainly lost me, as I ended up closing the company and moving abroad once I realized that I could not control my own workforce. It would be over 10 years before I returned – to a very different Sweden. REPAIRING SWEDEN During the 1990’s and the early 2000’s massive structural and financial reforms were passed through parliament, step by step mending the damage socialism had done to Sweden. Taxes were slashed, creating a boom of new, digital startup companies like Skype, Spotify and Klarna. The healthcare system was supplemented with allowing private surgeries and clinics, and by allowing citizens to carry private healthcare insurance if they desired additional health services. The pension system was reformed to allow greater individual flexibility in how to invest your money. The School system opened up for private schools to operate along the municipal schools, and gave the Swedes the opportunity to choose what schools they wanted their children to go to. The utility providers were privatised. The TV- and radio state monopoly was dismantled allowing private companies to operate TV- and radio channels for the first time in Swedish history. The government run telecommunication giant “Televerket” was turned into a publicly traded company with other commercial companies competing for the customers. It is almost impossible for Swedes born in the 1990’s to understand how the country I, and many other entrepreneurs, had to escape from have changed. When I was growing up, you could not own a telephone in Sweden. It was lent to you by the government – and it was a criminal offense to connect a phone bought abroad to the Swedish telephone lines. You could not choose what radio or TV stations you wanted to watch. Well. You could choose between two different government run TV-stations. All foreign films were screened and re-cut by the Swedish Film Censorship agency, to protect the people from violence and foreign immorality. To make these transitions were very painful for Sweden, but they were the right thing to do: since the 1990s the Swedish growth rate has risen 50%. And although Sweden is now facing a swathe of new and alarming social and financial challenges, the jury’s verdict is unanimous: Sweden’s experiment with socialism was a disaster – and if you look to Sweden for a role model, remember that everything good and decent that has come out of Sweden is because of laissez-faire policies and because we are a decent, hard-working people. A decent, hard-working people who sometimes suffer under questionable governments. Nothing else. Did you appreciate this personal mini-lecture on Swedish economic history? Please let me know in the comment section down below. I have a great deal to tell about the inner workings of Sweden if anyone cares to listen. If you know people who’re dabbling in socialism – ”Americans are so used to demonizing socialism that most don’t really know what it is.” please feel free to share this video, and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I consider every single mind won over from socialism and collectivism to be a duty for any lover of freedom and growth. My name is Henrik Jönsson. I succeeded as an entrepreneur in spite of socialism, not because of it. Thank you very much for watching this video.


  1. Väldigt förenklat Henrik. Narrativet haltar under allt för många generaliseringar. Nazityskland köpte inte allt för mycket av Sverige under kriget, en stor anledning till att exporten minskade närmare sjuttiotalet var att konkurrensen hårdnade igen och den stora krisen på början av 90-talet kom efrer en borgerlig regeringstid.

    För mycket att täcka på 15 minuter helt enkelt.

  2. helre en halv utopi än en heldystopi. var inte direkt politik som styrde sveriges nedgång. även om många felaktiga beslut togs så är det företagarnas ansvar i slutändan. så går det med fri marknad. företagen köps upp. jobb flyttar till billigare länder. allt för den globala elitens feta plånböcker.

  3. Still I would not want to give up the free healthcare, even if its paid by high income taxes, BTW now paying 40% myself. As Leif Östling said what do I get for that ?

  4. No country is perfect. No system is perfect. None of them ever will be. That being said, the difference between the Swedish system and the American system means that I am alive and healthy, instead of dead in a ditch because I couldn't afford a visit to the emergency room. Sweden saved my life. I'll gladly pay my taxes so it can save someone else's.

  5. men Henrik. nu var du taskig. svenska staten doppade bara stortån i socialism, riktig socialism har vi alldrig fått se. och alla försök har misslyckats. de skulle hoppat i socialism. tyvärr hadde ingen av oss fått njuta av dina videos. och om vi hadde varit vid liv är också svårt att säga

  6. Kan man swisha en slant för ett tandläkarbesök? Tråkigt att det ska påverka din annars superba stil.

  7. Jag håller med om att sverige blivit sämre men det är inte socialismens fel det är socialdemokraterna som gick med på allt nyliberalismen ville som ger all ekonomisk tillväxt till företagen på bekostnad av vanliga arbetare som tvingas ta lån på flera miljoner för att köpa en etta i sthlm finns 2 dokumentärer om det

  8. 3:41 Är inte "democratic socialism" något Bernie Sanders bara hittat på och det var socialdemokrati Sverige kallade det? Socialism är per definition uppnåd demokratisk annars är det kommunism

  9. Supervideo som alltid Henrik. Jag har bara en fråga ang det faktum att man inte fick äga sin egen telefon när du växte upp. Jag har sökt lite men hittar ingen källa på det påståendet, jag tvivlar starkt på att du bara skulle slänga ut dig något ogrundat. (eftersom du är en av de seriösaste youtuber jag följer) skulle du kunna länka dina källor? 🙂

  10. Vem är Henrik? Hur kan han ens avgöra vad som är sanningen? Låter som egna tolkningar och Wikipedia

  11. Jag är född 91. Min farfar jobba på televerket. Aldrig förstått innan vad det ens va för något. Detta var väldigt intressant. Tycker jag som född 91 borde känna till mer saker. Dock är det trevligt att se någon helt annan påtala varför Sverige var så rikt. Lite mer vänligt än farsans "pengakåta vidriga" osv ramsor dock.

  12. Jättebra som alltid! Jag rekommenderar alla att läsa ”Sveriges väg till högskatteland”, som finns att beställa på Denna boks narrativ är likt Henriks, men bra mycket mer negativt. Faktaspäckat också.

  13. I would politely suggest looking up the pronunciation of the word entrepreneur. Especially as you often use this word to describe yourself, it will lend more credibility to yourself if you actually pronounce it properly.

    I feel as though many Swedes overcorrect their pronunciation when speaking English. The word is pronounced very similar in English as in Swedish. It’s like when I hear Swedes say “wiking”. The word is EXACTLY the same but maybe they assume that’d be too easy? Lol idk…

  14. Hello! I just watched a video or two of yours and found them very intriguing. I'm the current winner of Allt for Sverige, and I'm coming back to Sweden. I'd love to be interviewed by you if you're curious about what it's like starting a business in America. I've currently failed at 2 because of government suppression. I feel like we'd have a good interview.

  15. I dont think you convinced Bernie Sanders to not get Healthcare for all for the US and stop Military industrial complex. Maybe next video?

  16. That socialist policies at the hands of the Social Democratic Party was behind Sweden's rise from poverty to the highest income in the world is truely "the Lie of Lies".

  17. Själv förespråkar Henrik Libertarianismen , en av självklara anledningar om inte död så åtminstone tynande -ism , vore intressant och se hur många följare han skulle tappa om han för ovanlighetens skull i stället för att klanka på andra gjorde en video om sina egna extremt Liberala tankegångar ?! På det här sättet fuckar han ju alla SD:are som dyrkar honom ! 😄

  18. Its not Democratic Socialism, its Social Democracy. This you should know since you are from Sweden, Henrik. This whole video is a joke if you have read anything about this at all. I am Swedish myself, if that matters, and the amount of stuff about the Swedish model this man fails to mention is almost amusing if it wasn't for the fact that it is misleading for everyone who hasn't read up on the subject themselves. The Swedish model has its ideological roots in socialism and marxism, of course, but to brand it as "Socialism" and "socialist reforms" are stupid. Its the third way, a mixed economy. No mention of the actual parts of the Swedish model like the Partsystem, customer co-operation, state-held monopolies and keynesianism, except of course the dreaded welfare system that he blames for the """crash""" of the Swedish economy before things like the 1973 oil crisis and many other global factors. The fact that it was the liberal and conservative parties that was in charge in Sweden over the worst years of the crisis he of courses leaves out, I suppose they just happened to be in charge every singel time Swedens economy starts to suck. I guess they just have really bad luck. Funny also how Henriks skips the political chaos and the awful working conditions of the 20s and early 30s before the Social democrats rose to power. No mention of the policies of Wigfors or the Myrdahls either, weird.

    And yeah, the private sector has truly done wonders for our healthcare and school. Who doesn't love the complete car crash of a project that 
    Nya Karolinska has been? Or the great going of private schools who has worsened so many things that it is hard to list of? I could probably spend days listing bad things that system have created for all the kids who's parents didn't chose the school that gives away way higher grades than the students deserve to get the reputation as a "good school" and make more money for capitalists putting their money in Panama… And yeah, Telia of course also being great making shady deals with Central Asian dictators and other fun stuff. My father and his father before him has run a smal scale company since the 80s in Sweden, despite the horrible LAS who limits the great entrepreneurs that just moves their money abroad anyway. Cry me a river.

    tldr: Henrik is a market-liberal demagog that skips all the nuance and context that would make his super easy run down seem as dumb as it is. He does not mention vital parts of the Swedish model he criticises and makes highly controversial changes debated to this day seem utopian.

  19. Ta med frimurer /freemasons påverkan til sosialismen.. Hitler sine klubber / Hitler sine sponsorer. Dom et det mange av

  20. om du vågar så kan du väl ta och nämna sakerna S gjort för att göra sverige till en av världens bästa länder idag då …

  21. laissez-faire is deeply naïve.
    Just see how it pans out.

    Thatcher, Trump, Farage. Always "individualistic".
    Hayek. Pimp for the exploiter.

    Still, working for the common good seems the best way forward.
    As a whole.

  22. Can you please share what camera you are using to record this? The picture quality is fantastic! And thank you for your interesting take.

  23. "Det var liberalismens guldålder, laissez faire och frihandel tidens ledord. I Sverige rådde svält medan spannmålsexporten slog rekord och Londons draghästar tuggade i sig svensk havre som aldrig förr. Magnus Västerbros Augustprisbelönta Svälten: Hungeråren som formade Sverige berättar om nödåren 1867–69. "

  24. 8:18 but the social democratic party was not responsible, it's the moderate party and Geroge Soros that fucked the krona to start with

  25. @Henrik Jönsson We haven't had socialism for 30 years, but let's try to bash on the crash created by global capitalism, shall we? Ok. Sweden is the most liberally growing country in the world and is the most liberally extreme, you ignorant bastard. You're so out of lunch it's laughable. Your analysis is shit, because you cannot keep factors apart. This was weak.

    Unless you love hatred and death, which I guess you do, because you think you're a delusional winner. All who vote for "cull the weak" think they are. Guess what, you're also part of the herd. Good luck thinking you're smart in the herd, wearing a tie with your laughable disposal of money. Am I mean? Sure, sorry. But he has to snap out of these fucking delusions we can blame an ideology for our fundamental failures. It's deeper than that.

  26. As a person in the libertarian left part of the political spectrum, this video was interesting. Showed how seemlingy authoritarian socialdemokraterna were/are. This video didn't really convince me that social democracy was bad though tbh, because many of the failings of late 20th century socialdemokraterna had to do more with decisions made to make loans easier than with "the state being big". Also, to be fair, socialdemokraterna were in power already since before ww2 and kept getting elected all the way to 1976, and that's a big reason to why most of Sweden lives decently, because all the wealth made wasn't just going to the rich, like it did in for example the US, where you need to pay hundreds of dollars for prescription medicine and most people live paycheck to paycheck.

  27. Här är förklaringen till 500% ränta:

  28. From Wikipedia:

    Social democracy

    "Social democracy is a political, social and economic philosophy that supports economic and social interventions to promote social justice within the framework of a liberal democratic polity and a capitalist mixed economy."

    Democratic socialism

    "Democratic socialism is a political philosophy that advocates political democracy alongside a socially owned economy,[1] with an emphasis on self-management and democratic management of economic institutions within a market or some form of decentralised planned socialist economy."

    Huge difference!

    In the Sweden we don't like socialism either. Only the small left wing party (8 %) advocate socialism.

    For some countries they have their left wing party trying to advocate both democratic socialism and socialist democracy – like Ecuador, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Serbia, and Croatia. I'm not sure if they have a separate social democrat party, but if they don't it would be difficult to keep the party together and unified in many issues.

    In the Sweden, the existence of the social democrat party allows the huge difference in policies fall into respective party. The social democrat party is the biggest party (28 %).

  29. Missriktat att skylla på Olof Palme, han var ju ointresserad av inrikespolitik som då gick på autopilot enligt de särintressen Erlander skapat. Det var Tage Erlander 1946-69 som skrotade Folkhemmet och ersatte det med vad han kallade Det Starka Samhället., och ordet "samhälle" använder ju socialister synonymt med PK-staten. Så gott som alla myndigheter vi har idag grundades av Tage Erlander. Det var han som flerfaldigade skattetrycket, vilket ledde till 1970-talets massiva avindustrialisering,

  30. u forgot to point out that the deregulations were limited. sweden is still governed in communist/sharia style. e.g. swedish curriculum is still decided by the government and private schools are forced to follow it. u can't trash social "sciences" for more math classes. the idea behind competition in the school system is not about finding actors who can offer classes in higher demand, but who can teach the kids (brainwash) government curriculum the best. the colonial policies of swedish bureaucrats never ends. they are on a holy mission to civilize us barbarians. they are brahmins, we are dalits.

  31. What Sweden and Europa and the USA and the whole western world is really experiencing is rather basic; it’s the curse of unearned and undeserved comfort and the rot it induces in the generation that has not comprehension for how or why they have what they have, let alone how to maintain it.

    If you look, it’s visible all over when you can see it in context of history and psychology. It is essentially the archetype of the spoiled heir of Simone who worked hard and produced something good, but neglected imparting their children with the same fundamental respect, appreciation, and especially the ability to handle such unearned comfort in a healthy and humble manner. So they get involved with the wrong people, get hooked on drugs, have unsafe sexual practices, destroy, ruin, and squander everything they have for which they have absolutely zero understanding of the value of the things they took for granted and have no idea how they were produced. We are facing the reality that this is the total collapse of the civilized world, which, ironically, will tear the world of savages that are totally and utterly dependent on the civilized world down with it far more than the civilized world will ever suffer.

  32. Hej,

    Gjordes det en video angående överlämningen av namninsamlingen för att slopa skatten för public service?

  33. The reason the swedish economy crashed in the 1970s can not only be attributed to socialism. At that time most of the developed world was catching up. Sweden basically lost monopoly on many large exports.

  34. Henrik, jag uppskattar dina videos. Men angående libertarianismen, läs David Miller: "Political Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction" (2003) eller Albert Ellis: "Are Capitalism, Objectivism, and Libertarianism Religions? Yes!" (2007). Eller ännu hellre, läs min artikel "Subjektivismen i vår tid" ( ). Vi behöver inga fler ideologier som sätter griller i huvudet på folk. Istället, lär av historien och använd sunt förnuft.

  35. Sweden is not and has never been a neutral country, currently Sweden is a puppet state under imperialistic USA.

  36. Bra video Henrik.

    Jag faktiskt hade ingen aning om att det gick fel nästan från början.

    Sossarna skryter än idag hur DE byggde upp Sverige…

  37. Really fair description I must say – being a swede. Socialdemocrats ruling constantly from before WW2 until 1976 – with no interruption – established costs in the common sector that we suffer from still. Everything built to make citizens dependent on system – less and less on creating independent citizens. Entrepreneurs is more like a threat – than an asset. Better if employed and part of a labour union figthing the evil companies – and at the same time under control, not independent. And the same goes for immigration policy importing new citizens fully dependent on wellfare systems in a rate that we never saw before – and not until entire system collapse will they change this. This will be in the next 5-10 years. 

    European union built on exactly the same idea, every member country should be dependent of the "system', will suffer the same destiny now started with Brexit. Systems trying to control individuals will always go down the same route. When will we learn that full time employed politicians are bound to make individuals dependent of the system – rather than the opposite. This to ensure the politicians are needed even more. Now seing how european union try to control poland and ungary and their internal affairs and even how brittain should maintain borders towards ireland. This is how think will maintain peace in europe – a new sovjet union vibe is clearly here.

  38. Thank you, Henrik.
    This is important information!
    Here in the USA Sweden is often referred to by the left as being a perfect example of socialism.

  39. What a complete pile of Ayn Rand bullshit. All you proved was you are a sociopath who believes society needs to bend to your dreams of wealth. Screw you and the libertarian greed horse you rode in on…

  40. It’s taken over by the Muslims. You have no-go areas in your big cities. So much criminality. Whole world talks about it.

  41. The socialism in Sweden did work because of the homogenic people. The collapse started because of the MASSIMMIGRATION. How could you dont mention that?

  42. Jag är 93:a, hade ingen aning om något av allt det här…
    Men jaja, you live and you learn, tackar så mycket för ännu ett upplysande reportage!

  43. I feel like Elsa Hosk would've been a better example of a Swedish Model. But either way, thanks for putting this together. Good video.

  44. “It’s hard…” we have that in Denmark too. First of all, it’s not hard, it’s challenging, hard is waiting in the hospital, losing your home, divorcing and being very ill. Second of all, of it does get hard, it’s GOOD, because hard makes us better.

  45. It always surprises me that the always go for Sweden – the history of Sweden being possibly the best example as to exactly why socialism doesn't work.

  46. Lite ensidig analys. Du borde ju nämnt novemberrevolutionen. Krashen kom ju när vi byte från ett socialistiskt monetärt system till marknads styrt system, var ju privata banker som skapade krisen. (eller indirekt sossarna när de avreglerade kretidmarknaden, vilket kan ses rätt liberalt/borgerligt).

  47. I am Danish love Sweden and Malmoe a friend of mine owns a famous restaurant there. Happy to know that the city ok.

  48. 1,5 svenska flydde til Amerika eller utvandrade MEN DÄR FICK DOM EJ LEVA PÅ BIDRAG SOM IDAD ÅR EFTER ÅR //FUCK HÖGER SKOR

  49. Calling the policies implemented "socialist" is just inaccurate. They are liberal policies. Policies meant to tweak capitalism out of it's exploitative nature. I think this video is good evidence that liberalism does not work to eliminate the suffering under capitalism but in many cases can make it much worse. The people must own the means of production not greedy capitalists OR bloated federal governments!

  50. I challenge you to talk about your success in importing refugees from the third world into your country. I have never met a Swed who has risen to this challenge.

  51. Socialism always have been a byproduct of prosperity through entrepreneurship not vice versa. Like CO2 follows temperature and doesn’t precede it, socialism follows capitalism and doesn’t precede it. As they’ve sold the fairy tale of CO2 induced warming, they’re selling socialism induced prosperity. Both are blunt lies or at least the intentional inversion of cause and effect.

  52. Quite similar to Austria. No wonder. The guy who ran our show for 30 years was Bruno Kreisky who went to sweden before he started this social crap in Austria.

  53. Mycket missledande video. Hade du varit seriöst hade du tagit upp mycket mer i videon. Rehn-Meidner-modellen t ex. Inte en enda gång nämner du alla saker vi tar för givet idag som ALLA liberaler var emot som t ex fri sjukvård, A-kassa, förlängd betald semester etc etc etc. Vi hade 8 år av höger politik vore fint om du kunde göra en video och förklara hur det gick då. Och nej Finanskrisen vara inte i 8 hela år. Tar en vild gissning på att du gillar USAs modell, varför blir inte deras små företag stora?

  54. God bless Sweden
    Sweden is heaven
    God bless Sverige
    And god bless the Swedish people
    Love Sweden 🇸🇪 🌹❤️
    Sweden is the soul of Europe

  55. Från 1970-80 till idag så har ju en stor jävla mängd nyliberalism tillförts politiken. Kan ju förklara resultatet!

  56. Du lyckades bli en entreprenör för att staten har gett dig möjligheter till att bli det. Eller menar du att du bara har använt privata former av infrastruktur, skyddsnät, utbildning, välfärd, et cetera?

  57. So good to see someone from sweden actually taking up these questions and explaining it so that even some feministic and socialistic thinking person realise that what they believe is complete and utter rubbish! Thanks @Henrik Jönsson for this video. @Everyone else please share and like this video x1000 !

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