The cutest job in the world – Pet Sitting job tutorial

The cutest job in the world – Pet Sitting job tutorial

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Yo what’s up human! I’m gonna introduce
you one of the cutest job in the world which is Dog sitting I am in Australia And I… get this job from MadPaws This is actually my first case since I signed up after half year I never thought that I would
ever get this job but there you go It really depends on the pet owners Some would like you to stay at their place for a few hours Some will ask you to stay overnight Some will live pets at your place like a
childcare and some will just need you to walk their pets In my case the owner prepared early food earlier and had it ready for me to heat up at lunchtime these pets also have been toilet trained So I am just there providing my company Stopping them barking if there are any passing cars people or possums? While I’m here I can make food and drink tea read watch TV sleep or more drinking Everyone! backpacker animal lover or just someone looking for extra income in your free time You will find this jib posted online After I googled and compared the different company reviews online I personally chose, and recommend Madpaws and Petcloud to Australian users. They both are free and quite easy to use. Both sites have their own pet training courses and insurance policy I will quick go through both sites to show the difference Let’s talk Petcloud first! This is a RSPCA based site. What’s RSPCA? Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. It is a non-government community-based charity providing animal care and protection services. Not only in Australia but also UK. Once you register Petcloud fill in your details and then verification! The first 3 options are the most important! Give them your details and easy~~~ if you have accredited Vet Nurse Cert IV Put that in! You will have higher chances to get a job. Petcloud has the super professional courses for teaching you how to deal with pets or customers in many situations! And it is free! I guess if you are not a member of this site you will have to go to schools and pay tuition for studying this. I also strongly recommended pet owner to have a look this course it has a lot of pet care knowledge that I would never know and very useful! First, set your available dates. If you can’t work in some days. tick them off then save. The system will match up your available dates with pet owner’s requirement. After doing this you can click find job and it will search for suitable matches within a distance that you set Wow!! There is an alpaca we can look after XD Okay! That’s the basic for Petcloud. Let’s have a look at Madpaws. Everything in Madpaw is similar to Petcloud. Just a lot of simpler! Even the learning course. The website recommends you can finish it in 20 minutes. I took more than an hour because English is really not my strength. The badges are slightly different tho Just remember the most important 3 badges are here. Arrange a greet and meet to meet the pet and the owner. You want to build trust from them. Meet those pets while the owner is around They might remember your look and feel safe around you even after the owner is not there when you start the service. Pet owners should have updated their pet’s profile. Have a look Some questions that you can ask the owner if there is no information and you are not sure about it. If you feel uncomfortable or your time doesn’t match at all. Don’t confirm the booking. You can always contact the pet owner or either team through the website numbers or emails. It depends on how you do it. Please feel free to correct me if there is any wrong information! If I understand right There are 2 directions to see. You are doing it as a hobby like me. The hobby has no intention of making money and you are just having fun in your free time. Then NO need to claim for tax. If you are running it as a business. Your intent to make a profit and have consistent repeating rates. Then Yes! You do need to have an ABN and lodge the claim for tax purposes. You can check through the Hobby or Business tool I will leave those websites in the description if you still don’t understand have a look or give the tax office a call to double check. There is a friend tip As English is my second language I’m not confident to call tax office by myself You can call the translate number 13 14 50 and check if they provide translation for your language. If you haven’t had any experience or reviews just follow the original setting on the website and only active those services you can offer Or you can have a look how much the others set and decided if you want to compete or stay the same. It also depends on how many sitters in your city. Use where I live now as an example Petcloud showed 6 sitters with 4 jobs Madpaws showed 11 sitters with 0 jobs. From here you can see it is very competitive! Some pet owners might only use Petcloud and some pet owners might only use Madpaws or other websites. To build up the chance that people would notice you having multiple accounts is a good idea. If you are a pet owner and you are looking for a sitter. You can consider me or use my link to sign up the account on either site You will get $10 off for the first booking. If you are in a rush to look for someone’s help how would you feel if the person is not responding? 100% response rates make you look more friendly and reliable. this costs a bit of money however, you can get discount if you apply from either site. Why would I suggest you to get it even it is not necessary? Cause if you are a pet owner will you prefer someone who has background checked to look after your pets/family or not? And check here I’m the only person who has police check here and the searching result puts me at first which is likely to get myself more chances to get job That’s not a question Do whatever pet owner asked you to do If the pet owner asked you not to take pets out DON’T TAKE THEM OUT!! And make sure the pet doesn’t get a chance to sneak out Some pets are experienced sneak masters who would try any way to escape even not letting you notice I feel guilty if I’m eating my food on my own Human food smelled sooooo good What I do is I cooked my lunch and heat up their food at the same time. And just like looking after a baby I always use my finger to double check the temperature is fine for them to eat. Sometimes I also check if there are any hidden bones in their food which is dangerous for them to eat After eating I will do some clean up You can always do some extra work but not necessarily Just maintain the place as how it looks like from start And remember Don’t try to fed pets human food
(or anything they shouldn’t have) because their bodies are more delicate than human bodies Feed or double check with the owner what they can have! Pets are part of family to those owners You don’t want any bad situation happen under your care Take some photos with pets and send to the pet owner. This action will help the owner knowing that their pets are good and safe under your care And build a good impression Get higher chance to gain good reviews and potential repeating customers After finishing the case upload photos to your profile! Show other pet owners that you are great at your job! Do you love petting animals? Miss the feeling of have a pet? Always wanted to have a pet but you are not able to yet? Please take your time to enjoy the happiest moment and wait to get pay after! Thanks for watching! You all are the best. If there is any incorrect information or anything you would like to tell me something please leave the comment below Love Peace And remember Subscribe me if you want to see more content like this. I will leave all my info down below the description box. I will see you in next video!

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    00:52 What did I do over here?

    01:52 Who suits this job?

    02:13 Where can I get this kind of job?

    2 sites that I’m using:

    02:45 Petcloud

    04:34 Madpaws

    05:07 I have got a booking! What should I do?

    05:57 Do I need to pay tax for this job?

    07:13 Tips for getting a job or repeating customers?

    10:54 Photos & Enjoying

    (Subtitles available, English and the traditional Chinese to choose)

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