The Community of Mountain Biking

The Community of Mountain Biking

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my role in the community as a bike mechanic and working in a bike shop over the last six years has been I guess a mentoring role not just making these bikes run from day to day but also teaching people how they work and things that they can do to maintain and improve their bikes and also then improve their writing so that can be from taking them to new locations and practicing certain sections that they otherwise would have felt I guess a little bit nervous or not as confident on so that you know next time we're out there we go and ride somewhere that we've never ridden before over the years emmalin's been really helpful with supplying bikes and other equipment and really recently has been quite good motivating us to get out for rides and we do a weekly ride with him so when I started riding it was just really great going into the bike shop having someone that's really supportive you know helping me get out on my first bike that was suitable for the stuff I wanted to ride and then you know he was he was always there when I had issues with my bike and he also showed me around to a lot of the local trails and he helped me with any issues I had look watching young people they can bring to the form of mountain biking is as fantastic as a father now and having I guess two two boys that are following in my footsteps it's really rewarding the sense of adventure that they get from mountain biking the level of skill did they acquire and therefore years to to do racing or different levels of mountain biking is really a rewarding thing for me to watch it was it gives them such is again I guess I love riding with these guys because they give me a little bit free energy you know I kind of soak it up off them they have so much love and I guess what they want to get out of mountain bike riding isn't just about the racing or isn't just about you know the writing but it's that community that they're amongst not just at the shop with me or with their friends on the track but for them through social media and for them you know looking forward I think it'll help in their sense of activity and really become very outdoors style people that enjoy just recycling and the writing community of Adelaide has been super supportive for me um they've pointed out some things that are I need to learn from things like um how to replace back wheels and that kind of stuff and having bad parts and all the new terminology and like everything it's just opened up a whole new world for me so yeah the Adelaide mountain bike community is really helpful and races and other events you'll always be able to find someone to help you out if you've got any problems you've got someone to ride with and if you see someone on the trail you can like say hi and you pretty much friends from there the writing community Adelaide's it's really great it's super supportive they're always you know there's always people there to show you and you chose teaching your tricks and help you out if you're in any trouble you just get such a buzz out of being part of that community from weekend weekend yeah you


  1. Great video – thanks for sharing 😉 Adelaide really does have a great riding community and also awesome trail networks.

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