The Big Lebowski – I’m the Dude Scene (3/12) | Movieclips

The Big Lebowski – I’m the Dude Scene (3/12) | Movieclips

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Uh, well, sir,
it’s, uh, This rug I have. It really tied
the room together. Uh– You told brandt on
the phone, he told me. Where do I fit in? Well, uh, they were– They were looking
for you, these 2 guys. Uh– I’ll say it again. You told brandt on
the phone, he told me. I know what happened.
Yes? Yes? Oh, so you know that They were trying
to piss on your rug? Did I urinate
on your rug? You mean, did you
personally come And pee on my rug? Hello! Do you
speak english, son?Parla usted ingles?I’ll ask you again.
Did I urinate on your rug? No, like I said,
woo peed on my rug. I just want to
understand this, sir. Every time a rug
is micturated upon In this fair city, I have
to compensate the person– Come on, man, I’m not trying
to scam anybody here. Uh, you know,
I–I was just– You were just
looking for a handout Like every other… Are you employed,
mr. Lebowski? Uh, wait, let me– Let me explain
something to you. I am not mr. Lebowski.
You’re mr. Lebowski. I’m the dude. So that’s
what you call me, You know, uh, that
or, uh, his dudeness, Or, uh, duder, or, you
know, uh, el duderino, If you’re not into
the whole brevity thing. Are you employed, sir? Employed? Ha ha. You don’t go out
looking for a job Dressed like that,
do you, on a weekday? Is this a–
what day is this? Well, I do work, sir. So if you don’t mind– No, I do mind. Uh, the dude minds. This will not stand,
you know. This aggression
will not stand, man. I mean, your wife owes– My wife is not
the issue here! I hope that
someday my wife Will learn to live
on her allowance, Which is ample,
but if she does not, That is her problem,
not mine, Just as the rug
is your problem, Just as every bum’s
lot in life Is his own
responsibility, Regardless of who
he chooses to blame. I didn’t blame anyone
for the loss of my legs. Some chinaman took them
from me in korea. But I went out
and achieved anyway. Ha ha ha. I cannot solve
your problems, sir, Only you can. Oh, fuck it. Oh, fuck it. Yes, that’s your answer. That’s your answer
to everything. Tattoo it
on your forehead. Your revolution is
over, mr. Lebowski! Condolences! The bums lost! My advice to you is to do
what your parents did! Get a job, sir! The bums will always lose! Do you hear me,
lebowski?! The bums
will always lose! How was your meeting,
mr. Lebowski? Ok. The old man told me to
take any rug in the house. Well, enjoy, And perhaps we’ll see you
again sometime, dude. Yeah, sure, uh, if I’m
in the neighborhood,


  1. How hard is it to explain to him that the goons have mistaken him for Lewbowski and would like him to compensate for the rug?

  2. The dialogue is so good in this movie. You can look at any single line from any character and it will almost always be perfectly representative of their personality and character. Every one of them has a distinct, entertaining way of speaking that just makes them so memorable.

  3. 👋Hello, I am a random insignificant meaningless comment written by an equally insignificant human whose name is Irrelevant.

    Have a nice day, fellow humans. 😄

  4. verbformalpast tense: micturated; past participle: micturatedurinate."she became unable to go out for more than about ten minutes without having to micturate"Origin: Uptight British with clenched buttocks that wore white wigs and burned crosses.

  5. “The bums will always lose! Do you hear me Lebowski?! THE BUMS WILL ALWAYS LOSE!!!” … kills me every time.

  6. Озвучка от гоблина лучше. Ему надо перевести этот фильм с английского на английский

  7. whenever someone calls me sir I tell them why do you have to call me dirty names for that sir stuff is for tax paying citizens me I'm the dude so that's what you call me that or duder or dudester or his dude ness or El dude arino

  8. " He's not a dude, you're a dude… This is a man… "

    – Drax

    And then in 'Endgame', Thor became The Dude.

  9. If you don't know war history that line will throw you off, they also had Russian fighter pilots fly their plans in battle as well, facts! Slick line to the blind ear!

  10. What I don’t get is why does the dude throw away his original rug? Simply because it was pissed on? Did he not consider a rug doctor cleaning system?

  11. So many scenes never tire or go stale in this gem of a movie. Must have watched it ten times by now. Don’t watch it for a year and then go back to it. It’s almost as good as the first time.

  12. This is truly a failure to communicate. Seriously, how hard is it to explain to him that thugs have mistook him for Jeffrey on account that they have the same last name and he would like for him to compensate for his troubles?

  13. Hollywood love to demonise the hero and make the villain the hero I mean presenting this old guy who lost his legs in vietnam as an ashole and presenting this drug taking zero moral backbone man into a hero,its only rich spoiled brats who can live like that anyway.Smoking dope and not working even at 40, and yes thats like a fact not just my opinion man.

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