Technology in Education: A Future Classroom

Technology in Education: A Future Classroom

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Daniel Nemroff Presents Technology in Education: A Future Classroom


  1. Daniel this is amazing! Creative and looks like a whole team of editors worked on it. I wish school was actually like that.

  2. I would love for every child to have 2 tablets 1 for home and a second for school. At home to allow them to see a lesson that was taught that day. All books could be loaded on the tablet which could eliminate heavy backpacks, papers, just junk in general.

  3. Still students in rows of desks. The technology was innovative and futuristic, the classroom structure traditional. The outside scenery in the first shot looked so inviting for exploration.

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  5. wow! such a great classroom if ever . . . so amazing kids wouldn't be boring and no more drop outs for sure. kids will always be excited to go to school and technology nowadays really attracts the learners to go to school. nice video!

  6. Technology is playing an increasing role in education. As technology advances in schools like (, it is used to benefit students of all ages in the learning process. Students use computers to create presentations and use the Internet to research topics for papers and essays, pan boards, touch boards or more. Technology has undoubtedly improved the scope of education and through this there will be more technological advancements.

  7. awesome video guys .. I used it twice for my English language classroom, it i good enough to show to my students in the classroom. they will be aware of the use of technology itself. let's introduce the future classroom to our children start now!! 

  8. This can help to speed up certain aspects of education

  9. You cannot predict the future of all schools. Some schools will be integrating technology while other schools will wait until students are 14 to integrate technology. What evidence is there that all students learn or retain more information when they are using technology?

  10. Would this not be amazing if the children of today could have access to technology such as this? Physical computers would be extinct. All you would have to do to check in is to carry a piece of glass that has all your information on it, lay it upon a special table that reads it and poof, you have been acknowledged as present at work, school, and any other place that is necessary. Amazing! How long until we can expect to see this technology in the works? Soon I hope!

  11. this is crap.  Its just iphone on every imaginable surface.  Doesn't even address the core essence of education which involves hands one exp, team work, leadership, and self-motivation

  12. Thanks for sharing. Looks amazing. But still interesting to see that with all the advanced technology, the teacher still teaches frontal and standing in front of the class …

  13. Cool gadget is not a future of education. It is just better scrapbook. I do understand the film as a work piece, and it is great, but I think future education will be really different than just 3D iPhone

  14. Gadget of the future in educational spaces of past centuries…And the big master of knowledge is still standing behind is desk…

  15. Without a doubt the technology of the future will surpass our imagination and be a great help for teachers, but I believe there will be drastic changes in teaching, caluculators will replace the traditional methods of caluculating mathmatics, the same will happen with other áreas , as information is available immediately (as with cell phones) . Teachers will teach where to find the information rather than how to use it.

  16. This slickly produced video perpetuates the mistaken belief that technology will somehow save education. The history of 20th and 21st century education is littered with faddish trends that in the long term had little impact on the essence of a good educational experience. It amounts to so much gadgetry – a technocratic stance in an antiseptic classroom that looks like an Apple Store.. Khan Academy started with one guy, a webcam and a white board. So much for high tech.

  17. Me gusta y se demuestra que a pesar de las nuevas tecnologías o lo avanzadas que nos llegan, el maestro siempre estará ahí para orientar los procesos pedagógicos por medio de lo que le falta a la máquina: la reflexión y la comprensión de los significados dentro de una situación contextual propia de cada estudiante…

  18. Advanced education will be a supertrend of the future, like nanotech, robotic and spaceexploration.

  19. nice video – not sure about the continuing use of the QWERTY style keyboard- especially when you consider the origins of why the keyboard is styled the way that it is.

  20. This video may use new technologies but the didactic teaching style is still evident with teacher-led instruction of the past.

  21. This is an awesome video! although maybe instructors might not be the ones explaining if there is the possibility of holograms? Maybe they can use an expert in the related fields and teachers can be support for questions and discussion

  22. In the SAMR model, this is all beautiful augmentation but no modification or redefinition whatsoever. Instruction must change, technology is useless without and deep change in the instruction.

  23. I think that it is very important to use the techology in the classroom, nowadayas students like to use and learn more. it helps us that students learn better.

  24. Technology in the classroom has led to increase student achievement and engagement in most cases if used appropriately.
    Check out this blog post about the role of technology in education

  25. This video is an indicator of where technology can take us; but challenges the educational delivery system that brings these ideas to the student.

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  27. How do you feel about this perspective on the classroom of the future? Do you think gamified learning would get students excited about school? What role do you think teachers would play in a tech-fuelled classroom? Share your thoughts below!

  28. Great video. But this "future" classroom shows today's learning methods (teacher talk + students taking notes). The only significant change is the furniture.

  29. A classroom shouldn't be "tech-fuelled". Technology should be used to support learning. The teachers role is more of a facilitator.

  30. Really interesting video. Certainly technology will surely have it's place in education. It will help people grow what they know and come up with their own new software/programs.

  31. Everyone well humanity is so hyper focused on new cutting edge technology what about countries that don’t even have food,tech, and don’t even have a guarantee to clean water! We gotta focus on helping other countries and places to get them up to date and then we can finally get on this stuff.

  32. Boriiiiing… Evolution of technology without evolution of method. Future schools will for sure use vr games, to start with.

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  34. lt is really amazing… By this technology every student's grasping power will increase and it also looks interesting to see that .With all this advance technology teacher still teaches student by standing infront of class….

  35. we should adapt our teaching strategies and methods to the tech changes because what i have seen in my career is traditional education with new tools ( smart board- tablets- net-…)

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