Stepparents & Stepkids Play Truth or Drink (Saveara & Jose) | Truth or Drink | Cut

Stepparents & Stepkids Play Truth or Drink (Saveara & Jose) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– So, if your mom or dad
wasn’t in the picture, would you date me? – I mean, no. I’ve seen a picture of your balls before. – Oh what. – Too pale for me. My name is Saveara. – My name’s Jose. I am Saveara’s step-dad. – I’m 22. – I’m 34. – How old is Mom, 38? – She’s 38, she’ll be 38 this year. – She likes ’em young. Our relationship is not
traditional, I don’t think so. I think we’re more like friends. – I’d say yes. – Because Mom and I are
not like mom and daughter, we’re cool with each other. – I’ll go first. Have you ever heard me and your mom… – Yes, have sex. Many times. (Jose laughs) You guys always decided
to fuck in the morning when I was going to get ready for school. (Jose laughs) She’s got like a little raspy voice to it. I don’t want to do it. Okay. – Alright. – Has my other parent
caused you a lot of trouble? Has my mom cause him trouble? ‘Cause my dad’s not in the picture. – [Producer] Oh. – And I’ve never met him. – Eight years together, you’re gonna go through some things, but uh. – What is the worst fight
you and Mom has ever had? – Worst fight is actually
getting stuff thrown at you where you’re dodging. – Tabasco bottle.
– More like a Tabasco bottle. – And a black eye. – Or a thick thick
piece of (mumbles) yeah. – Remember, I punched her. – Oh god. – I punched my Mom in the face. – Fall through to that. – My mom, she’s a little fireball. – Mommy got a little too woohoo. (laughs) – Yeah, she likes her wine. – Alright, do I take up too
much of your Mom’s time? – There’s so many times where he goes, your mom’s crazy, and I’m like, I know. You can have all of that time with her. (Jose laughs) What’s the meanest thing you’ve
ever said about me to Mom? – Meanest thing? – You’ve probably said some
fucked up shit about me. Mom said that you said
I have a pizza face. (Jose laughs) I’m drinking. – That’s just not funny. (laughs) – So messed up. You, Mom, Grandma, always
talk shit about my face. – Have you ever stolen from me? – No, but I’ve stolen from Mom. – Ahh. – You know that jar that you guys had? With all your lube inside it? I’ve stolen all the coins out of there. You guys used to leave your fucking lube on the counter.
– C’mon now. – Oh that was the wrong
word to say come on now. – And the lube is all over the table. (Jose laughs) So gross. Have you ever had a threesome with Mom? – What? (both laugh) – I don’t think Mom would let you do that. (both laugh) – So, if your mom or dad
wasn’t in the picture, would you date me? – Um, no, I’ve seen a
picture of your balls before. – Oh what. – Too pale for me. My mom showed me. (producer laughs) – I guess I was (mumbles) down, they were tucked under here. It wasn’t really a good sight. It was bad, but I sent
it to her, of course, and she had it on her wallpaper
for… Nah I’m just… (both laugh) – What is the one thing
you would change about me? I know the answer, so
you better answer right. – And what’s that? – Probably that I come around more. – Took the words right out of my mouth. It’s better with you there. You keep the balance. – Yeah, I think it’s
always us tag-teaming her. – It’s tough. – She says the funniest things. I’m always like, the fuck did you say? – No filter at all. – Are you drunk? – I’m not drunk. – You’re like. – I’m good. – I’ll take another one. So listen, he tells me
really fucked up shit. One time, I wasn’t speaking
to them for how long, three years, he hits me up and he goes, I have a really funny story to tell you. Me and your mom were doggy stylin’ it, and my (bleep) just like
bent on her (bleep). – Come to find out, doctor said, pretty much in layman’s
terms, you have a broke dick. It was a funny story
at the time, I thought. And how we had troubles. It was funny.
– It’s a great story. (classical music) (applause) – Do you want me to lift yo up? – Yeah yeah yeah, carry me, no it’s good. – Dude I’m a power lifter. I can lift you. – I bet you could. I’ll be at the gym every day. – [Producer] Ciao dogs.


  1. Shes the product of a teen pregnancy gone wrong. failed parenting because the "mom" treat her more like a best friend. Getting punched in the face by her daughter, the daughter says she loves her wine, and showing your daughter your mans balls??!!! Smfh you can tell the whole family is fucked up. She even mentions the granfmother talking shit about her face…

  2. I don’t get why people are weirded out by these two. Ya they have a very open relationship but who cares? They clearly are happy as a family, Cut may have been trying to steer this in a certain direction for views but in general since they’re both pretty young, they seem to be close to a healthy degree tbh

  3. Some of these questions are so wrong… like asking your step kid if the parent wasn’t around would you date me? That’s so wrong.

  4. This guy makes me cringe…..her mother has serious problems to be with a guy like this 😢I can judge no one but I rather be lonely for the rest of my life than to ever being another men into my children's life

  5. ya needa chill with the question with certain ppl yo … have some damn respect… some of these questions cringy asf

  6. Lol everyone talking so much shit. Your families are probably just as fucked up, y'all just go on being naive about it. Sorry you're not close enough with you siblings to be honest with each other.

  7. Anyone else who doesn't find this relationship awkward or weird at all? Like yeah some of the questions are weird but it was very clear from the start that they weren't the traditional family. I mean, her mom had her at 15. She explained that they're more of friends that parents/stepparents. Sooo given that standard i don't find the relationship weird at all. Idk, or i could just be watching too much trashy tv lmao

  8. i don’t think that their relationship is… wrong, to be honest?? like she said in the beginning, they have a very different relationship than what people would consider “normal” and tbh,, it doesn’t seem like they’ve ever done anything, they’re just close.

  9. Watched her other video and was like "Why is she like that? Why, like… why?
    Oh boi, little did I know…

  10. Even though they don’t have traditional family values I don’t think their relationship is wrong. Her mom obviously treats her more like a friend then a daughter and I know a few people like that.

  11. I actually love this. I feel like they were really honest and able to talk about sex without having any weirdness or sexual tension about it.

  12. If someone asked me if I’d get with my step father I’d be offended and just all around grossed out. He raised me since I was four that’s my dad. I love how there are no boundaries in this game but that one is to far.

  13. The "date me" question and their relationship in general is the kinda stuff Pornhub is founded on. One more shot and this could easily be titled "Stepdad bangs hot Asian stepdaughter"

  14. Well his wife seems like very wild but don’t they seems happy? I want that relationship with my dad that i can talk about shit to him. One day.

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