Skillopedia – 09 tips to ace your next job interview – Job Interview Skills

Skillopedia – 09 tips to ace your next job interview – Job Interview Skills

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Well hello and welcome to yet another lesson
and today’s lesson is gonna prove to be very valuable for you. It’s all about tips to,
Ace your job interview. That’s right, I’m Rima and I’m gonna be with you, I’m gonna
talk about these fabulous tips that you can use to ace your job interview and come out
with flying colors and land your dream job. So the first tip to ace your job interview
is obviously, Get the interview. Now if you don’t have an interview lined, there’s no
way you’re going anywhere to give an interview, so the first thing to do is to make a list
of the organizations or companies that you want to work with and check with them, you
know whether there is a relevant opening or you could even send out your resume to them
on email or via mail and wait for their response, so if you take the action of contacting the
relevant companies and organizations, that’s when they are gonna get in touch with you
and invite you for an interview. So the first step is of prime importance. First get the
interview. Now the second tip to
ace your job interview is, Rock the resume. That’s right, Now imagine you sent out your resume to the company that you really, really
want to work for, but they just don’t like you. Meaning they don’t like you on paper,
coz your resume is drab, boring and dull and it does not describe, how fantastic and efficient
you can be as an employee, which means you are in trouble, so the first thing to do is
make sure that your resume just rocks. So in order to make your resume rock, what you
have to do is, you have to keep it simple, brief to the point at the same time, It should
actually list out and describe all your achievements and important qualities that you want the
employer to notice. And once you’re sure that your resume absolutely rocks, which means
It’s short, simple, crisp and efficient just let it fly. Well, moving on I have the next tip for you
and this one is a little bit tedious, coz it is, Prepare, prepare and prepare. That’s
right preparation is important, preparation is key and preparation well ahead of time
is also very important, so if you’re going for an interview and if you’ve given the date
and the time, what you need to do is start preparing right away. So when I say prepare,
I actually mean you need to list out on paper a list of your valuable qualities, the one’s
that you would like to highlight, while talking in the interview. You would also want to list
out important points and important achievements related to the company that you’re interviewing
with, so that when you meet your, you know your potential boss or interviewer, you actually
appeared very, very clued in about what the company is all about? And you appear very,
very interested. And it doesn’t matter, if you burn the midnight oil, when you’re preparing,
coz trust me It’s gonna pay off , when you land your dream job. So don’t forget prepare,
prepare and prepare. Up next another tip for you in order to ace
your job interview super, duper important. Make a killer first impression. That’s right
now imagine you’ve gotten lucky and you’ve actually got your interview lined up. What
you going to do about it? You have to make sure that you’re making the best possible
first impression, because first impressions are very long lasting, so you have to definitely
make sure that you’re showing up on time. In fact if you show up before time and you
wait, you know to be called in for the interview that will show the employer that you value
the employers time and are quite earnest too keen to work with the company. Now the next
thing you could do and you must do is make sure you’re extremely professionally and very
well dressed at that, so that when the employer meets you, you know you actually give out
a fantastic positive vibe, because who doesn’t want positive people in their company. Right?
And the third thing you should do is, you should watch you body language, so when you’re
sitting down for your interview, you don’t want to be pondering, lost in your own world,
you don’t want to be slouching, like you’re lazy, bored or tired. You want to appear alert,
but not over alert, so be very careful and maintain that balance and if at all you end
up shaking hands with your employer, make sure It’s a firm, positive handshake. So yes
first impressions do count and make sure you make a killer one. And the next tip on my list, which will help
you definitely ace your dream job interview is, Tackle the tough questions. Now don’t
expect each interview of yours to be like you know a walk in the garden or a cake walk.
Sometimes the employer or your potential employer is going to throw some tough questions at
you, make sure you’ve prepared well, so that you’re able to field off and handle these
questions very well and make a positive impression. Like for example, Your potential employer
might ask you, So why is it that you quit your last job? Now don’t go and say something
like, I could not take my boss anymore, which is why I ran for my life, coz that will make
you appear very unprofessional. You could say something like, I have been wanting to
explore new horizons and new opportunities for a while now and I thought it was time.
Coz if you answer in this manner, It actually shows you in a positive light, It shows that
you are passion-ed about your work and quite ambitious. So make sure, you make a list of
the potential tough questions that might be thrown at you in an interview and you have
positive well prepared answers for these and also when you’re giving the answers make sure
you don’t sound like you’re reading out of a book, coz then the employers gonna know
that you had this is in your mind already, just make it sound natural and positive and
friendly. So yes that tip is very important, Tackle the tough questions become a pro at
it. Now another important tip, If you really want
to ace your job interview is Use the question mark, That’s right, so well definitely you’re
gonna have a lot of questions thrown at you, but in the end they might ask you something
like, So do you have any questions for us? And if you just sit back and say, Hmm no nothing,
I’m good. It shows you in a slightly, you know too casual sort of a light. You might
want to have one or two key questions prepared to ask your potential employer, coz again
that will make you come off as interested and completely clued in about your role in
the company, so you could probably ask them something related to the role that you’re
going to take up like, I would like more information on what are the key responsibility areas of
my job profile? So now once you ask them something like this, It’s a conversation point. There’s
no conversation going to happen, the employers going to get to know you better. At the same
time you’re gonna appear very interested and clued in, so make sure you don’t forget to
use a question mark. Now the next tip that I’m gonna share with
you is very valuable. It’s called, Serve the good dish. Now imagine, If you’re going to
a restaurant, you obviously order the good dish, the delicious one and not the not so
good dish, Right? Similarly in front of your employer, you will want to mention all your
good qualities, all your valuable assets, which will prove a benefit to the company.
So now while describing your own qualities, make sure you’re not sounding like you’re
showing off or like you’re boosting, but at the same time, do not show yourself in a negative
light. Make sure you’re talking about yourself confidently and positively. When you’re honest,
confident and positive and most importantly when you’re convinced, whatever you’re saying
is actually the truth, that’s when the employer is going to get convinced to hire you for
your dream job. So remember make sure you serve the good dish and highlight all your
positive qualities without appearing arrogant or overconfident. Now the next thing I want to tell you, which
is a great tip that I think everybody must remember, If they wish to ace their job interview
is, Follow up but do not stuck. That’s right, so once you’re interview is over and you’ve
taken leave and come back home, don”t think that your work or your job is done. You need
to follow up with the company or with the interviewer to know the results of your interview,
because most probably your interviewer is going to be busy and depending on the urgency
of hiring, he may or may not get in touch with you quickly, but your job is not done,
make sure you’re following up and that too following up in the right manner, which means
you cannot keep calling them everyday insistently , you cannot keep emailing them continuously,
coz that would amount to stalking and trust me, you’re never going to land that job, but
the important thing is, what you need to do is, you need to keep in touch with a sense
of dignity and professional distance, so you can send one email, you know which starts
with a Thank you note and then inquiring as to what they thought of you as a prospective
candidate for the job or else you could also send a small hand written thank you note,
coz that’s kind of old school, but yes that could earn you a lot of points or else a text
message just inquiring, If they have made up their mind or a phone call, but I think
If you’re going to call up, you should definitely wait at least a week before talking to your
potential employer, because you don’t want to come across as over eager and desperate
for the job. So make sure your’e doing the follow up, but not stalking. Now the last tip in my list for today in order
to ace your dream job interview is, In case and it could happen, In case It’s a no go
look ahead. That’s right. So if it happens you know that you don’t get hired for that
particular job, the first thing to do is not loose hope. Always look ahead, start once
again from action number one, which means sending out your resume one more time to a
different employer and start trying your luck again, coz trust me there is always light
at the end of the tunnel. And also one more important thing that you can do is you can
actually ask this potential employer, who did not hire you, As to why you were not hired?
So if at all, you frankly ask the feedback and trust me there are many helpful people
out there, who will give you frank feedback, take that feedback with a pinch of salt, but
remember that you can make improvements and ace the next interview that’s coming your
way. Well, It’s time for me Rima to take your leave
and this is the end of today’s lesson. I hope you now feel very, very confident and equipped
to ace your dream job interview. In case you want access to more such lessons make sure
you subscribe to our channel. In case you want to add some more tips or talk to me make
sure you write in the comment box below. I’m gonna catch you very soon. Till then be confident
and ace that interview.


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