Shoreline Community College: a Great Choice for International Students

Shoreline Community College: a Great Choice for International Students

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[ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] Located in the beautiful
Northwest region of the US in Washington State,
Shoreline Community College is just minutes away
Downtown Seattle, a vibrant and
multicultural city. Many well-known companies,
such as Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, and Starbucks
have their headquarters or major employment
centers near Seattle. There are countless
festivals, sporting events, and other activities that
take place in Seattle throughout the year. The famous and iconic Space
Needle, Pike Place Market, and Seattle Art Museum are
among the city’s treasures. For those who really
enjoy nature and also want to be close to the
excitement of a major city, there’s no place like Seattle. Our students really love it. It’s a great place
to live and to study. Students here at
Shoreline are going to have an exceptional
experience, something that’s really going to be
transformative in their lives. Shoreline offers a variety
of programs to its students, including 2 plus 2 University
Transfer, High School Completion Plus, English
as a Second Language, and professional and
technical programs. International students can
choose from more than 90 fields of study, including business,
computer science, engineering, biology, and chemistry. For those looking to transfer
to a four-year school, Shoreline offers a
guaranteed pathway to many universities
and the freedom to apply to the
university of your choice. 2 plus 2 means you spend your
first two years at Shoreline, gathering college credits to
earn an associate’s degree. When added to two more
years at a university, you earn a bachelor’s degree. Shoreline graduates have
a history of acceptance to prestigious schools, from
the University of Washington to more than 170
universities across the US. One of the unique
options at Shoreline is our High School Completion
Plus program, also known as our early college program. Highly motivated students
who are at least 16 years old can take classes that count both
towards their US high school diploma plus an
associate’s degree, saving up to two years of time
as they complete high school and achieve two years
of college credits that can be transferred to
their four-year university. For students who
need to study English before taking college
courses, Shoreline offers an excellent English
as a Second Language, or ESL, program. Our student union
building houses the International
Education Department, where students are able to meet
with advisors and other staff to get the help
they need to succeed at Shoreline and beyond. In the first week of
the orientation program, you are able to meet an
advisor and try to come up with a two-years academic plan. And it really
ensures that you take all of the prerequisite
classes you need for transfer and all of the credits
you need for graduation. Shoreline Community College is
a vibrant and diverse campus where students enjoy a range
of services and programs to support their success. In addition to on-campus
employment opportunities, Shoreline also offers a
number of ways to get engaged. There are so many ways
you can get engaged and be involved in the Shoreline
Community College. You can attend different events. If you’re a performer,
you could even apply to join the talent show. If you’re into making
different robots or if you’re into
technology, you can join our engineering
club, who are competing in different competitions. If you’re a business major
and you want to get involved, you can join the DECA program. And as long as you want to
engage, as long as you want to grow, as long as you
want to challenge yourself, all you need to do is take
these different opportunities in the college and you’re
going to have a great journey. Still have questions? Find the answers online,
send us an email, or visit us on social media. We look forward to
seeing you here.

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