SAP Successfactors Employee Central Training Online Videos 1 Call: +91-8297923103

SAP Successfactors Employee Central Training Online Videos 1 Call: +91-8297923103

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What is SAP Successfactors Employee Central Difference between SAP HCM and SAP Successfactors Employee Central Prerequisites to learn SAP Successfactors Employee Central How to do SAP Successfactors Employee Central Certification SAP Successfactors Modules like Employee Central SAP Successfactors overview and Employee Central Successfactors let’s start with a demo I’ll just give
you an idea of what is Successfactors basically and I’ll tell you some
differences between SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors in general okay so
let’s consider that we have a company so let’s start with that so let’s assume
that we have a company say that the company’s name is ABCDE so there are a
lot of things a lot of data particularly associated with the company for instance
consider we are starting this company so the company is going to be put up in a
particular location it is actually started to implement a certain
functionality and then there are going to be Lord of data that is associated
with a functionality in since consider the company’s manufacturing company so
it’s going to manufacture some things so there will be Lord of stuffs with
related to that data which includes what all items are manufactured in what
quantity are they manufactured how many has gone out how many has come in the
entire statistical data place we also have employees data because one please
not about or once we start speaking about the company who is going to work
in the company employees employees are the people who are going to work on a
company so how does how do the process actually start the process actually
starts from recruitment which is finding suitable candidates to fulfill our needs
to work in our organization and once the recruitment process will go people come
and join so once they join they have some personal data associated with them
so it could be their bank address or means I have a bank account or their
personal address so bank account is essential because we will have to do the
task force and addresses it once we made them some communication
lights and there would be a lot of personal information related to the data
I mean related to the letter to the person which is going to be stored on to
the system and this is his data or the employees data what can also happen is
that the employee will undergo Lord of processes when he’s with a company like
he may undergo some training he may he may have an appraisal that takes place
every year to see how much he has worked for the last year and there could be
something like he could get compensated for whatever he has done for the last
year and then he could swallow a particular time factor in it in which he
works like some some of them can work on a generalship some of them will work on
a morning shift again they can get paid payroll they can get paid for whatever
they whatever they work and the payroll itself is a separate process when
different categories of people can get different salaries and the confidence
that they get will also be different let’s say we are starting a company we
need to maintain all these things so this particular data maintenance is
eased with the help of si PE RP tool so ASAP initially ASAP itself is an ERP
tool which you know ERP stands for enterprise resource planning and this
ERP was very much helpful in maintaining all these stuffs in one place so we’re
very much initially it was like all of these were implemented separately like
it mean it was not through a single domain or it was not through a single
interface they were maintained right right whatever the companies felt we’re
best for compensation they used for that whatever they felt best for recruitment
so like that they were using so they wanted to bring it onto a single
platform that is ERP ERP is nothing but it is a package in that package you have
all these which could be configured in the way
that we wanted to work that is we might say that we want employees to work on
gender Schiffman and she and I chip this you can configure I want the payroll to
have five components for a general shift for for a morning shift three for nitro
pious I want appraisal to happen differently for different categories of
people whatever the company wants to store however the sister company wants
the data to be processed however he wants the however the business want the
history to be a three everything is possible to be maintained and cracked
through this ERP so SAT is an ERP tune it mainly focuses on this an SI p hits
IAM this is a tool which is used to maintain the HR related activities of
the organization which include the data of the company and that of the employee
so hits iam is an all premised solution so by means off and on to my solution
you mean to say that see all these are basically data this data will be stored
on what is called as database database is something which is used to store the
data my means of on Chrome ice do you mean that this database will be
maintained by us that is the company implementing si P will be the ones who
take care of maintaining this database apart from that they will also take care
of upgrading it at regular intervals taking care of the security and any
anything related to the maintenance will be upon the business who is doing the
implementation so that was a drawback which led to the implementation or which
led to the transition to a cloud-based solution which is success factors so
this had got transitioned into success factors because success factors is cloud
so the means of Klong you mean to say that
are maintaining all these online you don’t maintain this that’s right that’s
right aap SuccessFactors it’s a cloud solution
where in all these database everything will be maintained by ASAP on our behalf
but the ideology is still there you could still configure the system to
work in a way that you want that the entire functionality is still possible
but what we are overcoming here is the maintenance upgrade part which people
didn’t want to do which they wanted it to handover it to somebody else with
somebody itself was hit ap so people started looking for a cloud-based
solution an example is you Gmail consider Gmail how do we use what we we
have our username we have a password we need internet we have Google drive’s
where we can upload our documents and how are they accessing it yes with
internet plus credentials and what are we storing on them we store some
documents can we retrieve it at any place yes
do we need do is we do we have to store the data into our servers no we don’t
have to store anything so that is an example or that is what are the SE p
success factors all about it is a cloud solutions for the HR aspects of an
organization so the main difference between is ap hits Neum and sa p success
factors is that s AP hits IAM is an entre my solution s AP was is best and
still is its best at giving the HR solutions to companies but only thing is
that initially it was all on promise now things are moving into cloud because of
the advantages advantages in cloud for our success factors is completely
non-technical and it’s made much much user-friendly there is no coding and all
there is no technical consultants at all with success factors it’s entirely
functional the technical and functional consultants of
say potassium are now just consultants and success factors and another yet tell
me you had something go ahead yeah go ahead we will be there just making it yeah be
would be getting the requirements from the business as to how exactly they want
the system to behave and work and that configuration we would be doing it same
thing whatever we see him yeah whatever we were doing with it sim same thing
solely thing we’ll start with calcium it is more technical way we go to
transaction codes we do the configurations here it’s online and
select its cloud you log into your portal you do the configuration no no no
you don’t have if you are well used to use Google or gmail like you can you
success purpose it’s as simple as that and moreover the main thing is that SFA
is providing it support now for ACP its iam but it is not for a long time it’s
only for some 10 years mode that sa P is going to provide it supports to hit cm
so after that it is not going to provide any support to hit cm which means let’s
say you want to implement something which is not at all there which ACP has
to come into picture that help ACP will not extend for HTM it is completely
migrating into cloud so because of these reasons what has happened is already all
the companies who have implemented hit cm are now slowly migrating into success
factors that is the cloud because they they are going to use a seppie because
ASAP is best at its solution on promises what are you using now but the support
is not going to be there so the only option left for them is to migrate and
the process is already started so almost all of the company and the companies
already implemented hits EMR migrating into SuccessFactors place the companies
have already implementing any the traditional hitch areas are also moving
here to F ap success factors cloud so if you look at the prerequisites like there
are no specific prerequisites to learn success factors anybody can learn it
it’s completely fixed functional there’s there’s no technical stuff involved over
here so so it is like typically anybody can learn mostly a step ahead sim
consultants would be the people who learn it apart from that any other
factors or anybody can this fact learning who said it is much
user-friendly and simulations some readings about the certification
certification would be an added advantage once you finish your course
with regard to certification you can directly logon to training or the certification code for success
factors of CER double zero six which has some one-year validity and you can take
max of six different exams and whatever was in hit cm we have different modules
like om organization management personnel administration so line not the
OM PA ESS employee self-service and MSS manager cell service is one model your
employee central employee central would be the basic module to start with which
is your core HCM module we see empty is easy just the first letters EC
that would be the core health your models apart from that you have many
other modules okay education to anyone okay
NATO’s okay okay to give this education in success factor
also I know I don’t need to pay that much amount now I need your suggestion
this is necessary all I can this is additionally a thing for me actually you’re certified in a bap but
that is different and if you want to get into success factors you have to take up
certifications in this because this certification CER double zero six it is
certification in the cloud you don’t have to visit the center and take it up
you can take it up from your home it is an online proctored exam as far as
success factors are considered so that I don’t think it will hold for you cannot
take up this exam using that that’s right because that is why to help us
competing to our back if you want to get into success factors you will have to
take up this certification CER double zero success failure right that was
totally different in fact they say P HCM and success factors itself is totally
different even though the the methodologies of implementation are same
actually speaking the functionality is completely different like this for these
reasons and these are the different modules that are there in success
factors like an introduction to mastery this will be comment for any module EC
EC will be the core hit cm which is a mandatory model that you can start with
apart from that there is provision the MGM recruitment comm LMS time reporting
and much more like succession etc so you can you see he sees what you have you
have to take it up yes sorry what did your ask which one
I employ a central employee settlers have hired a man because it is a core
hit see’em module so I say P hit some people when they are migrating they
would look only for this mainly and these are all I mean every model has its
own importance but also this is the core hits you module so you can take up one
another model let’s say pmgm along with this which will help in boosting your
profile that’s right that would be the one which you can take up instead of a
CP hit cm because taking a piss ap hit cm would be of no use because companies
are themselves migrating to say SF so instead of learning is if he hits him I
would suggest you to go with employees central oh let me go on to the p3t now
so what our success photos have Swiss factors of surfactants the cloud-based
solution which is developed to meet the priceless organizations small and
mid-sized business even small companies can take can use success factors to
implement their HR date now on that itself is a global leader in business
execution software it uses something called as dismiss execution suit so this
you that a success factor you should something kind of different implications
you that is the models are defined in such a way that the modules like
recruitment performance then all is their block in a way which identifies
the right people for the right job which means say I may be specialized in a
there may be somebody else who nothing special is simply so the system should
identify that I would do better if I work in a the
I should not be put in to be the other I should be put into a so that I am right
for a if I work on a table the output okay will be better finally the result a
my job and similarly there are some modules which will which will align with awarding the right compensation for the
right people so say I am put into a I give
best there so what should happen ideally I should be compensated to my so that in
turn I can do much more than what I am of thing so like that this business
execution shoe that particular suit which divides or which makes the modules
to function in these it designed them that way and another page of success
factors is that ACP offers Hatcher’s factors as both standalone and hybrid
solution so this is a major advantage here a standalone solution means you
will add a new implement entirely in itself that is a standalone solution
hybrid solution means you can use a combination of any other traditional
ERP and success factors for your solutions for example Contador we have
already implemented a CP HCM we would now like to go into SF so then migration
we cannot do it in one shot there is so much of data for us we are a
big company so I remain here we will first start with employee center button
at the same time there will be other modules which will also be functioning
we cannot start p.m. we cannot stop T MGM until this gets implemented we
cannot stop for position so by means of idle position what it means is I can use
success factors to go ahead with my employee central and I can tell you you
on through my cell phone evolution for my PMC event compensation I can use both
of them together drop in the desired result a hybrid solution okay so that is
an important advantage here because of which not only people who have already
humidity CP HCM but any other medically RP right also
move on to success factors because they have no option to try and say one module
if it works fine then they and the next few slides will be some
statistical data about factors factors like who are they they were acquired in
December 2011 and currently SF has more than 20 million subscribers and 3600
customers and 168 countries it is it can be used worldwide there is no
restriction on language or country yeah and this is a comparison between a
safety and success factor this ap has around 40 years of experience developing
ERP it’s a tiles around 11 years of experience and that for this was at the
time of acquisition it’s ok this had 15,000 customers that had 3600
customers or mnu users and the language comparisons out to show so what are we
going to obtain through s ap success factors is that we already know that ACP
is a renowned HR solution provider a good Italian established through here we
have seen that it is the best and in the short span we also got to know that a
surfs is best in the cloud based solution we saw it’s cloud solution it
was based so combining it of this what we can expect is the best cloud solution
for the hits here then the best attempt cloud solutions so that becomes more
advantageous for us and yeah so this particular cloud solution uses something
called a software-as-a-service so which is nothing but the normally what we do
software being taught and we use for stalling something we get that much
whereas the service that is what is called a software-as-a-service
so good way to maintain our data everything is going to be maintained by
ASAP are there is venema we want we will be able to fetch that data from the
their system instantly without any problems
so this software and the customer data is remotely hosted and accessed from any
location this with the help of the unique chrome introduction what are the
other advantages of SAS model is that no hardware of maintenance is required
it’s a subscription-based licensing model multi-tenant slacks online why do
we call it as a my opinion it’s not common Zak’s I’d say you are a company
I’m a company say both of us implement success factors
what is buttoning up and this both of us will have our data onto the same
platform it will be stored in their database only but still your data will
be safe not from my data so that is with the help of the unique login credentials
list what is called as company ID so if I am a company my ID can be one your
company ID can be two so one will be attached to my username and password for
each and every data retrieval or updation okay okay yeah and this regular
releases bug fixes upstairs everything will be taken care base ap we need not
do anything it can be accessed from anywhere and as the consistent
performance and stability and this slide shows the success factor solutions that
are available at his products also fight into four categories the core hits our
solutions are EC and EC payroll talent solutions our performance holds
composition variable P elements recruitment and on Foley
HR analytics and workforce analytics are planning social collaboration is jam so
this is fine this is also fine these two or something entirely new for a safety
they didn’t have this advant from a solution what it actually does is that
it analyzes the workforce that would be required in the future depending upon
the status today like one is whatever is the current data will that it can
analyze the workflows that will be required in the future and social
collaboration is AP Jam is similar to Facebook where instead of attending of
the regular type of a mails we can use Jam to communicate within the
organization members and this okay so it is like an internal company in it and
intranet like Internet where people can go join as hippie Jam we can for
something which will go for everyone let’s say some quarterly results some
communications that happens often within the company members it can be done
through a CPM without the need to send any regular base they can be groups
where we can form groups and discuss our technical difficulties whatever we do
and in Facebook similarly post type of aspects are available within the
organization then this is that business execution suit where you can see here
these three are defined in a way to find the right person for the right job so
the goals performance and Workforce Planning and these four modules are
designed in a way to award the right person with the right
award so compensation learning give them give him the access to learn whatever he
is more interested to succession gives him suitable role so that he can take
over some position which he is apt to hold so these are the modules that are
available on employee central it is categorized into based upon the business
execution suit and this is a comparison between a safety HCM on-premise and
cloud cloud okay see here these things which are not high rated in pH will not
be submitted by ACP in future which means to keep this abhorrent implemented
sa pH cm pmdf and expecting from s AP I’m not able to do something
or I want some enhancement I’m expecting a support no they say we will not
provide any support on this because it is going to stop with support for these
modules because of which we have to make it into a substance more logo okay so
slowly all companies have already implemented ACP hit cm will be migrating
into SS so it’s same is going to be terminated by ASAP we cannot say it
exactly as terminator because the HR for solution is still being supported by
sapiens there are Lord of companies who still use using them yeah but the
migration will start and slowly people will move finally there will be a stage
where nobody uses that but then there’s no end date like that it is about to be
committed so there’s no such announcement but for these models what
does not no longer going to be extended okay so whatever you implemented if it
is fine I don’t have an issue here you can continue but the moment you want is
a piece L then you will have to think about starting with it see these are
some of the screens of how the different modules look like performance and gold
management this house ASAP Jam looks like okay this is employee central
people profile that we stole the data of employees over here oh it’s very user
friendly like compared to heads iam very easy to understand and work on also it’s
made much simpler so this wonderful success factors employee central is the
mixture so here what they’re going to get some firing one from eyes and a
cloud solution whatever is MSSP a weight of in not the my side is body here for
employees entered it is not about you mice are clubbed in what do you hear okay what is payroll there is salt we’re
all here what does talent manager that is such a
snot-nosed talent here success Magnus broader challenges this is the main page
admin tools this is a place from where we’ll be doing the conjugation all
continent will be from this page okay and so this is how it will look when we
open the sub factors page correct page will be looking this will be the pink
consultants who do the configuration okay home page will be common to all
employee this is especially for the consultants so I’m transcendence yes so
configuration okay yes this is the application architecture of success
factors where you can see the customers are at the leftmost end via browser with
the help of internet they are able to access all the success factors
applications which is for stood on their plan all which is it someone actually
success factors are examine abstraction layer that is they they use it so much
for all their coding okay so we would be learning a bit of XML also all the most
of the dependency on example is reduced there will be some which we would be
learning and at the rightmost F is the systems management and security
management which will take care of the security of the systems to make sure
nobody else access of a data and there are two main systems as far as success
factors are considered one is called as a positioning which is like a back-end
from where we activate all the modules and we do some stuff the initial setup
we do from there the instance is of content from value the configuration all
these pages are instant this is them is called as an instance
okay this is laggy will be working on very few people will have access to
provisioning not everybody will have access to provision it controls the
setup of the entire system okay so provisioning is the it is the
main controlling factor of the whole system of success factors in a specific
company yes mean for every company that we’ve installed yeah for every company
there will be a publish thing which will control the major properties of that
particular company and then let’s take an example of this hybrid type of a
deployment where initially we saw they say P also sir success factors and
hybrid solution well if we are doing a hybrid solution what are the possible
methods in which we can do the integration there are lot of options for
that these people are especially called as the integration consultants who
especially take care of integrating is if we hit cm to essence so few options
let it let us see one option is there are some switch we have to add on to
this a plan from my sexy apart which will automatically do the integration
second in on through my solution we have something called a saving it fever PI
which we can use to turn on the integration third Muse ASAP Hana cloud
integration tool which is on the cloud side that we turn on the addition and
these are some options which we have to manually do apart from that there are
lot of developed tools one of one of them is Dell Boomi cloud Adams for
integration to this is a readily available tool which will itself
integrate any traditional HR ERP to success factors it will do it by itself so they these people who walk on this
particular stuff so called of integrations effects so I think that is
a very brief or plenum success factors to give you an idea of
what is it and what are the advantages of such prospectus let me know physical
yeah no it’s pretty clear here okay


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