Rock Church – Satan’s #1 Weapon

Rock Church – Satan’s #1 Weapon

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[music] [Applause] What’s up church? What’s up church? How is everybody doing today? Can I have everybody stand up,
it’s very good to see all of y’all. We want to say hello to all
campuses. Say East County. Say City Heights. San Ysidro, San Marcos and
Microsites and those watching online church, give those people
a big hand. God bless you all, welcome. Lord thank You for seeing a
church stand and worship You. Thank You so much that You are
worthy of all of our praise. All of our honor. And we just praise You, Holy
Spirit, we acknowledge Your presence. We declare that You are speaking
to us, moving in our midsts. Drawing us close to You. We thank You for your unending
pursuit of our hearts in Jesus’ name, amen. Give someone a hug or say hello
to someone next to you that you do not know. Hello, hello, hello. Hello. If you are a visitor, my name is
Miles, a few announcements before we start. I said that I was going to share
my testimony today, I want to apologize to you that I am not
going on share my testimony to you today. The reason being is I am not
ready. And no other reason, I did not
manage my time properly. And the more I thought about it,
the more I wanted to have more video and more images of this
study, which includes our story. And so I had more research to do
than I thought, and did not get ready. I apologize to you and have it
in the coming weeks. I will let you know next Sunday
or if I get it ready for this Sunday, put out e-mails, amen. I can’t put it on God, it is
what it is. Tonight we are going to have our
leadership meeting after the 6 o’clock service. God has been stirring in my
heart about our church. And the need for a
next-generation of leaders. I have no eminent plan to retire
but the reality is it’s going to happen at some point. And all the people who are on
staff now and in leadership are going to leave at some point. And there is a whole another
generation of people that God has touched your heart. So we will have a meeting
tonight. And I think my main goal is to
give some young people, and by the way, young is — whatever
age. Feel God calling them. We need small rGroup leaders, we
need people to teach class. Preach. Be pastors eventually and do all
the things that are necessary for this to happen. God is stirring in my heart
let’s go and raise up another generation. We will have a meeting and see
what happens. If God is touching you and you
are sitting and saying, I don’t want to come back. You are not called. Simple as that. I mean, if you are serious about
it, you will drive and come to whatever campus you have to come
to, and say, God is touching my heart and God will fulfill. You need to do your part, amen. We are starting a Spanish
service, on May 6, I am preaching a service in Spanish. And it’s will be as good as it’s
going to be amen. What I mean — we’ll see, you
will be what? I am excited about it. But on that day we are going to
start a Spanish service on our East County campus, that will
eventually be on every campus. This is how the service will go. A lot of churches have Hispanic
pastor on their campus. That’s not what we are going to
do. I will preach at the Spanish
service and get this video and an interpreter will speak
through my mouth as they listen. All the music in Spanish and
bulletins and Life groups will be in Spanish for that service. It will be a Rock Church service
in Spanish, not a Spanish church in our church. Start that May 6. This Friday we will have a
vision casting meeting for anyone that wants to be involved
in that service. And if you say you don’t know
how to speak Spanish, that I don’t, I am still learning. We will have a vision casting
meeting this Friday, dinner at 6 and meeting at 7. I will share a vision and this
Friday, be a part of that, and check it out this Friday at East
County campus, amen. Amen. That was it. [Applause] Did I pray for us already? Let me pray again. Lord, thank you for being good
to us, in Jesus’ name, amen. Get your Bibles out. Come on, church. Let’s go church! On the count of three, let’s see
your Bibles. One.
Two. Three.
Say word. One more time. Say word. Turn to Genesis 3. Genesis 3. Genesis chapter 3. I got saved in 1984, and in 1986
I became a youth pastor and my first month of full-time
ministry I went to Philadelphia to speak at a camp. When I got there, I saw in the
newspaper that the devil was having a swap meet at the
Philadelphia stadium where the Philadelphia Eagles used to
play. I decided to go, and I went to
traffic, going to this swap meet where the devil was giving away
stuff to destroy people’s lives. And demons behind the tables
giving drugs and pornography and guns and different ways to sin. And I am there and people taking
this for free and on the top of the stadium was the devil, no
admittance, it was locked. I said, devil, what are you
doing, Miles I am destroying their lives to cause them to be
addicted to drugs and pornography and kill people,
whatever, and whatever. And what is in the stadium, no
admittance only, and he said this is my number one weapon, I
can’t tell you what it is. I said what do you mean. He said I cannot make them sin
but lead them to believe that sinning is the best option for
them. And I do it by my number one
weapon. And I said, every time we sin we
make a conscience decision to disobey God and every time you
use your number one weapon against us, he said, that is
right. So I said, what is that and if I
tell you, I am not telling you. And every day, before you leave
this building and where you are at, the devil will use multiple
times constantly his number one weapon against you and get you
to do something opposite, contrary to what God wants you
to do. The devil will tell you, this is
going to destroy your marriage. This is going to addict you to
drugs and bring death to your relationship or job. And he can even tell you that
and still get you to do what will destroy your life. That’s how good his number one
weapon is. So I said, what is it? He said, I am not going to tell
you. And I said, I will read the
Bible, because all truth is in the Bible, and if not explicitly
in the Bible, it will be in there and if you want wisdom —
not talking to the devil but you, if you want wisdom, read
the Bible and ask God to give you wisdom. Every day you should start
asking God for wisdom, and understanding. And I started reading the Bible
and got the answer in Genesis 3. Here’s the context, in Genesis 1
and 2, he creates the animals and birds and then creates man
and woman, and don’t eat from the tree, or die. And that’s the context. You have a man and woman and
both naked and mentally and physically, not ashamed. God told the man and woman, be
fruitful and multiply, stay away from that tree or die. That’s the context, you
following me? Say yes or no. In that context this is the
devil’s number one weapon. Let me tell you this, if the
devil can deceive Adam and Eve, he can deceive you and me. Genesis… You have to believe in your
heart that the devil is smarter than you. You have to believe in your
heart that the devil is smarter than you. Now he’s not smarter than Jesus
but smarter than you. He can look you in your eye and
disguise as an angel of light or like that dude in a suit or girl
in that tight suit, and it is angel personified when the devil
himself. And look you in the eye and tell
you what you want to hear and entice you to do against what
God wants. And you will believe in your
heart that it’s the right thing. He’s that smart. He is liar and destroyer, and
that is his name. And his names come from his
character and his character tells us what he does. There is no truth in him. And he says to the woman, YO,
girl, what’s your name? Ladies, have you heard that
before? How many ladies have met the
devil before, say so. Hey, what is your name, girl,
how you doing? How you doing. What he says… has God indeed
say do not eat of every tree in the garden. What does God say, the first
thing that the devil tries to do is bring doubt. If you don’t read the Bible, how
do you answer the question? You won’t. And the devil can twist it and
eight generations and some cults because he’s so smart. He can twist you, I can have 50
wives. You can twist it every way you
want. If you don’t read it and study
it and why we have rGroups, you are not going to learn it by
yourself. You have to learn in fellowship
and real accountabilities relationships and keep going. And by the way, why was eve
alone? Fellas if you had a wife and she
was naked in the woods, and God told you to make babies — I
mean this is not complicated stuff. This is simple. I am a dirt bag dude but that
can’t complicated. If you are trying to walk with
God and you don’t have Christians in your life, you
might as well be by yourself. That’s when the devil will come
and get you. It says, and what did God say. He says to the woman, the woman
says, verse 2, we may eat of the fruit of the trees but that in
the middle of the garden, God says do not eat or touch unless
you die. I will give Eve 5 points for
reading but fail her in basic Christianity, why? Because she spoke with the
devil. When my wife before we were
saved, we would go to the club. And if I would go to the
bathroom and come back and there were dudes talking to her —
multiple. I was that crazy guy that would
want to fight all of them. No for real. I would be yelling at them in
the club, what’s up, what’s up. Or come and sit like this and
eyeball them like this. I was that guy; right. Thank God none of them wanted to
fight. I mean I have my guys with me
but no-win situation. But the reason being because I
knew none of those guys were telling her what great guy I
was. Can I get amen fellas. They weren’t saying hey, he’s a
good dude. They were trying to get their
game on with her. When you talk with the devil,
one goal, destroy your relationship with God. He will tell you, ain’t nobody
going to know. He needs to treat you better
than that. You need to go out with someone
else. You don’t need to pay all of
your taxes. Change that number, ain’t nobody
going to know. Go ahead, watch that
pornography. She’s asleep. Or he’s asleep. Nobody going to know. He is so smart. So smart. And the minute you start
questioning this, you are having a conversation. The devil is not going to show
up in your room at night with the horns, let me destroy your
life. That’s not going to happen. The devil will show up, hey
girl, what is up, I will rock your world. As long as there is anything or
anybody is deceiving you away from this — that’s how the
devil works. He is very slick. Extremely. That’s why you need to pray. I met him at church, I met him
at the Rock, and met him in small group and he broke my
heart. Just because you met him here
doesn’t mean he’s of God. This is evangelical church and
we have devils in here. People that don’t walk with God,
that’s what this is for. You need to be hearing from God. You need to be praying. You need to have people in your
life to speak in your life and say no, you need to be doing
that. Don’t just blindly say, I love
God. Watch their life. I tell you ladies if you want to
know if they know God, ask the dude to pray for you in public,
in the middle of the mall, pray for me right now. [Laughter] Speak Jesus into my life right
now. Go ahead, go ahead. Praise him right now. And if that brother can’t talk,
just back on up, back on up. Put this on hold, homie. You need to go to Life Class. You think I am lying? Guess what is going on happen
when it hits the fan because it will. You ain’t going to get God. You need to know this book. He’s the number one weapon. What did God say, verse 4. If you write down anything for
the rest of your life, please write this down. Because this is what you deal
with every single day of your year of your life, every minute
of your life you deal with this lie. It’s a twofold lie. Number 1, you can sin and not
pay the consequence. Verse 4, the serpent said,
woman, you will not die. God lied to you, sin does not
have consequence. Think about it, when you lie,
you don’t think you going to get caught. Because if you did, you are just
double stupid. If you watch pornography, you
think it will enhance your life. When you do drugs, you think it
will enhance your life. At least momentarily. You believe I can get away with
it. The consequences aren’t going to
be as bad as the benefits. He’s says, you will not die. And then in verse 5, for God
knows the day you eat your eyes will open and like God and know
good and evil. And not only not die but like
God and decide for yourself. Listen to the media, all day
long, you have rights, do what you want and feel, that’s
exactly what this is. You know why people are in jail? Because they did what they
wanted to do when they wanted to do it. You know why people are in jail,
because they did what they wanted to do when they wanted to
do it. People in heaven didn’t do what
they wanted to do. This is for sin.
By the way. The devil says you will not
suffer a consequence and be like God and do whatever you want to
do. Now are you not to know good and
evil? You are to discern from good and
evil and obey God. I was in Mexico and in a church
and brought food and shoes, and a kid came up and wanted shoes. I said I don’t have shoes. I had a bag of shoes and God
told me not to give her shoes. I was like God, you speak
Spanish. He said, be quiet. He said don’t give that girl
shoes. The little girl five years old
and dirt in her face and I was like oh, I can’t give you any
shoes. So I said okay, so she walked
away and went away and the pastor came out. And then one of my kids in the
youth group gave her shoes and she walked down the hill. And I was thinking to myself,
what was the big deal. And the pastor came back and
said don’t give her shoes. Why not? Because it’s a sham, she has
shoes and comes and gets the shoes and sell the shoes. It’s not my job to know that, my
job is God want do you want me to do. The devil wants you and him to
make decisions. When you think it’s really just
you. But really he’s the puppet
master behind you telling you what you cannot and cannot do. And how you cannot get caught. That’s the devil’s number one
weapon. And when you operate on your
own, I will decide this and do this and I, I. God says, you are on your own. Think about what you are tempted
with right now, relationships. Drugs. Alcohol. Language. Gossip. Business deals. Think about the stuff you are
doing right now and ask yourself is God leading me to do this, to
glorify God or all about me. You say, why can’t I do
something for myself. Everything you do according to
God’s promise and word is for his benefit and your benefit. You cannot benefit yourself more
than God can benefit you. That’s the thing, you have to
believe that everything in your life that you do according to
the will of God is better if you do it according to his will than
your will. Are there things that he wants
you to do, and better for you to do, absolutely. In your flesh you are deceived
this is better for me, when it’s not. This is the crux of the a
self-destructive life versus a blessed life. You have to come to believe what
God says to you is always better to you than what the devil says
for you, every time. And says you don’t have to die. And in verse 6 it says… In this case wisdom is give her
experience that she thought was being withheld from her. You may see your friends
apparently enjoying certain behavior. That you think you are missing
out on. And they tell you the fun part
of it. And then you think you are
missing out on them. And you think you want to do
that. So you can be wise or have that
experience. Come to find out it’s not what
they said. And especially if you are
getting that message from social media. Please don’t believe that. Oh, I’m having a good time,
snap, snap. Only a minute. 30 seconds. I ain’t going to tell you the
drama part. They are drinking tequilas this
big and ain’t telling you about the throw-up part. And ain’t telling you about
waking up with two people they don’t know, and ain’t telling
you about the disease they got from that, they ain’t telling
you that part. And it says… How did they not know they were
naked before that? There is a science called
bio-photonics. It’s the study of light coming
out of living things. When you see a baby and it’s
skin and fresh and knew and has more light coming out of its
body than an old person. The older you get the more dusty
you look. That’s why they sell
mask-scare-ia. Trying to cover the scariness. I am just kidding, scary when
they put it on. It’s to bring that glow back. And when I woman in love or
pregnant, there is light coming out. Dudes are dusty because we are
made of dirt. They don’t even try to make
mask-scare-a for us, and when someone dies. There is no light. It’s dust. Before Adam and Eve sinned, the
light coming out of them, bio photonics and measuring light of
fruits and vegetables by the light. And the theory of Adam and Eve
before they sinned, the light was so bright you couldn’t see
their nakedness. And when they sinned, the light
is muted and saw their body. When you sin, your light is
muted and your testimony is compromised. You are out there cursing and
say, hey, I go to the rock, there is a disconnect. Hey, I love Jesus. I heard a disconnect. When they ate the light was
muted and saw they were naked. And sewed fig leaves and you
can’t cover your sin by effort but Jesus Christ. And on the count of three, say
yes or no, can you hide the thoughts from God. Can you hide your intentions
from God. One, two, three. Why do you try every day? I have three kids, and my wife
in labor 49 hours for first son and 31 hours and 25 hours. My son with labor 49 hours and
his head stuck. The average baby one-third is
head, give or take. My son’s head was like 49% of
his weight, give or take. I am estimating, estimation. And when he walked around his
head rubbed on the carpet like that, the brother had a rock. So when he grew up took like 20
years to grow into it. He was abnormally large cranium. Nat-geo called and wanted to do
article. And once day running in the
house, and I said be careful. And he got my daughter and this
sledge hammer running around in the same vicinity. And next thing you know, bam, my
daughter on the floor and mouth bleeding and son with slobber, I
got a hard head, dad. We played hide-N-seek, and
modified it and the pole was the base and that was cool, we
changed it. In my house, you go hide and we
turn off all the lights in the house. And this is 2-5, I wanted to
toughen them up. When you hide, you have to find
them or who find whoever, and the person who is hiding scares
the person who is looking for them. So my — you know when we play,
I will hide and I will scare you and you will cry. You are going to cry — stop,
and find me and I will scare you. And my kids would say, dad, dad,
let’s play hide-N-seek. I am like brother, where do you
hide that head? Behind the suburban or the
garage, that’s it. Go ahead, you hide, I count. And when you count in
hide-N-seek, you have to count like a child. Not like an adult. You have to go one — can’t
pronounce — you have to go two #NAME? son walking through the house,
his head banging on the doorway, bam, bam. And through the doorway —
The brother hides behind a plant like this. A little skinny one-inch
diameter plant, he’s got four feet of skull and four feet of
skull. His sister is hiding behind his
head. Wherever you go, I got a spot. So I am walking through the
house, where is Miles. And I can hear him, he has his
hands over his eyes, he can’t see us. His head is literally out the
door and down the hall. And because the skin on his head
is so far from his central nervous system and no feeling
and leaning on my leg. And he is saying, he can’t see
us and my daughter is dancing around with this big gigantic
globe and he’s got his hands over his eyes, he can’t see us. And he thinks because he can’t
see me, I can’t see him. He thinks because he can’t see
me, I can’t see him. Because little kids can’t think
abstractly. When you pay peek-a-boo with a
kid, you are not funny. When you hide, because they
can’t see you, they think you are gone. So when mommy leaves the house,
mommy is gone. She can’t coming back, she don’t
exist. I don’t know.
That’s why they freak out. I am only going to the store, to
them you are gone. You and I know there is a God
that exists that we can’t see. But so often because you can’t
see him, you forget that he sees everything you do. He hears everything you say. He hears everything that you
think. So here’s Adam and Eve trying to
hide from God. You can’t hide from God, fool. Everything he knows. Look at what it says next, the
Lord God called to Adam, and said, where are you? When I was a youth pastor, I was
a high school pastor. And we had this little
red-headed kid named Danny, 11 or 12. He was white — actually he was
clear. [Laughter] You could see his veins. Translucent. He loved God. He was 12. Hanging out with high school
kids. Preaching.
Going to Mexico. I have a picture of all the
teenagers and Danny in the middle, with his Bible. 12 years old. Danny got in high school and
involved with a Mexican gang, a whole another. Lost touch. I’m in Juvenile Hall and talking
to the kids and describing Danny to them. And he stopped me, and said,
he’s down the hall. He literally was down the hall
and walks down, sits on the front row, broke my heart. Danny, you remember going to
church? Yeah.
Remember going to Bible study? Yeah. Remember going to Mexico and
feeding the kids and playing with the orphans? He said yeah. Danny, were you better off now
or better off when following God? And Danny if you say you are
better off now, I will never talk about this Bible again in
my life. Well, obviously you know what he
said. God said, where are you? God wasn’t asking Adam are you
behind that rock or behind that rock. No, I know where you are at but
where are you at. In other words, you did what I
told you not to do, in other words are you happy? You got your extra money by
lying, are you happy? You cheated on your wife, are
you happy? You can just go down the list
and that’s what he is asking you. God knows you can never be as
fulfilled with what the devil gives you or what you can get
yourself, than what he can give you, period. So the Bible says, verse 10, I
heard your voice in the garden because I was afraid because I
was naked. And he said, who told you that
you were naked. The Bible says that all have
sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and the penalty is
death. He is saying Adam the only
reason you are hiding from me and see your nakedness is
because you sinned. You had to. That’s the only thing. He said, who told you that you
were naked? He said, it’s the woman’s fault. All fellas say amen. Stop blaming the ladies for
everything. The woman said, the devil made
me do it. You know what God said? These are my words — be quiet. You are going to pay for your
own sin. Can’t blame the woman. Can’t blame the man. Can’t blame your parents. Can’t blame your neighborhood.
It’s on you. Because I have given you every
opportunity that you need to obey me. Every single one of y’all are
going to be held accountable for your life and your life only. The Bible says all of us have
sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and the penalty of
sin is death. And the Bible says that Jesus
died for every single one of you and given you the opportunity to
ask for forgiveness of your sin. To give you the opportunity to
be forgiven and for him to life in your life. It’s 100% for you to say yes or
no to that. In a minute you will have an
opportunity. Some of you say I need Jesus in
my life, I need to stop doing it my way and suckered by the devil
to do it my way. When I see finances and dreams
and passion and my time, my life is being eaten away. Year after year after year with
no progress. Why? Death. And you are tired of it. I am giving my life to Christ, I
am tired of it. Or — and some you of have
prayed that prayer and you have God in a box and you are not serving Him. And you need to serve Him. Now I ask all of you to bow your
heads and close your eyes. All campuses, bow your heads and
close your eyes. The Bible says that all have
sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and the penalty of
sin is death. The Bible says that while we
were sinners Jesus died for our sin and rose from the dead. If you confess with your mouth
that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart God raised him
from the dead, you will be saved. If you would like to surrender
your life and stop being suckered by the devil. I want you to pray this prayer
with me in the privacy of your heart. Pray, dear God, I believe you
love me. I believe the devil has a plan
for my life. I believe Jesus died and rose
from the dead. I believe that the devil has
been deceiving me. And I am tired of it. Jesus, I give my life to You. Satan, I rebuke you out of my
life. I am not going to be suckered by
you anymore. If God spoke to you during that sermon and you feel like you want to ask Christ to be your savior, it’s as simple as A-B-C. Admit and accept that you are a sinner. The Bible says all haved sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He died for your sin and rose from the dead. then confess yourself a sinner and say, “Jesus, please forgive me of my sin.” If you would like to ask Jesus Christ to be your savior, just look at me right now and pray this prayer with me in the privacy of your heart knowing that God knows you and loves you very much. Say, “Dear God, I believe that I am sinner. I know the penalty of my sin is death. I don’t want to die and go to Hell. I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He died and rose from the dead for my sin. I confess myself a sinner and ask Him to forgive me of my sin. Jesus, please forgive me of my sin. Fill me with the spirit of God. In Jesus name’, amen. If you prayed that prayer, If you just asked Christ to be your savior, we want to know. We want to email you some resources. If you just prayed that prayer with me, to accept Jesus as your savior, Click on the link that just appeared. We want to send you some free resources. God bless you, and we will see you in Heaven.


  1. I’m confused… Ps Miles was youth pastor in high school? I thought he came to the Lord later than that, during his NFL days.

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