Resident Evil 2 - E3 2018 Developer Interview & Community Reaction

Resident Evil 2 – E3 2018 Developer Interview & Community Reaction

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pbe see can you do でいた d ツリー dee ええええええ アンバー色れたねーずをもらえばいいけど水 [音楽] caren 応援 [音楽] voodoo [音楽] ikon うんの演出を色々と好立地することができたんでそこらへんは結構見どころのひとつだ と思いますそうですね さらに up sound のああああそうではい重なって非常にあの没入感の高い 世界観が作れているとこれ本当にあの ren 4おかげだと思ってますサラウンド かなりいい感じに入ってる でいろんなところからくるゾンビのボイスにこう 驚いてもらいたいなと思いますはい その強いゾンビの体験どういう形でファンの皆様にしていただくのが一番いいのかと いうところはの開発チームの中でも非常にあの時間をかけてい 検討したなんですけれども結果やはり今回も ブーブー一番良い日あなた何回も議論して 道 behind ビルの体験っていうのの手応えは感じているので ぜひ皆さん先入観なく1回 new r 5触ってみてもらえたら嬉しいですね usa アーレ render [音楽] この解析中の2 yk プッシュ5 s chance もちろんでオリジナルで楽しんでいただいた体験っていうのはできる限り今回のに悪い 2にも入れたいと思って みんな頑張っていますなのでもちろん入ってますねっ そうですあの詳細はあの また続報タブ支援班いただければと思いますけれども あのそこは期待していただいて結構です ユセフ 分 うーん選手


  1. 2019 is the 20th Anniversary Of The Greatest Dinosaur Game Of All Time! Dino Crisis!

    Dino Crisis is the 32nd best selling ps1 game and that it sold 2.400.000 copies and the remake will sell more than that given that dinosaurs are now more popular than ever thanks to Jurassic World!
    Dino Crisis with the Engine of RE2 Remake would be the perfect game!
    Come on Capcom!

  2. I love seeing a game's main character get maimed and decapitated. I hope there are some good losing conditions like that in this game. No sacred cows!

  3. Claire: Come on, we gotta move out
    Leon: now? whats the problem, is something following us?
    Claire: hey we still have a job to do, let's go
    Leon: GO? no you can't mean
    Claire: CHRIS I HAVE TO FIND YOU 0:11

  4. this game make me realize how many years they keep Ada & Leon relationship from RE2~RE7.
    no matter what will u choose JUST END THIS BULLSHIT!!

  5. 1998… the year I was born! 😀 😀 haha ! RE2 is same age as mine! 20 years later and now we have a remake of the masterpiece that was a hit in the early 90's! I can't believe that I'm alive and young to see this happening! thank you Capcom! <3 <3

  6. Strong lights and deep shadows? Good, unlike the last CGI movie… Looked horrible, and not for the right reasons!

  7. When a fanbase who built the company is pissed, you as a company better listen to your consumers and don't be a smartass. Just a common sense really, business one o one. If you don't like RE and want it to be something that it isn't, something else then look elsewhere there is Counter Strike, OCD or Buttfield and it's thousands of other terrible clones RE simply doesn't need to be one of them.

  8. nicely done. remakes and remasters are great. when done right. Biohazard 2 remake was done right. Biohazard 5 , 6, and 7 are garbage.

  9. Personally, I think the Over the Shoulder view and the way the zombies grab you make it super intense! I would love a fixed camera "unlockable" extra mode as well, but I won't complain if that isn't in the game, because RE2 Remake looks incredible!!!

  10. Yeah, I actually cried when my barber told me I couldn't get my hairstyle like Leon's. I was 7 at the time.

  11. Upset their will only be 2 "streamlined" senerios. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say, we want all 4 of them. It's a RE 2 remake, not half of a RE 2 remake…

  12. Thank you so much guys! Now this is really going back to the origins with a new experience new scares new everything

  13. if this succeed we can have resident evil 3 remake too! with these mechanics and atmosphere, Oh my God i want jill to be such a babe like what they did to claire and modernized her. and Nemesis to be as terrifying as the original but high def oh my God if capcom make that first day i will pre order it!

  14. The camera style of the classic RE2 is much better than this RE2 remake camera style.
    That was the differential of the game, it gave the feeling that the character was being filmed by security cameras or something.
    I only played the Resident Evil saga until 4, from the 5th onwards I lost interest in the saga due to that slight change that the game had.
    And from what it seems this RE2 remake is "more of the same".
    It is sad to know that we may never again have a saga game with classic fixed camera angles.
    It seems that I was the only one who did not like this remake.
    They ruined my childhood.

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