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r/idontworkherelady | Anomaly Researcher to Employee of a Camera Shop!

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Books stores and angry old people:(
XXL I go to Indigo(a Canadian bookstore chain)
very often to pick up some books to read (obviously). One day I was looking at books to get and
this older lady comes literally bolting at me, it almost seemed like she was going to
tackle me. She takes a quick stop right in front of me, stares at me, then bolts and
takes a sharp turn down a different isle. I just looked at some random lady and we had
a laugh then continued browsing. I was in the crime section which is just a
small isle then there’s an entire corner with the fiction books in the back of the
store (which is where the lady ran off toward). I went back there to look at different books.
I walk around the corner and see this lady (and I am not joking when I say this) pull
out a freaking white cane (like the ones that fold up that blind people use) and unfolds
it and begins to knock a crap ton of books down off the top shelves. She did not look
like she was attempting to get a book, she looked like she was intending to make a mess.
She then looks at me and noticed I saw her do this then this is where everything went
down hill with her. Lady:Uhm…uh… these books fell all over
me!!!! DO YOU WORK HERE? DID YOU STOCK THESE SHELVES!? me:*laughing nervously cause i don’t even
know what i just saw) no I wish I worked here I love this place Lady:If you lie to me again you won’t see
the end of me. I’ll be here every day and night waiting for you so I can give you more
heck for the awful job you did stocking the shelving! me: I mean okay. I’m here like once a month
at least so if you want. But I mean it. I wish I worked here but I don’t. Lady: I’m tired of you stupid kids doing
your job in a lazy manner then not being held accountable for the problems that come with
their horrible duties. me: okay I’m tired too. I’m a cashier
at (my company name) so if you wanna pop by for proof I’m not lying I work Monday’s,
Wednesday’s, Saturdays, and Sundays. Lady: I’m going to get you fired. You don’t
treat your elders like this. Then a worker hears me laughing dramatically
at this old lady who’s face is SOOO red from me catching her do this. I see the worker
and just start exposing her me:Well you should have thought about how
you’d like to be treated before I caught you pulling the books onto yourself. Lady: mam! mam! this young lady was throwing
books at me. she reached on the top shelf and threw them at me! The worker looked at me then the shelf. I’m
5’3 ok? the top shelf is like 7-8 feet high. Worker literally laughed worker: I’ll be back in a few seconds She walked around the corner toward this little
ledge they have that looks off to the rest of the store so she was still in earshot of
us. She left for maybe 20 minutes I continued to look at books while she called her husband
to tell him how I am going to be fired from both of my jobs?? When I only have 1?? The
worker comes back with her manager worker: Mam you gotta get going. We have a
camera right there point at cameras and we saw you pulling the books down. I don’t
know what you were trying to do but- worker gets rudely interrupted:( Lady:OH MY
fear of being exposed (she was actually shaking too i could see her hands shaking so much
I think she thought she was going to be arrested or something i don’t know) manager: scoffs no she doesn’t even work
here and she’s dealt with you pretty well clearly. I didn’t hear any yelling coming
from her. Only you. So please if you will? She left screaming and yelling still going
on about getting me fired from both of my jobs. Once again. I only have ONE. I knew
something was up with that lady when she started to bolt toward me in the store LOL But yeah I went back the next day hoping for
a scream of the day but she didn’t show up. ๐Ÿ™ makes me super sad. FYI. Didn’t get
a job at the store. Manager led me on. :/ So I (17 F) got my first date. It is winter
and was going to be ice skating in a big town. So I am really excited because I like ice
skating because I am abnormally good at it without doing it for very long. My date- J, (17 M), is super cute and I am
really excited because I know the area and I know everything about it. So we are really
excited and it’s like his first time going ice skating and he didn’t know how to ice
skate, I did. He was really tall compared to me but I held him up (cause I got freaky
strength). Soon a woman came over and said, “It’s
my turn to learn how to skate.” I was taken aback and quickly laughed, “No
Miss I am on a date!” She frowned, “I don’t care, I need to
learn! You have been working with him for fifteen minutes!” I was not dressed for work I was wearing Harry
Potters Ravenclaw shirt and scarf with a puffy coat. “Sorry I think there is a mistake?
I don’t work here, I am not even from this town, I just wanted to ice skate.” She shook her head and was mad, “No! I don’t
want to fall!” I pointed to the wall, “You can hold the
wall, or go to the people that sell the skates and get the kiddy thingy.” J was pretty annoyed, “Lady I asked her
out, not you so go on.” I followed him as we left and left the lady.
My date fell a couple times and I went down with him and we laughed. So then here she
comes back. “You! You don’t work here!” She pointed
at me, “How did you know about the kiddy walkers!” I snorted and my date was laughing so hard
he couldn’t even get up, “Lady, I have been here with my cousins for the past two
years. I enjoy watching the older one fall but the little ones I don’t.” “Well I am sorry, I was rude.” She held
out a Visa card with $15 on it. “Here, I feel bad about ruining your date, go get some
free food!” I smiled, “Thanks Lady!” She left and my date looked at me, “You
got free stuff cause you’re lucky!” I bought pizza and a local hole in the wall
shop. We are getting another date soon. From anomaly researcher to employee of a camera
shop L
So, this happened a couple of months ago. I was on my way to a con with a couple of
friends, I was wearing a cosplay of an SCP foundation’s researcher, so custom lab coat,
white shirt, glasses, clipboard, etc. I also have a custom badge to be more credible. Unfortunately,
our “photographer” friend had a little problem with the battery of his camera, so we had
to make a small detour to a mall. I was driving, so I wasn’t wearing the full cosplay. After
parking the car I accompanied my friend to buy a new battery, the others stayed in the
car because they were wearing the full cosplay. When we entered the mall my friend went to
the Info point while I started looking around to end some time. After a minute a man in
his mid 60 approached me. -“excuse me, can I ask you a question?”
-“sure” he showed me the 2 cameras he was holding
-“I have to buy a camera for my daughter’s wedding, but I can’t decide which one is the
best” -“Uhm I’m not an expert, I’m sorry but I can’t
help you” -“what do you mean you can’t help me?”
-“I don’t know anything about cameras” -“Are you kidding me?”
-“no, but I’m sure that an employee will arrive to help you”
-“YOU should be said employee!” -“Do I look like I work here?”
-“well, yes, you are dressed as one, you even have the badge”
I looked around and I noticed that all the employees were wearing the same white shirt
as me and I was wearing my badge on my jeans. I just started laughing out of nowhere in
front of this poor man, attracting the attention of everyone in the shop. After that an actual
employee reached us and I explained the situation, the poor man was very confused. I am used
to people who do no recognize my cosplay, but this is a whole nother level. First post, sorry if this gets too long or
boring. Mods, feel free to remove this if you think it’s off-topic. Anyway…here goes. So last week I went to the local mall with
my pal for some shopping. This mall has just been refurbished and it’s our first time visiting
since the refurbishment. We needed some groceries so we went straight to the supermarket section.
We grabbed some fruit and veg and whatnot and we were just about to check out when we
saw this old lady standing near the snack aisle. She looked utterly confused and kept
pacing back and forth near the aisle as if she was in a maze and didn’t know which way
to go. Then she just dropped her bag of groceries (which I assume had already been paid for)
on the floor and made to walk away, still looking very lost. We decided to go over and
help her. I picked up the lady’s dropped bag and caught
up with her. She looked utterly bewildered when I said, “Excuse me, ma’am!” as if she
had just witnessed me apparate out of thin air. I handed the bag to her, but she refused
to take it. Then she pulled out a gift redemption card (the kind you’re supposed to fill up
with stickers so you can redeem stuff) and abruptly asked us to help her redeem a saucepan.
I calmly explained to her that 1) we couldn’t help her because obviously, we don’t work
there, and 2) the card was completely empty. She hadn’t put a single sticker on it so it
wasn’t valid anyway. She then proceeded to throw a fit, saying that we were bad and lazy
employees. When I tried to calm her down, she broke down and cried. People were now
eyeing us as if we’d just bullied the old lady to tears, and we had no idea what to
do. It suddenly occurred to me that this poor
old lady probably had dementia of some sort, which was likely why she was behaving so oddly.
But then if that was the case, why was she all alone in such a huge mall? I came to the
conclusion that someone must’ve brought her here but for some reason decided to abandon
her at the supermarket. I asked the sobbing old lady who had brought her to the mall,
but she said she had no idea. We decided to take her to the help desk so we could try
to find whoever it was that left her. We led the poor old lady to the nearest lift
(the help desk was on the third floor), with my friend having to tail her again, as her
tears had dried rather quickly and she was once again wandering. Luckily, we didn’t have
to get that far. A young woman came running towards us and said she was the lady’s daughter.
She thanked us for taking care of her mother and took her bag back from me. Apparently,
the daughter had asked the old lady to wait outside the bakery while she went in to get
some bread, but she had, of course, wandered off to the other end of the supermarket where
the snack aisle was. I felt kinda sorry for the poor old soul and her daughter. Dementia
is such a beast. He doesn’t work for Ford
M I just got to my mother-in-law’s for Thanksgiving
and heard my brother-in-law regale us with this recent tale of his. He answered the phone in his usual manner,
announcing both his name and government department. She didn’t bother to hear him. She started off, “Finally got one of you
LIVE and you’re gonna hear what I have to say and then you’re gonna help.” She spoke incessantly for 25+ minutes complaining
about her Ford vehicle and how everyone else she’d called had either hung up on her or
simply refused to help. While she was rambling, my brother-in-law was trying to determine
what he’d say when she finally ran out of breath. IDWHL had come to mind at some point. When she finally asked, “Well? Are you going
to fix my Ford or not?” He replied calmly, “Ma’am I’m positive
that the US Government (branch name withheld) doesn’t repair Ford vehicles. I think you
have the wrong number.” She didn’t apologize. She simply hung up. You’re an Air Marshal!
M This story is very short but I thought I’d
share because it made me giggle a little. I just flew home after a quick business event.
I was in an aisle seat. There were two ladies sitting in the seats in front of me. They
were maybe mid-50’s?? Most likely family because they were talking about Thanksgiving plans.
(The lady in front of me was so loud they probably heard those Thanksgiving plans all
the way up in the cockpit.) Across the aisle from them was a man probably in his 30’s who
was quite muscular. Shortly after the seat belt sign came off,
the muscular man got up to use the restroom. And the lady directly in front of me practically
screamed to her companion “I think that man’s an Air Marshal!! He just sat there during
takeoff and was really paying attention to everything!!!’ To which the other lady just
said “maybe.” The funny part was about 10 minutes later
when the “Air Marshal” got a drink which happened to have alcohol in it. At which point the
lady said “WELL. I guess he’s NOT an Air Marshal.” Her voice was just dripping with how offended
she was the poor man chose a profession other than the one she’d picked out for him. I just got a huge kick out of that. Completely
reminded me of this sub so I had to share.


  1. In the ice skating story. I donโ€™t think you are a Karen if you apologize and especially give a gift card. Karenโ€™s donโ€™t apologize. Normal people can be normal and have a big douchebag moment.

  2. If I was Bookstore Manager, I'd just tell the Old Lady to shut up and get out of the store before I report her to the Police for trying to scam my store.

  3. That first lady was definitely batshit insane. I donโ€™t think a book store would give her free stuff if she did a better job of faking that she got hurt.

    Also, what is it with these people not thinking that there would be security cameras at a store/business when they start their bullshit?

  4. My 1st ever date (6th grade) was ice skating ,lol. Then we went to her house and played scrabble while being shy.
    Her parents made her choose dating or dancing. She chose dancing …

  5. Kudos to the youngsters who helped the old lady in the supermarket … ha ha ha … getting a drink is part of the Air Marshall's cover, look for the drunkest guy on the airplane and THAT'S the Air Marshall, with his loaded gun … I feel safer already …

  6. My Nana ,in her 90s succumbed to dementia. One of heartbreaking stories I recall was when 9/11 happened ( dont believe the lies watch Loose Change and Jason Bermas' work! Also Engineers for 9/11 Truth…)
    She used to always watch the news while played Upwords with herself ๐Ÿ’ž .
    So that first few days they would repeat the images of the buildings collapsing ( obviously by demolition btw) .. she had no memory for more than a few minutes, so Every time the news repeated it was like she was seeing it for the 1st time ๐Ÿ˜ข . So every few minutes she went through the trauma of hearing the news for the 1st time. It was heartbreaking explaining it to her over and over again.
    Love you Nana ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’ž

  7. I'm glad they stopped to help who knows what could have happened if she was wandering alone. God forbid she wandered out of the store.

  8. SCP-5467: โ€œKarenโ€

    Classification: Keter

    SCP-5467 is a middle-aged white woman. Occasionally when SCP-5467 sees a person, she insists that person is an employee and proceeds to complain about some slight she may or may not have experienced in the place she is in. The probability of targeting a person in this way is independent of said personโ€™s status as an employee at that location, but is substantially increased if that person is considered a minority in the United States of America.

  9. That's so weird I had the exact experience with a girl I went on a date with the women and the free card and pizza XD I'm guessing it happens a lot …….. That or im the guy in the story XD

  10. With the skating story, even if she was teaching him, and not on a date, you don't know if he/his parents paid for lessons, or why she was helping. If you politely ask, "hey, do you mind helping me a bit, I'm not great at skating", that's one thing (although still doesn't entitle you to help), but to demand help because you assume they work there is just being a bitch. Apology or not. Although, at least she had the decency to apologize.

  11. I go to bookstores to pick up books to eat. Sauteed in butter, with a hint of lemon and a sprinkle of black pepper.

    Like a normal person!

  12. I dunno why, but the ice skating story definitely sounds fake. It may be the fact that they got money and everything seems so perfect. It just came off as fake to me.

  13. The old lady in the supermarket reminds me of something my grandfather (who sadly passed away a couple days ago) did while we were on a road trip a few years ago. He was convinced that he would get a discount on gas when he spent a certain amount at the pump*, so he pumped some gas into the car, then put more in from the gas can he had and couldn't understand why the numbers on the pump weren't changing.

    This was just one of the many things that he did on that trip that convinced me that he shouldn't be living on his own anymore.

    * – There are fuel rewards programs tied in to certain fuel companies and certain supermarket chains, but they typically only give points towards fuel discounts on in-store purchases. The fuel purchases themselves don't give points.

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