r/entitledparents | “YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO WORK A JOB!”

r/entitledparents | “YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO WORK A JOB!”

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Lady at McDonalds doesn’t understand how
fast food restaurants work M
Ive read a lot of these stories and I finally decided to make my own account and share my
experience with one in particular EP and EK Okay so a little backstory, I used to work
at McDonald’s when I was a teenager and I’m also deaf but I read lips. I developed
bacterial meningitis and became fully deaf at the age of 12. I can still speak since
I learned to speak before I became deaf and most of the customers I got there were very
understanding, except one. I was working front counter that day as I
usually did so I was basically in charge of inside customers. This was the easiest position
for me as I could see the customers and read their lips. A middle aged lady and her 9-10
year old son walk in and I say- Me: hi welcome to McDonald’s While signing it at the same time. She doesn’t
look up and is looking down at her phone so I can’t see her lips and I can’t understand
what she’s saying. So I explain Me: excuse me ma’am I’m deaf and I read
lips, can you look up for me? She rolls her eyes and I clearly see she says EM: Why would they let a retard work the front
counter I am appalled by her behavior but just try
to pretend like I didn’t see it. I smile and say Me: what can I get started for you today She starts to patronise me by speaking very
very slowly which fun fact actually makes it 1000x harder to understand what you’re
saying EM: I pause want pause a pause DIET pause
COKE Me: okay is that all? EM: and a happy meal toy Now all of our drinks are a dollar no matter
the size but you have to PAY for a happy meal toy. We don’t just give them out for free.
I ring her up and she’s shocked. She demands to know why I’m discriminating against her
son and forcing them to pay for a happy meal toy. I really don’t want to cause any trouble
and I wish I could say I told her where she could shove it but I ended up just giving
her the toy for free. I thought I had avoided conflict BUT OH BOY WAS I WRONG I told her the total was $1.06 and after she
paid I handed her a large cup and motioned for the guy behind her to move forward. She
waves a hand in my face and points to the drink cup Me: Yes ma’am? EM: you never got me my drink! Now I just thought she didn’t see the machines
behind her so I pointed to to drink machine and said Me: oh there’s a drink station behind you
where you can fill up your drink. I kid you not she word for word said EM: thats your job, do I look like I work
for McDonald’s? My jaw hit the freaking floor. I had never
had someone be so rude in my entire life. I ended up telling her that when you come
inside you fill up your own drinks because of sanitary reasons but when she kept on pushing
at me I ended up just using our drive thru drink machine to give her the DIET coke. While
I’m making the drink my coworker taps me on the shoulder and this is the reason that
this is in the EP tag. I see her son making fun of me to his mom by pretending to sign
and just in general being a jerk. His mom didn’t punish him or tell him off, instead
she encouraged him and started to make fun of me with him. I went to the back and ended
up bawling my eyes out. I felt incredibly embarrassed and like I had made a fool of
myself by having a disability. I turned in my two weeks notice about a week later and
haven’t worked in fast food since To everyone reading this, please be kind to
people especially your fast food workers. It’s a tough job even if you don’t have
any disability. And if you see people who have disabilities working and trying to make
a living, please be patient and help us out by just letting us do our thing and make us
feel welcome. Thank you. EA claims adult child has to obey her because
“It’s the law!” XL
Another post about a parent volunteering their adult child reminded me of this. It happened
to my cousin but I was there for the majority of the story. I remember it so clearly for
a couple of reasons, in addition to just having a good memory. It was the first trip after
my father had died and it was, sadly, the last trip I took with my mother. She died
less than a year later. TL/DR at the bottom. My aunt was always playing the big shot of
solving people’s problems but using my cousin as the actual person to take on the problem…..always
for free. If someone insisted on paying, EA kept the money. Need a babysitter? A ride?
House cleaned? Yard mowed? Errands run? “Oh, my daughter can do it!” As far as my aunt
was concerned, the only reason Emily existed was to cater to her. Emily, was her ultimate
trophy. EA was entitled long before it became a huge thing.
Cast: EA-Entitled Aunt
Emily-Cousin Mike-Emily’s boyfriend
Me-ACCER PO 1-Police Officer 1
PO 2 -Police Officer 2 Judge-Judge
My aunt has always been entitled. It’s her personality type. My mother couldn’t stand
her little sister so we tried to avoid her, while still maintaining contact with her husband
and child. My uncle (their brother) lived further south in the state so we always tried
to avoid EA knowing when we were visiting. On this trip, I was staying with my cousin
for a couple of weeks in the summer and we were going to do the tourist things. EA thought
that the university not being in session meant that cousin was slave labor. One day Emily decided that enough was enough.
She was supposed to run errands for a friend of EA and had told her mother she had plans.
Her mother, as usual, acted as though Emily had agreed and expected her to comply. Emily
just didn’t run the errand for the friend as demanded. It was that simple. My mother
and I had arrived about 10 minutes before the phone rang. EA called and though this
was back during landlines, she was screaming so loudly that both my mother and I could
hear both sides clearly. EA: How DARE you embarrass me with my friends!
You call Mrs. Noname and apologize immediately! You are grounded for a month and you may not
drive the car, at all. Now you make that call and go run those errands NOW. (If anyone can
explain how she was supposed to do this without using the car, I’d like to know) Emily: Mom, I’m 22. I do not live in your
house, you do not pay my bills, and you do not own my car. Run the errands yourself.
I have plans. My mom was a little nervous leaving us at
that point (it’s a mom thing….and a she has met her sister thing) even though we were
both fine. She left just after meeting Emily’s boyfriend. We left and went to a water park
and a few other things. We got back to the house and were talking about where to have
dinner (mom insisted on paying for us to go someplace really nice for dinner that night.) We get back and Emily’s car is gone. She called
and asked where it was: Emily: Mom? Do you have my car?
EA: Yes, I do. Your father brought me over so I could check and see if you had obeyed
me. I told you that you were grounded and you were not there when I arrived. I’m keeping
the car for a month but I’m going to let Mrs. Noname borrow it because you have been so
horrible to her. Emily: Mom, that’s stealing. I want my car
back now or I’m going to report it stolen. No, Mrs. Noname can’t drive my car.
EA: I’m your MOTHER! What I say goes, missy. You need to learn some respect and to get
it through your head that I’m in charge and you are the child. You don’t own anything….it’s
MINE because I am your MOTHER! The police will likely arrest you for wasting their time. Emily hangs up and looks at me. She is so
angry she is crying in rage. Emily: ACCER, if I call the police she’s going
to know you are here. Me: I can live with that. (THAT fallout is
a whole other story) She picks up the phone and calls the police.
Tells them the car has been taken without her permission and where it is. Mike drives
us over there. We do not want to miss the show. PO1 knocks on the door, EA answers. EA: Hello, officers. Do you need something? PO1: Ma’am, the vehicle in the drive matches
the description and location of a vehicle reported stolen. EA: It’s my car. I took it from my daughter
because she is grounded from using it for being disobedient and disrespectful. PO2: I see, may we have a word with her, please? EA (looking very smug): She doesn’t live here. PO1 (Who had noticed us across the street):
You three! Come over here please! PO1: Did one of you call us? Emily: I did. It’s my car officer. My mother
seems to think that she has control over it and me. EA: It’s MY car! I’m your mother and you have
to obey me, it’s the law! Tell her officers! PO2: Actually, Ma’am, there is no such law.
Your daughter is an adult. EA: There most certainly IS such a law! I’m
going to report you to your chief for not knowing it, I may even sue! PO1 (to cousin): May I see the car registration,
and your license please? Emily hands them to him. PO1: Ma’am, this car is registered in the
name of your daughter and only your daughter. It’s her car and you have no right to drive
it. EA looks at the registration the officer is
showing her and then snatches Emily’s license from him and slams the door. The police officers
look at each other for a moment and then shrug and ring the bell again. EA answers it, looking
very smug. PO1: Ma’am, I’m going to need you to return
the license, now. EA hands him the license……..that she has
cut into several pieces. EA: Now she CAN’T drive because she doesn’t
have a license! She looks at Emily as though she just scored some odd victory……then
she finally notices me. EA: ACCER! What are you doing here! Me: Just trying to have a nice visit with
my cousin (she has hated me for years.) EA: You need to leave. I didn’t give you permission
to visit. Where is your mother? Me: I don’t need your permission. My mother
is not here. I can travel without her. PO1: Ma’am, you are under arrest for destruction
of government property (apparently cutting up a valid license is a felony in some places….who
knew?) and grand theft of this car. EA: You can’t arrest me, I’m her mother, I
have rights! PO2: Yes, you do. (He then reads them to her)
The officer explains to us that until she destroyed the license he had been willing
to issue an appearance ticket. Then instead of being arrested she would just have had
to appear in front of the judge…..and get a fine. This was a much bigger deal. Emily
ran into the house to tell her father what had happened. We all chatted for a little
bit until the phone rang. It was EA telling him to call their attorney. We left. I drove
the car back to Emily’s and took her to get her license replaced the next morning. The attorney called by my uncle apparently
didn’t know my aunt and he showed up at the first hearing, a week later, to try and get
it dismissed. It looked to be going her way at first. EA Attorney: You Honor, this is a family matter.
It’s simply a case of a mother disciplining her child and the child calling the police
because her mother grounded her from using the car. Judge: So she got mad and called the police
and she, not knowing that it was a crime to destroy the license, did so? EA Attorney: Yes, your Honor, that’s pretty
much it. Judge: Prosecutor, do you have nothing better
to do today? Prosecutor: No, your Honor, I don’t. I consider
it rather important. When a 22 year old woman has her car stolen, it doesn’t matter who
stole it. She has just as much of a right to justice as someone who has their car stolen
by a stranger. Judge: 22? The victim is 22? Prosecutor: Yes, your Honor. The victim is
a 22 year old woman who is the sole owner of the vehicle in question. Her mother became
enraged at her daughter. She then went to her daughter’s home, stole her car and later
destroyed her license. EA Attorney: Your Honor? I was not aware of
the age or living situation of the victim. I was under the impression that the “child”
was a minor who resides with her parents. EA was sitting there still looking smug. Her
attorney was sweating bullets. Judge: EA, do you realize that these are very
serious charges and if convicted you face up to 8 years in prison? EA: For what? I have the right to discipline
my child as I see fit. She disobeyed me. She will think twice before doing it again. Judge: No, you don’t. You have the right to
discipline your child within the confines of the law. You have stepped outside of that
parameter. You stole your daughter’s car. EA: I’m her mother, it’s my right. It isn’t
really theft because she is my child and her property belongs to me, by law! Judge: Where did you get your law degree? EA: I don’t have one. Judge: Then let me be the first to explain
to you that your child is a legal adult. PERIOD. You have no right to anything of hers without
her express consent. PERIOD. You may not take her car without her permission. PERIOD. You
may not enter her home without her permission. PERIOD. Do you understand that? EA: You don’t know what you are talking about!
I’m her mother. That gives me the right. I’m in charge! Judge: No, Ma’am, I’M in charge. This case
will be held over for trial. I went home a week later. EA eventually took
a plea deal where she had 2 years probation and had to take parenting classes. The parenting
classes were Mike’s idea and the prosecutor thought it was great. We laughed hysterically
over that because my cousin is an only child…..lol. Emily and Mike married a year later……and
moved the heck away from there. This took place about 30 years ago. EA maintained for
the rest of her life that the judges (there were 5 for different status hearings) didn’t
know what the heck they were doing and she was right.


  1. I have disability but I'm not a stepping stone, I have a back bone to tell them how an earthworm on a hook has more value then them

  2. This isn't the first time I heard the last story on YouTube. But it is just so hilarious!!! I just had to listen to it all the way through again. I just wish I could have seen the face of aunt's attorney when he found out about the girl's age. His entire defense got blown out of the water with a nuke.

  3. Deaf does not equal stupid. And I'd rather fill my own drink. They always fill it with ice and a little pop. That mom was a lazy a-. And a b— for making fun of a disabled person just trying to make a living. Rotten mom for not teaching her kid right from wrong.

  4. There is another story with the same crazy aunt of the last story of this vid where they go to an Italian restaurant. It's just as funny. https://www.reddit.com/r/entitledparents/comments/bmxdbm/crazy_entitled_aunt_and_the_italian_restaurant/

  5. Wait, that story about the aunt stealing her daughter's car…wasn't that posted in this channel before? The details are exactly as I remembered it.

  6. OMG, the Deaf person threw me back to an experience.
    I was & still am very shy in person.

    We were on a road trip to see family. We always leave at night, so I fell asleep; I had just woke up and we stopped at BK for breakfast; my parents thought it was a good idea to have us each order our own food; Little me still waking up and wiping the sleep from my eyes. The casher was deaf; I couldn't understand because I was still half asleep; Can you tell what happened next? yea my dad ordered for us. We got pancakes if I remember correctly.

  7. Yeah I would have been cut off that entitled 🐩 as soon as I turned 18 and was out of her house. That 🐩 is nuttier than 🐿️💩.

  8. I think decent people should stand up for those who are not strong enough yet to do it themselves. If I saw the woman making fun of the deaf child I would have said something to her in a not so nice tone. People like that are not worth the dust on your shoe in my opinion.
    I loved the last story! I think the father is an ass! Good for the daughter!

  9. You have the right to remain silent..anything you say..WHAT? IM A MOTHER! I AM A LAW UNTO MYSELF!
    can and will beheld against you…

  10. Being deaf myself, let me start out by saying please please please do not start talking slowly when you learn we're deaf, it's so much more difficult or next to impossible to understand you. You don't realize it but you exaggerate your mouth movement and shape more when you do it. Just talk normal. And don't treat us like idiots. And don't make fun of us.

    The first story made me want to snap EM's fucking neck in several places and see how far I can shove her kid up her ass.

  11. How stupid and backwards is that mom in the 2nd story?!

    Since when was it law for a grown man OR woman to obey ANYONE?! XD Not only that, but she stole someones car XD

  12. I worked in fast food for many years, and spent a good deal of it as management. If someone had been that rude to my employee, I would have kicked them out right away. I swore at, and called police on more than one customer who was rude to someone, usually they were being racist, and I hate to think that the disabled person in the first story didn't have someone to stand up for her.

  13. That EA is batshit insane. I’m surprised Emily didn’t have her mom (EA) committed to a loony bin because she doesn’t seem to be all there.

  14. Wow, the deaf person quit their job due to one jerk customer… good luck in life kid. Now before you reply all nasty, let me say its not cool the way the mom and son acted BUT you shouldn't quit because someone made fun of you. Spit in their drink and hand it to them with a smile

  15. I'm not disabled but I respect everyone… I had friends who have different types of autism (gamer friends), down syndrome at High school, small brain damage, deaf or mute at work… so if I see a person being mean like that to someone disabled, I'll grab him/her and their child by the ear and take them outside like a strict female teacher… my aunt used to do that with me and big sister, so I know how to do that, if people wanna be assholes they can do so outside and away of other people.

  16. When the cop agreed that she indeed have rights and then read them to her I was laughing so hard I had to listen to that part several times. Then try to move on only to have to listen to other parts since I couldn't hear due to my own laughter.

  17. In the last story I am amazed at the competence of the mothers lawyer, got to court ignorant of the fact the daughter was an adult not living with the mother and the car was registered solely to the daughter. Seems like those points might be important.

  18. With the first one and disabilities if only I had a magician hat and wand add a couple of those and zip tie handcuffs I would have given those perpetrators their own disability if I was there

  19. Or, you could have handed her the drink, got a smirk on you face and say "enjoy your drink". She would be wondering forever if you spit in it.

  20. So if anyone wants to join me in hunting down the McDonald’s Karen, feel free to join. I’ll pack snacks.

    Dropping the ‘r word’ would be an easy way to get slapped. How disrespectful can you be?

  21. As a worker for McDonald's….yeah you want your drink made you either order a fancy coffee or you come through drive through.

  22. The deaf woman, her manager should have thrown that customer and her child out. It's their responsibility to protect their staff.

  23. I had already heard the one about the entitled aunt and the car months ago. Thankfully it's one of my favorite Reddit stories. I mentioned this on a previous video of that story, but I will say it again here.

    If I were the judge, I would have thrown out the plea deal and given the entitled mother the full eight year prison sentence. She thinks SHE is in charge? We'll see if she still feels that way after eight years of being told when to eat, when to sleep, when she can have recreational time, when to shower, what chores to do, when to do them. And if I have any say in it she would also have to share a cell with a large, muscle bound, violent lesbian who will tell her when to lick her dirty crotch clean on a regular basis. Yeah honey, you are NOT in charge.

  24. I do not understand how entitlement can engender such an enormous amount of ignorance… I think the EA who first stole her 22 year old ADULT Daughter’s Car and then Cut her License in to pieces should have received the full consequence of her action… 8 years in prison was it?

  25. Given the utter state of most "self-serve" drinks stations, I don't know how OP can say that they are self-serve "for sanitary reasons"…

  26. I'm disabled myself. If I had seen that, or been the party being made fun of, I would have just laughed at her, turned to my co-worker, and pointed to her and her son while I was laughing and said, "Isn't it amazing how clueless the non-disabled are. Look at her….making a right royal fool of herself. And teaching her son to make a spectacle of himself too. I think it's hilarious how clueless she is. Pass the popcorn." Sometimes the only way to teach such a creature a lesson is to turn the tables on them. I found that out when I was a teenager in the 70s. No one cared if you were bullied or not. The only way to teach a lesson was to just return like for like. An eye for an eye…so to speak. I got really good at it.

  27. Basic rules ofnlife:

    Be kind to people regardless of their job or position because you never know when life will change and you'll be on the other side.

    Be kind to people who handle your food.

  28. Co-worker should have taken the soda and said "I have your drink, ask where would you like it?" and then proceed to pour it on the parent's head, followed up with "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't hear you,", and then tell her and her son to leave.

  29. I’d love to see inside these entitled people’s heads when they start performing the mental gymnastics needed to justify their insanity

  30. The obviosly mentally disabled aunt should have get some time in prison to think about it and then get her sectioned (under the Mental Health Act) and have her committed to in-patient psychiatric care.

  31. I have a bad case of depression and antixay (to tired to spell at 4am lol) and i was at work and everyone BUT my manager talked down to me and tried to make me talk while i was doing my thing to calm down (not proud of this) which was clawing at my head and arms till they were red. One co worker who hates me tried to force me to get back to get me back to work saying im fine

  32. How aweful, I have mental disabilities, I wouldnt have lasted as long as OP in this case
    Its terrible how these stupid people ruined OPs confidence, just a disgrace, karma will hit them hard

  33. the entitled aunt in the second story is most likely not going to heaven because of how she is and what she has done

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