Quality of Life: City of Windsor Community Videos 2015

Quality of Life: City of Windsor Community Videos 2015

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Windsor offers a fine quality of life that
is reflected in our beautiful neighbourhoods, exceptional healthcare, and lovely parks.
Our residents benefit from over two thousand eight hundred acres of green space, two hundred
and fifteen parks, and more than forty outdoor sculptures, as well as fountains, nationally
renowned sports facilities, and picnic areas. Along the shores of the magnificent Detroit
River, Windsor preserves thousands of flowers, plants, and shrubs, and maintains an extensive
interlocking network of walking and bicycle trails. Superior healthcare is available at Hotel-Dieu
Grace Healthcare and both campuses of the Windsor Regional Hospital. Which happens to
be the region’s premier tertiary acute care hospital and a leader of advanced care in
complex trauma, renal dialysis, acute mental health, cardiac care, stroke and neurosurgical.
Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare is an award-winning, multi-faceted, health services organization. Come enjoy the high quality of living that
our residents experience every day!


  1. Yeah, but it's real boring. You guys havent changed anything in 5 years. Do some big renovating. This is a city! Not a suburb!

  2. Holy shit! This video almost gave me a seizure. Whoever made this video needs to take some editing courses. Windsor is the dumpiest place that I've ever lived in Canada. It's 2019, and rent is a premium price, properties are trash, city is gross, and job market is absolutely a joke! Stephen Colbert was right; Windsor is truly the rectum of the world!

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