Postal Workers Attack Photographer

Postal Workers Attack Photographer

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[TZ] People on bicycles get no respect We’ve got no place to ride on the road here. [if] that wasn’t bad enough we’ve got United States government employees shouting profanities at us while trying to run us off the road. [horn honk from USPS truck] [USPS Employee] Dumb ass, muthafucker! [TZ] What the hell? Hey, no body’s perfect. No body’s perfect out here, we all make mistakes. But that, uh, gentleman was shouting while he passed me and as he cut me off We have a three foot rule, here in California. I did absolutely nothing wrong We’re gonna see who’s the dumb ass motherfucker. [Driver] You are a dumb ass motherfucker! Just lemme finish parkin’, you can stay your ass right there [TZ] We’re gonna see that…we’re gonna see.. [Driver] Imma bout ta kick his muthafuckin’ ass Right now. [TZ] You’re about kick my ass are you? You are about to kick my ass? Yeah, come out here please and kick my ass! [Driver] Lemme the fuck go, man! [TZ] Oh…let me go, your like you can’t get by him. [Driver] Dis dis…Dis dumb motherfucker is gonna pull in front of while I drive
[TZ] Did I pull in front of you? [Driver] Like he gat a mutherfuckin’ bike line [TZ] I recorded the whole thing, you dumbass! See the light? I recorded the whole thing! [Driver] I don’t care whatcha record, I don’t give a fuck about you or your bicyle! [TZ] You’re gonna learn….You’re gonna learn [Driver] Who gunna learn? [TZ] You’re gonna…you’re gonna learn [Driver] You wanna learn sumthin’?
[TZ] YEAH! [Driver] You wanna learn sumthin’?!!
[TZ] Teach me! [TZ] …but you’re holding him by his pinky? Teach me! [Driver] I’ll twist his mutherfucker up!
[TZ] Oh, come and do it, please! Come and do it! [TZ] Yeah, you’re so tough…too bad you’re not smart! [Driver] I WHAT?
[TZ] Too bad you’re not smart! [TZ] Oh, your pretty tough aren’t you? [TZ] Whatya gunna do? [TZ] You have a driver here… …who cut me off. [TZ] He cut me off, he called me a stupid motherfucker out the window… [Driver] Ah, yes I did! [Driver] Wanna know what he did? Wanna know what he did?
[Plaid shirt guy] What? [Driver] He gonna pull on the side for me, and then ride in front of me while I’m drivin’. [TZ] No…
[Driver] I should have knocked you the fuck out. [TZ] Yeah, you should have genius! [Driver] …is what should have dun…
[TZ] You’re definitely right… [PSG] Okay, I’m gunna halfta have ya go ahead, and uh…
[TZ] ..I’m calling 911 and I’m waiting [Red Headed Aunt Jemima] Fo what? You can go outside..
[PSG] Call ’em! [indistinct speech] [Driver] Dafuq you think you are? [TZ] Tom Zebra… [TZ] Tom Zebra, bitch, that’s who I am! [RHAJ] Who you calling bitch??!! [TZ] Now you’re act tough again? [TZ] Oh, everyone’s holding you back…
[RHAJ] Get outta here!! I’m not interested in begging for your guy’s help.. [Song: “That’s a Lie” by LL Cool J]
♪That’s a lie
You know what my records is about, man
You know how much money we get, man, come on… You’re a liar..♪ [TZ] I don’t believe you on anything… [Police Sergeant Joel Romero] …so here’s where we are… DING!


  1. Ignorant peoples don't believe bicyclers have rights. Crazy peoples at the post office?? What the fuc. Good thing that postal worker wasn't a cop. He'd have done shot you 20 times.

  2. I don't know if the argument is worth getting into. There was another popular Youtuber who got into a road rage fight and then stopped posting videos after that upload. Road rage arguments make no sense to me. I'm a big bicyclist, but I give the cars much more respect than they deserve, because they can kill me.

  3. TOM ZEBRA BITCH !!! That's who the fuk you talkin to…..better educate yo self. Love this video just rocks on all levels….what you holdin him by his pinky…HAHAHAHAHAHA
    Great work…

  4. Wow Tom, insane footage! Glad you were recording this! I wanted to ask you if its alright with you if I use this clip in my upcoming compilation? I have over 37,000 subscribers so I'm sure we can get this video viral. Credit and links in the description, as always, will be provided.

    Look forward to your response, thanks!

  5. I used to live on 111th & Prarie the same postal worker threatened my wife, pushed her,& refused to deliver our mail. I dealt with the same workers and the same police officers. with negative results. unfortunately it turned out to be indicative of the results that I receive living in that neighborhood hope things get better

  6. Ghetto a** postal workers!  All of them need to be fired for acting unprofessionally.  They work for the public and have to learn to contain their emotions in such situations.  Frustration should not resort to ignorance.

  7. It's funny how you talk shit about the cops, but their the first ones you call when you're about to get beat up lol. Who's the coward now?

  8. You'd think with the pay and benefits that USPS employees make, they would be a little more worried about losing a job like that.

  9. I hope you sue them. And I hope this moron loses his job. Not sure what race has to do with this… but this was a case of road rage and a guy that clearly isn't qualified for the job he has.

  10. You'd think a guy who drives around for a living would know how to drive when there is a biker riding exactly where he is supposed to be. He could have easily changed lanes and gone around you. Hell he could have easily just passed because you were as far over as you could possibly be even though you are not required to get that far over. It's not hard folks, bikers get to use the road too and just because you may be in a hurry doesn't mean you can treat bikers this way!

  11. I already forwarded your video to the USPS Inspector General. Have they contacted you? It does appear that your life is being endangered by that man who is an agent for the United States Postal Service by the way he drives. Public servants are suppose to serve the people not endanger their life by their actions.

  12. Tom, it's clearly you instigated the whole thing. In the beginning the mailman honked to let you know that he is behind you for safety reasons . I can see that by looking at your front tire in the video,you rode further into the middle intentionally to piss him off. After being confronted by the employees You called the woman a bitch. Bikers like you gives other bikers bad names.

  13. You can file a city/government law suit because this is not cool for government employees honking and harassing cyclist.. Any Government employees that honk at us cyclist is harassment and charges and be filed.

  14. Stop feeling small, Tom. You are a luminous being. Watch how you treat your fellow human beings. Why would you enforce this kind of alienation? Of separation? Have you apologized to the people in this video yet? What forces would desire you to create this wave of anger? Is this love, Tom? Listen to where the voices come from. God says "I love you". Satan says "I'll show you!" Find someone you can talk to.

  15. This video encourages bullying of police officers. This can lead to aggressive actions towards law enforcement. This person is mentally ill, allowing his channel to exist is to allow others to take advantage of his mental illness.

  16. This is  what happens when you live your life like a man-child,.  How old are you , 50?   No job , no family. You sped your entire day riding around on a fucking bicycle acting like you are important?  You are a fucking loser.

  17. I hope you get killed. Typical cyclist camera warrior who thinks he is tough. Someone will run your ass over or punch your teeth in.

  18. Tom zebra. alot off that shit talk from you was clearly instigating. is he was off the handles , and he killed you. would have it been worth it. I know what you were doing. and to be honest. have your little spat. but don't call him a tough guy and antagonise him to do something knowing damn well you have the camera rolling and are about to dial 911 . if he kills you. it wouldn't be worth it .

  19. Animals act in a pack manner is what the title should be. I say get their asses fired if you can. These self serving, government workers are as bad as any cop sucking the life out of their town on bogus overtime. They are animals and you can't negotiate with them.

  20. tom zebra saw $$$$ i love it i would have let him beat the shit out of me and laugh all the way to the bank

  21. be glad you dont live in gloucester va. you learn as a kid when a car is coming you better get in the ditch or your getting flattened. get a car or get off the road.

  22. I love it when mailmen have distorted views of how important they are, and that delivering mail is really, really important to national security. It seems they all do.

  23. Filming on federal property, and refusing to leave federal property when told to do so, are each a VERY easy way to learn about the federal prison system from the inside. I can see why the cyclist was upset, but call 9-1-1 from the sidewalk, and film from there. Hoping a federal building manager and a US attorney will both decide not to push things is a HUGE risk.

  24. what happened to the video before he passed you? cant stand videos like this. sounds like you pulled out infront of him.

  25. The postal workers seemed to act un-professional, rude, and a bit rowdy in this video. I know you were sort of trespassing on postal property, but you came here because you wanted to report some misconduct with a postal driver.

  26. bikers need to understand this is the USA, everyone is going to pass around you.because you can not attain the speed limit on bike. if traffic is moving fast its not safe for a biker to be on the road

  27. useless fucking inbred hillbilly, times have not changed at all. you lazy inbred hicks brought blacks to this country because you're to lazy to work for yourself and hundreds of years later black people are still doing all the work. while being harassed by worthless hicks with nothing better to do. bunch of fat lazy disgusting ugly welfare recipients.

  28. they are not u s employees for years the post is independent owned they just kept the name u s post office

  29. this mf did get over father with the bike hes not suppose to be in the middle of the damn road that why that strip of asphalt is own the side for bikers

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