1. The UPS driver was a hostage, he was probably wounded… but still alive trying to get out of the truck, you can see it on the video, trying to keep his hands on the air…and the police executed him with no mercy! period…

  2. I watched it live. I cried. It was too much when I saw the UPS driver reaching to get out the truck. All ran through my mind was the UPS driver and the bullets hitting that truck. I knew there was no way he survived.

  3. All UPS trucks are equipped with GPS tracking. They should have backed off and tracked them and kept eyes on them by helicopter for the sake of the driver. Find them once they bail from the truck.

  4. This is not the movies, they had all that open road to stop try and stop that truck, and a firefight on the highway?, this is not the movie HEAT or Den of Thieves, I respect police officers but if they shot the hostage then there was definitely a Major Tactical error

  5. I watched this live yesterday. I live in Miramar and i could here the police sirens and i could see the helicopters. While i was watching this, i saw the police officers go behind cars that people were still in, which I thought was ridiculous. A few hours later i go on youtube and search up what happened, and when i watched one of the videos, I noticed that they cut out the part were the cops hid behind cars that people were still in, how stupid.

  6. The only one I feel sorry for is that damn UPS driver…he hears the sirens probably think good the cops on her to help me.. nope

  7. https://www.gofundme.com/f/frank-ordonez-fund?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet

    Plz help his 2 daughters

  8. This is very sad. All this over a failed robbery attempt? Did they say they didn't get anything from the jewelry store? They knew it was a hostage involved. Why not follow them for however long it took, they would've eventually gave up, ran outta gas, backed off to give them the impression they was getting away. Adrenaline and guns always ends up deadly even with "trained professionals"😡😡

  9. Since Trump came ppl became racist and also more police did too its the police fault they killed the UPS driver, they just made this situation worse

  10. “Unfortunately the suspects are deceased.” Yeah, because the degenerates who ROBBED the truck are the ones we should be mourning, and not the two innocent people who officers carelessly slaughtered in cold blood. What a disgrace this police force is, run by utter morons. Can’t wait for the luau.

  11. Wow this is outrageous shootout in 5 o clock traffic using cars as shields damn smh bad way to go out in a hail of bullets and sirens 😥

  12. Type in " Slain UPS Hijacking Suspect and Female Accomplice Identified " or " Armed Suspect Who Hijacked UPS Delivery Truck Shot, Killed in San Jose " from back in February 2019 and let the boys in blue from San Jose show you how it's suppose to be done

  13. Look at all the idiots on this thread blaming LE for the actions of attempted murders. These low life scumbags robbed a jewelry store and shot people in the process. They also were shooting at LE during their getaway. So what let them go you stupid motherfuckers?!? Send a message to criminals that all you have to do is shoot people during your getaway and you’re all good they’ll let you go?!? If you believe that donate your vital organs to a more worthy human being. Do it now. Because you’re too stupid to keep around….😖

  14. This scared pussycat gets robbed-quits his job-moves across the state-becomes a pinellas county police officer- Shoots a man Alton Witchard in his back-fearing his own life-the worst type-On December 5, 2019-Filmed in Miamar, Florida-Yariel diesel mata is shooting into a crowded area at a UPS truck with a hostage inside-After shooting he started running away hiding behind civilians and vehicles-While another officer was just standing still behind him in the street-both the hostage and innocent bystander are dead.

  15. The cops should be sued ..dont need 19 officer shooting especially when they are dozen of civilians around. Especially children

  16. Why they started open fire on the crowded road , they followed them for miles … what were polices thinking ? 😩😢 many innocent ppl got killed because situations like this

  17. Poor young UPS driver had a long life ahead of him 😞 he left behind 2 small daughters that will grow up without there father

  18. When Nino Brown used a little girl to shield himself from gunfire, it was written that way to show his heartlessness. Why are almost two dozen cops opening fire surrounded by 50 vehicles filled with civilians and using said cars/civilians to shield themselves from gunfire?

  19. Should be a limit on how many police chase a vehical. 19 cops shooting is rediculas. You dont need 20 cop cars chasing a vehical. Also the chase should of been suspended for danger to the public. 5 cops would of been plenty

  20. Therr was like 3 agencies involved. Way to many cops at that scene. They all wanted there pound of flesh. Once the suspect fired at the cops. The cops said free kill boys and all the cops wanted there trophy

  21. Sucks that you have to kill 2 innocent people, just so you can get 2 bad apples. There has to be better training than that.

  22. Cops could've escorted that truck thru traffic until they could get a negotiator on site. I'm sure nobody wanted to die that day…that way, including the bad guys. But the pigs CORNERED them in rush hour traffic. 🤦🤦🤦😠😠 The bums had already shot a lady in the head…..why corner them around more innocent ppl. 😠😠😠

  23. To all the Monday morning quarterback so called experts with ZERO training in these types of matters who think they would have done something different from atop their comfortable perch….. If the cops had not fired back and kept letting the "Suspects" (can we stop marginalizing obvious thugs) fire off shots then what would you be saying if these thugs shot and killed more than 2 innocent civilians? Should the cops have waited until a magical helicopter flew to the scene with a gigantic magnet to pluck the UPS truck from the ground and gently carried it to a wide open field"? I can hear you now, "why didn't the police shoot the thugs instead of letting them keep shooting innocent bystanders"? Its a no win situation. Unfortunately collateral damage was going to be inevitable.

  24. I counted over 200+ shots into civilian territory. 4 people die including 2 innocent souls.

    If I ruled the world! I’d have each and everyone of those cops shoulder to shoulder, burden with regret and fear.

  25. I am so sad and angry! Police commented that that was the only way to engage the robbers! They could have stayed away and with bull horns indicated that they would allow them to go if they let the hostage go! But you had to be prepared that is what the tax payer pay cops for not to look nice with uniforms eat donuts and harass innocent people. They are paid to be prepared for this, our money is spent on buying them state of the art equipment. As a combat veteran all i can say is that they panicked. If the robbers are shooting at you it's because you boxed them in and are not allowing them to leave again they could have negotiated with them even though they shot at them, most likely telling you to keep away. So you see force is not always the answer.

  26. Their should be fired ASAP , this not the Wild West …. They're responsible for killing two innocent people…..The killed the UPS driver.

  27. So the police made no effort to stop the truck on an open un-trafficked stretch of road – and patiently waited for an opportunity to have their shoot out in the midst of dozens of innocent civilians – What the F is wrong with these people — Oh wait and I forgot – FILLED a truck with a known hostage with bullets!!

  28. The cops are praising this like they did something right … Wow !! They had the nerve to say no police lost their lives…. Idiots !! But you killed two innocent victims !!

  29. So they killed the hostage and and innocent bystander? Since when do 19 cops just unload reload and unload in a hostage situation

  30. This was so unnecessary. When they shot the ups driver the robbers were probably dead or out of bullets. Truly ridiculous.

  31. I no let's rob a jewelry store at RUSH HOUR😬

    Should've used bicycles as get away.

    My Heart, and Prayers Go Out for the Driver, and Bystanders Families

  32. Hopefully there’ll be a butt-load of jobs available in those police departments. Praying the families of the UPS driver and innocent bystander settle out of court for the big bucks they deserve. RIP.

  33. News flash we all have common sense so stop trying to spin the shit for the police. They were wrong actually they were just as wrong as the suspects far as I'm concerned, those people had a better chance at living without the police involved they made matters worse. Why the hell they have a hostage and your moving in on them, instead of containing the area and waiting on a SWAT team and negotiators.

  34. No shit no cops got hurt they used the people as shields.

    This is why cc and oc constitutional carry is a must without bull permits. You'd stand better chance of killing a robber then being shot by them or the cops

  35. If it was a failed robbery and they didn't take anything, why not let them go and avoid loss of life? Why do we have idiot's in charge? From the President to law enforcement this country needs an overhauling 🤷🏻‍♂️

  36. So can someone tell me again, if they ban guns how they gonna take them from the criminals?
    I'm sorry I wasn't pay attention what government had responded when that question were asked.

  37. Law enforcement officials were the ones committing a senseless act of violence. It was just jewelry. Are human lives worth more or less than that???

  38. Damn cowards!! All over jewelry??😡
    Many Civilian cars were shot up!! This was a blood bath. 60 dumb officers firing over 400 bullets at innocent victims.
    The Police are 💯at Fault. Look how those cowards were hiding behind Civilians. And the Miami Dade Police Chief Director should be fired along with all those officers for that heartless statement😡
    It’s all over the Internet with peoples cameras…The police fired first when the truck completely stopped and used Civilians as moving shields. Innocent lives loss and people emotionally devastated for life all for damn Jeweler that is covered by Insurance and all UPS trucks have GPS devices…hell the thing would have ran out of gas soon. Damn Miami Dade police are stupid!!!

  39. The Police officers murdered that UPS driver. He jumped out with hands up and they still shot him. Look at the many videos by civilians

  40. News should be making these cops answer for their stupidity and y’all barely mentioning the two innocent people the police killed

  41. The officers need better training…using innocent for cover??? My Lord…ever hear of a long gun and taking cover and not putting civs in danger????

  42. I saw on one news report that leader in law enforcement is blaming the robber for the two innocent people. There is no way 19 officers had sight on target. I call that spray and pray. In a combat zone if you hear gun fire shoot towards that direction. When you have that many innocent people around you better have eyes on target. Im not a cop or trained and really dont know there procedure but they are and WTF.

  43. https://www.gofundme.com/f/frank-ordonez-go-fund-me?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet

  44. They will never let the public know who shot the innocent people. If they find it was the police they will say we don’t know or it was the criminals bullets.

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