Phase one China deal could lead to thousands of new jobs: Peter Morici

Phase one China deal could lead to thousands of new jobs: Peter Morici

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  1. and guess who the Fascists are!!!! Why does anyone listen to this person with no experience or frankly, an original thought!!

  2. Tell the truth. Trump lost the trade war the day he started it. New jobs? Sure the $10 an hour type. Well done America.. keep them poor.

  3. Oh, it sounds great! I am sure all those midwest farming communities will make America great again. As, Chinese begin moving into those rural American farming communities to assist with the work load of those newly legislated Trump jobs. Farmers will welcome Chinese into their communities with open arms. As, the Chinese and midwest Farmers share the communities, and the profit. Xie Xie lol

  4. Trump2020 KAG❤❤❤❤BUT DRNK strings are being pulled by CCP shoot down their 2 satellites that just cruise over USA couple times a day 🚀😜see how they like that👍💪

  5. Stop with the non-sense! This 4th grade administration couldn't sell girl scout cookies without fraud or something mixed in it. You guys constantly spin everything to appear this administration is doing a good job. Give it a break. Americans know the truth stop shining a rusty bolt.

  6. If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be. Thomas Jefferson

  7. I wonder, does AOC even know the definition of a fascist?? Is she aware of what her public persona says about her?? Its mindnumbing listening to socialist traitors deride the country they live in. I've heard enough to know AOC is irrelevant, immature, and most of all, UNAMERICAN.

  8. Nope, she knows what she is saying. She is a trained politician. Its not about saying the truth. Its about saying what the people willing to vote for you wants to hear. They want you to say USA is facist, she will say it.

    She is not honest nor looking forward to be honest. She is looking forward to be a millionaire as quick as possible from the poor class dumb people who likes hearing her lies.

  9. I gave a thumbs down because I feel sorry for the Trump opposition with their record setting losing streak and thought Id offer some condolences if a form of a down vote.

  10. AOC calls everyone faschist or sexist or racist or whatever who does not share her twisted ideas. she is a public danger!

  11. Cortez has a lot to apologize for.

    Her ancestors laid waste to the Aztecs who were really awesome people like the rest of the "natives" who never murdered or enslaved their neighbors because they were all majically peaceful people who danced with Unicorns and rode across rainbows.

  12. AOC does not know that Communism/Socialism is a take down of the Middle Class thru extreme taxation that
    leads to no Middle Class and than Facism. AOC destroys Amazon jobs all jobs so no Middle Class, She wants
    an hyper-rich Ruling Class of Politicians and the Middle Class becomes POOR and over Taxed.

  13. It would be amazing to finally end this two party crap, i'd like to see both parties work together, Andrew Yang has some good ideas about climate and Tulsi has some great ideas about Military why not have them on board in one administration so we can work on policies together, i mean after all the bottom line should be what is in the best interest of our Country and its people right? I just feel President Trump would be willing to do this and it would be a blessing if Tulsi and Mr.Yang accept a position , our goals should not be any different , we all want to be safe and we all want to preserve our environment, for the better so i'm not looking at sides anymore and playing this game, it is done,.I would hope that the President ends this two party system because look at all the great ideas we can use to benefit our people and Country.On the same note I would not want any socialist ideology, sorry this will not work , we want to keep our freedoms.

  14. Coulter denouncing Trump is starting to make srnse to me.The swamp has effectively hijacked his agenda wirh all the negative press and obstruction with the fake news and bogus impeachment. He's never been more popular and his ego is going to about being more liked moving forward and packing those rallies while reneging on his most provocative issues for support from his party.

  15. The nasty hate of the Democrats and the media, Against the President is incredible is nasty ridiculous makes no sense. They lie all the time to the American People. The more they talk  lies about him they look more ridiculous and meaningless

  16. Don’t report something unless it will lead to more jobs. This political jargon is useless when allocating investments. Keep the political subjective reports separate from business Fox Business

  17. Whatever the Chinese sign, they will try and cheat as they are with other countries' terroritory in the south China Sea – it is integral to their core mentality and a bit like getting a promise from kleptomanic not to steal. There needs to be carefully monitored by the US and massively retaliate if the try to cheat, and even then it is probably not going to work.

  18. Boycott China!!! No Freedom loving patriot should be supportive of Communism. The CCP is BRUTALIZING innocent citizens in Hong Kong, RIGHT NOW!!!!! XiPooh has stolen the heritage, language, religion and culture from his own people. There are over a million Chinese Muslims currently in concentration camps…real concentration camps. Their organs are harvested and sold on the black market. BOYCOTT CHINA,,,EVIL EMPIRE! Communism MUST end!!!!!

  19. No matter how much money I made campaign E I would not lie to the American people oh, these people openly lied to drop of a hat and they're running for president oh, this is pure insanity

  20. here's an idea send the Clinton's, all of Congress, AOC, Bernie, Pelosi, Nadler, and creepy uncle Joe and his son to the middle east to live! they'll all end up in jail or worse. problem solved.

  21. New jobs? Lower tariffs? Who needs that? Lol.. No wonder Democrats hate him so much. He's actually doing something to empower people to help themselves. Something socialists despise.

  22. John 3:16
    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. (King James Bible Version)

  23. Democrats are the only ones practicing fascism. They are censoring conservative Republicans that support our sitting President and paying violent hoodlums to violently attack them to scare them into silence. They have made it offensive and hateful to wear or say anything supporting our duly elective President. Democrat voters believe the lies and selective outrage the fake media and Democrats spew. They make them get angry at President Trump at what Obama and other Democrats have already said and done before.

  24. What did draft Dodger obummer do he took America downtown spiraling like the the supposed to be unsinkable titanic he was a real idiot while in power

  25. Trump did NOT create the greatest economy in history. The ruling elites are merely making it appear that way in a desperate and vain attempt to keep Americans from dragging executives into the streets and gutting them like the stinky useless carcasses they actually are!!

  26. Only in America would AOC become a millionnaire for speech engagements. Unbelievable ! Her claim to fame is loosing 50 000 jobs for her district. Wow ! And people still want to listen to her ! Unbelievable !

  27. After seeing this I finaly understand why she couldn't figure out a garbage disposal,
    this AOC lady is suffering from a totally isolated / shielded life,
    like Crocodile Dundee on his first trip to the USA.

  28. Cortez (AOC) just keeps on showing her stupidity and she keeps getting dumber. Most people get smarter when they have worked their job for a year but not Cortez. Please someone replace this insane, ignorant, crazy New Yorker by voting in someone else from her district! She has done NOTHING for her district for the past year except loose people jobs and help make America look totally ignorant.

  29. is just overwhelming how much i do trust Trump and i really want him to be my President…he looks like a boss near other Presidents!!! Love you MR President

  30. It was clever how she was looking at the person who shouted, before she called out.. didn’t have to turn, look to reply,, Obviously not staged shout out at the exact moment required by the speech.

  31. " hate to break it to you, but Real Americans Do Not Want AnyDeal with China! Boom, no trust, violation of All Human Rights " KaG

  32. Really likes the way Mr. Peter Morici gives his views/opinion and I especially Love his recommendation to that stupid "B" – aoc.

  33. We need to drive up pay wages for poor and middle classes..lower real estate prices and economy will sky rocket even much more.


  35. Why can’t we buy the Pakistan territory from China in a free trade deal? Save Japan if we do not buy back Pakistan we will loose Japan and the entire string of pearls.

  36. The biggest deficit ever under Don the Con . He is a big spending liberal president who is going to sink our grand kids . What a joke the Republican Party has become . The Trumpican party now . USA USA USA

  37. Why isn't AOC in jail for all the money she stole with her boyfriend? It's ridiculous how these scumbags break the law and Barr doesn't do anything!

  38. I wanted to see live Dow Jones info, and noticed the Washington com-Post has an add for live Dow updates and they have a 4 month old ticker when the DJI lost 400 + F'n Democarps are just praying for a national monetary disaster so that they will look good. That says a lot about who, and what they are.

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