Opportunities for International Students at U.S. Community Colleges

Opportunities for International Students at U.S. Community Colleges

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AIDA BAIBOSUNOVA: Hi. My name’s Aida. And I’m from Kurdistan. With the help of Opportunity
Grant, right now I’m studying at Seattle Central Community
College. Seattle Central Community
College is the best way to start education because it’s
affordable and located at the heart of Seattle. SAID ISRAILOV: After receiving
Opportunity Grant, I came to Seattle to attend Community
College. My experience at Community
College was amazing, both in terms of academics
and social life. Here, I had a chance to
do academic research with my math teacher. I was also part of the soccer
club where I played for the school’s team. And last year, I had a chance to
work at student leadership of my school where
I had a chance to create events for students. My friends at Seattle Central
Community College come from different countries
around the world. This creates a diverse and
interesting atmosphere to study and socialize. BEKMURAT AZAMAT: The main
reason I wanted to get education in the US because, in
the US, American colleges offer a lot of opportunities to
succeed in my major, that is computer science. Also, the USA is a very diverse
country where I’m getting cultural exchange, and
I’m making a lot of new friends around the world. AIDA BAIBOSUNOVA: Next year,
I’m going to transfer to a four-year college and get
my bachelor’s degree. But my main goal in the United
States is to get my masters degree at Harvard University. SAID ISRAILOV: Recently,
I graduated from Community College. And I was accepted by
Cornell University. My department is Applied
Economics. While at Cornell, I plan
to study hard and get involved in research. After Cornell, I plan to attend
graduate school, but I’m not sure where. BEKMURAT AZAMAT: I’m going to
get a bachelor’s degree in computer science. And right now, I’m studying
at Seattle Central. And I think it is the right
place to be prepared for transferring for four-year
colleges. Because during this time,
I can get used to a new environment, to a new
education system. And I will determine to what
university I want to apply. First time, it was really
difficult for me to live in the US because I’ve never been
so far from my home country. Even I learned English
in my home country, I had a language barrier. But college offers a lot of
activities where I can overcome these problems
and difficulties. And right now, I’m more
concentrated on my studies. And I’m having fun
in my college. SAID ISRAILOV: First couple
months in Seattle was challenging. I was homesick. And language barrier was another
aspect that I faced. But my friends at college helped
me to transition into the US culture. And the classes I took, the
place I worked really helped me to get to know
the US culture. AIDA BAIBOSUNOVA: At the
beginning of my education, I had some difficulties
with the language. I would miss home,
friends, family. But to compare with my
experience in the United States, it’s nothing.


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