One In An ARMY Charity Campaign | #OneForSyria (BTS ARMY)

One In An ARMY Charity Campaign | #OneForSyria (BTS ARMY)

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Всесвітня благочинна кампанія AРМІ представляє ONE IN AN ARMY Ось вони. Ось ми. Давай покінчимо зі стражданнями. Понад 13,8 мільйнів людей можуть змінити світ на краще. Будь… причиною їхньої посмішки. Ти готовий(-ва) допомогти? Допомогти їм віднайти щастя, надію, мрії. Уперед. Ти один(-на) на мільйон. Змінюй світ. Стій за людство. #ENDVIOLENCE (#ЗУПИНИНАСИЛЬСТВО) Я – один(-на) із АРМІ. ONE IN AN ARMY
ВЕЛИКИЙ ФАНДОМ. СУТТЄВІ ЗМІНИ. Давайте розпочнемо зі Сирії. #OneForSyria


  1. Wow, this video is so touching and meaningful. I can't describe how proud I feel about this campaign. It really means a lot and I even cried. Thank you for making ARMY the best fandom and moving something in this world. This campaign gives us so much hope!!!💜

  2. Este es un hermoso proyecto. En este mundo donde abunda el sufrimiento, queremos ser ese pequeño cambio que impulse a otros.
    BTS inspira este tipo de acciones.
    Muchas gracias por esto, realmente estoy muy orgullosa de pertenecer a esta familia.

  3. This is how much us ARMY care for the world and not just the boys of ourselves.

    Where can I get a part time job to get the money to donate?

  4. I don't have money atm but I'll share this video and keep babysitting 🙃 to donate the money I earn. This is what ARMY is .. what BTS have taught us with their own campaign #ENDVIOLENCE

  5. Im crying pain inside.Allahuakbar,the best fandom i have seen.even we are from different country,races ,religion,genders, here we are united to help someone in need. Keep praying and spread loves💜💜💜

  6. Omg this is beautiful! In 2015 , a some of my classmates and me were trying to write letters and petitions to let Syrian refugees in to our country and our state.

  7. Guys I think see the humanitarian behind this but I don't think it's a good idea to involve "army" or "BTS" in this. I don't know how to explain in but it's not right.

  8. Im an 12 year old ARMY since i can't get or make my own money to donate and my family is facing financial problem… How can i help? I save the prayer and i already share this to twitter so i can help them to know… Is there anymore way that a 12 year old ARMY can do? I wanna help in the simplest way i can

  9. I fell so amazed who did this donation, army are always helping all people in the world #OneForSyria

  10. This video is amazing. I live on the complete opposite side of the world from where this is happening but I feel terrible for everyone going through this. Together ARMY can do anything. Let's change some lives.

  11. 😢😢😢
    I fell so overwhelmed by this, thankyou for bringing this forward
    We're all Army from all around the world and we stand united no matter our religion or belief
    we are Muslims, Christians, Buddhist, Hindus, Jews and all the other global religions
    Our adoration for these 7 boys is what makes us One and we must use this advantage to do something positive
    u see BTS has inspired millions and they truly have brought forward such beautiful and meaningful messages such as this song Sea, which is one of my favorites❤
    ""It is a sea, it is a desert, it is hope, it is despair"
    "where there is hope, there is trial"
    syria we know it's ur trial, but don't lose hope, we are with u, always in our hearts

  12. i am so proud with this fandom😭😭😭i love army..i am in one organization for syria and i hope all army all over the world help us to show the world what is happening in syria right now..they bomb ,, and kill innocent people

  13. i am so proud with this fandom😭😭😭i love army..i am in one organization for syria and i hope all army all over the world help us to show the world what is happening in syria right now..they bomb ,, and kill innocent people

  14. I’m so thankful of this fandom .
    We need people like you who still put humanity above all else .
    Please keep Syria and all others oppressed around the world in your prayers ..Let’s try to help them
    Fighting 🙂

  15. I'll do whatever I can. I don't have any money rn but this was really beautiful. Us ARMY'S are a good fandom and I believe we can do this

  16. I love that ARMYs are trying to be helpful for humanity 💖 I'm so sorry that i'm not capable of donating at the moment, but i surely have shared this video on my twitter account. Hope that helps a bit.

  17. #OneForSyria/ We are not only people separately, we are family that is not yet found but we know that they are there and we will support what is necessary/ #EndViolence


  19. this is already reason enough why I stan them so hard and why I live for them, their impact on our world is no joke.. Antis and haters should finally wake up and change their closed mindset.
    #EndViolence #OneForSyria #BTSxARMY 💕💕💕

  20. I literally cried because of the video and because of how proud I am to be part of this famdom.
    BTS is really a good influence to us in everywhere, its like them being our parents and teaching us to be who we are right now. I know BTS are proud of us when they receive the letter.

  21. This made me so emotional 😭💜💜

    I'm so proud to be an ARMY and be a part of this beautiful family. Thank you BTS and thank YOU ARMYs.

  22. I PROMISE, IT MAY TAKE LONG, BUR I WILL DO WHATEVER I CAN TO HELP YALL OUT THERE!!! It’s actually been my childhood dream to go out there in the world and help as much people as I can. And right now… I’m really close to reaching that dream. Just a little more, hang in there…

    (this is not my main channel)

  24. This is amazing idea. We are not just some fandom. There are so lots of us that we can change the world. And this family was made just by seven boys reaching for their dreams… Thank you BTS. You started all of this and I hope you can be proud of us. This is beautiful.
    We have the power

  25. Wow this really touched me. Army thank you for everything you are doing to change the world. The best fandom. Also this video need more views it's so beautiful

  26. I'm so touched
    I'am from Syria and I've​ been an army for 3 years
    I appreciate this
    thank you so much
    ARMY we are such a big lovely family i love y'all ❤❤💛

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