Mom’s Job Fair For Household Chores Goes Viral | The Kelly Clarkson Show

Mom’s Job Fair For Household Chores Goes Viral | The Kelly Clarkson Show

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– Before we go any further I have to publicly praise an amazing mom from Georgia. This is real. I love her. She recently went viral on Facebook thanks to a brilliant idea to help her kids understand the value of a dollar. Her name is Shaketha McGregor and get this, she held an at home job fair for her three children, which is awesome. And I’m totally gonna do it. And had them apply and interview for jobs. Look at these jobs: Kitchen manager, lead housekeeper, laundry supervisor. I’m obsessed with this mom because she found a way for her kids to ask to do chores. Which is, what, they never do that. The kids even had to fill out applications with questions like “Are you willing to work some nights and weekends?”, (audience laughing and clapping) “What is your desired pay rate?”, with an emphasis on desired because it’s not going to happen. You get a pat on the back. That is way more thorough than any application I’ve ever filled out and believe me, I’ve filled out a ton. I’ve had almost every
job you can think of. But it even gets better, Shaketha started a credit
union for the kids. Which actually is awesome. You know, money
management, that’s awesome. Shaketha is with us today in the audience. Shaketha, you’re a genius. What inspired you to do this? (audience applauding) Stand up for us. (audience cheering) How did you get this idea? – Well, earlier in the year I gave my kids a few
dollars to go to Walmart and purchase some things. And for the first time they was actually looking at prices. Because usually when mom is paying for it all they just grab it. Like, we don’t care, we’re balling we don’t care what the price is. But they was checking prices they was putting things back. “How much does this cost?” And I was like, you know what? You guys can manage money
better than I thought. So, they continued to ask for things. I was like, you know what? Get home from school tomorrow, I got a big surprise for you guys. So they get home, they’re like “Where is
it, where’s the stuff?” And I was like “Surprise, job fair.” (audience laughing) – You win. – You win. – I must know, how did the interviews go? How did that process go? – It went okay. Actually my 13 year old, my six year old applied for the same job. But the six year old was more qualified. They both applied for lead housekeeper and my 13 year old was
like “I need three days to start”. And my six year old was like
“Mom, I can start today”. I was like and you’re cheaper. You’re hired. (audience clapping) – [Shaketha] Yes. – [Kelly] I love you. So, how is it going? How’s the family business going? – It’s something different
with each three kids. Like, my six year old, I recently gave them a ten dollar bonus just to see what they was gonna do with it. And it was so amazing, you guys. She went to the store and she was picking up things. She’s like, “Mom, I’m
gonna get what I need.” And I was like “You’re six”. So she got a fuzzy cat bracelet because every six year old girl needs a fuzzy cat bracelet. She got washcloths, a bath towel, and she’s like “well my
next paycheck I’ll just get my own bubble bath”. And I was like, you’re
six, what do you know about things that you need? But my laundry supervisor,
my ten year old, phenomenal. But my 13 year old,
he’s about to get fired. (audience laughing) – Because he’s a teenager. – He’s a teenager and he wants to do the absolute least for the most. I think he’s going to be a politician. (audience clapping) – That does seem to be
a lot of the criteria for a politician. – Yes. – Whoo, it’s a sad situation
– It is. – Socially speaking. Whooo, no thank you so
much though Shaketha, that’s amazing. Can we check back in with you? Like in a few months, I
want to see your progress. – Yes – I feel like your 13 year old I think he can do it, yeah. – We’ll see how it goes. – [Kelly] But I love it. I’m not kidding man. I mean, this is awesome for the show. That’s a great idea for
like moms out there. One, just to teach them,
like money management. That’s key man. I didn’t know what to do with money. I’ve never had money. – Me either – Yeah and then all of a sudden I was like whooooo. (audience laughing) And I bought all this stuff I shouldn’t of and luckily I still kept getting work. But, no that’s so awesome. I’m so excited you’re here.


  1. Kelly: I didn't know what to do with money. I've never had money.
    Guest: Me either.
    Kelly: And all of a sudden I was like "woooo!!!"
    Guest: …hahaha…
    #awkwaaard 🙊

  2. I’m going to start doing this once my kids get a little older. Right now they are 5, 2 and 3 months. When they’re 10, 7, and 5 it’s on.

  3. when i was growing up, in order to receive an allowance us children HAD to do chores! didn't do chores got no money, we learned quickly LOL and you run short of money….do something extra!

  4. OMG, I don't watch this gal but every time see a clip of her show she looks bad. Who dresses her? The clothes are ugly or is that the new style either way UGLY clothing. It's too bad cuz she's a cute gal

  5. Bless up to the MOST HIGH. This is an exceptional mom. Teaching her kids the values of life n how to manage money. God Bless to her n her children. That oldest gone wake up tho😍 he gone want some kick it money

  6. There was a sitcom I think recently where the kids had to bid on chores. it was really a neat concept but now I can't remember what show it was on some weird dumb show but the idea was a cute one.

  7. Please change your ending message… I’m clicking on your show, am subscribed but… that annoying message “I will not stop talking…etc… “
    lol, we already know this about you and are clicking to hear you… makes me want to stop… I literally run across the room to click it off as soon as it starts… no offense meant however, I’m sure looking forward to a new one

  8. Would've loved to see her actually sit on the couch like she would've on the Steve Harvey show. It was awkward watching Kelly tower over her while the mom attempted to engage with the audience.

  9. Anyone else wonder why she didn't invite her to the stage .. lol .. Kelly still new at this .. but yes excellent idea for the children lol

  10. Good idea and way of teaching. Also shared responsibility! I am the oldest and did all the house chores while my siblings made messes and did nothing (I did ask them to help me, but they never did). I’ve moved out, and it’s a mess at my mom’s now. My siblings never learned shared responsibility in a household because my mom let everything be dumped on me. I’m the cleanest, and I get things done well. Good for me, but the same lessons weren’t taught to my siblings.

  11. This awesome mom needs to be back on the show. She could do a segment with a few other moms with 3 or more children, showing them how to hold a job fair and the interview process.

    I would love to see how the kids respond to what jobs they want to “apply” for, the interviews and following up on how they’re performing in their new found careers!!

  12. This is an amazing idea! I think I might just apply this concept to in my house. My 8 year old daughter does well with chores but my 11 year old son, not so much. But I'm sure a little bit of money can make a difference. After all, money runs the world

  13. Hahaha that’s great! We had no choice but to do house chores & help. I was washing clothes by the age of 5yrs old & my younger brother helped by carrying the soap also with the sorting out. & on Sunday’s we would get “paid” lol 50¢!!!!! & if we did really good! We got a $1.00!!!! Hahaha the good old days! But this mama is amazing!!! I’ll definitely try this w/my sassy 8yr old Leo!!!

  14. My parents didn't do this to me, it was automatic when it came to chores and dad gave me an allowance every two weeks. I like this mother's idea if it can get her kids to do chores, whatever works.

  15. Finally, someone teaching what really should be taught to young people, in order to become successful and understand what is to come when becoming an adult. This will give young people the courage and encouragement they need to know to survive. Wish they can teach this to High Schoolers. Some have to learn on their own.

  16. This woman is the parent all kids need! My own 11 year old got the shock of her life doing an assignment in math class about creating a budget. They were given a job title and monthly paycheck amount, then had to buy a car choose public transpo, find a place to buy or rent all through local papers and online, decide if they wanted roommates etc…a real eye opener!

  17. Oh, goodness, I was just telling a friend a couple of days ago that when I graduated from high school I was going around asking people, "Where does money come from?" and "How do you get money?" and "How do people pay for college?" because NO ONE prepared me for the real world. I guess my sexist old daddy thought that my future husband would handle all that. This was back in the early 70's and my parents were born/raised in the 1930's-1940's, before women were thought of as primary earners, even though millions of single, divorced and widowed women were already in the workforce. Every child should have intimate, age-appropriate knowledge about things like balancing a bank account, creating a resume, job interview skills, giving a :30 second statement about what kind of work you are seeking (a so-called elevator speech to aid in networking), how credit works and avoiding credit-card enslavement, paying for college, saving to buy a home, saving for retirement, negotiating a salary, saving for a rainy day, which could be tomorrow, next year, or in ten years, but it will come, because: life happens.

  18. They're lucky they even get an allowance. For me, chores were mandatory, no pay. If I wanted money I needed to knock on the neighbors doors and ask if they needed their lawns mowed or plants watered lol


    I've also always thought how parents should treat their kids that steal. If their kid steals from someone, they should come home to an empty room and their stuff given to charity. They would find out quickly how their victims feel. They could then get a job and go to work to replace it all themselves.

  20. Favorite part "my 13 yr old is about to get fired" hahaha says every mom with a teenage son LOVE it. Some parents are still parenting and teaching their children about life, money, etc.

  21. I speak the politician into existence for her son. In the name of Jesus who is Lord God. Amen

    And before you even comment: Don’t criticize my prayer or come after me with your anti-religious beliefs. We can all choose to believe in and worship what we choose or not choose….that’s all 😌

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