Missionaries Of Charity Scandal And The Truth About “Mother” Teresa

Missionaries Of Charity Scandal And The Truth About “Mother” Teresa

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so in the light of the allegations that
has been leveled on the missionaries of charity the allegations of baby selling
we’re also going to look at the legacy of mother Teresa who was made a saint in
2016 we’re gonna talk about her legacy we’re gonna talk about her ideology and
her views and her work and we’re gonna see that she’s actually not the saint
that people make her out to be my name is Sham Sharma welcome to the Sham
Sharma show hello and welcome welcome to another
edition of The Sham Sharma show thank you very much for joining me today
thank you very much for watching I appreciate you so if people are not
aware there was a case recently in India where two nuns and a worker that worked
for the missionaries of charity have been arrested on charges of child selling or
baby selling there are 280 babies for whom there are no records within the
Missionaries of charity ledger and it is being alleged that they’ve been
sold off to people so what I actually want to do today is I actually want to
look at the fountainhead of this organization and the person that founded
this organization the person that gave this organization this legendary status
that it enjoys so I want to talk today about Mother Teresa now mother Teresa
was a complete celebrity we’ve been presented a very curated image of Mother
Teresa she’s a very well managed brand all we
hear about mother Teresa is how full of love she was and all she wanted to do
was love people and all she wanted to do was respect people and help people and
by the time she died in 1997 she had already received the Nobel Peace Prize
and she was running more than 500 missions in a hundred different
countries what Mother Teresa really is is Mother Teresa is the best and most
successful marketing and PR campaign that has been launched by the church in
the past 100 years because when you actually look at the work that Mother
Teresa was doing the charity work that Mother Teresa was doing the ultimate
goal of this work was conversion so when you have a goal when you want something
in return it can’t be called charity it is a transaction now in you know
post-colonial world it’s harder to use blunt force to convert people so what
they did was they tried new dishonest sneaky methods to do that and this is
where missionaries of charity and what the Teresa really came into play so as
people might be aware she was declared a saint in 2016 for apparently performing
two miracles both of those miracles incidentally of course are very highly
disputed by the people and the doctors that were investigating those miracles
one of the miracles apparently happened to a lady in India who when she prayed
to mother Teresa her tumor went away now the physician that was examining this
lady dr. Ranjan Mustafi he’s that this lady did not have a cancerous
tumor in the first place and that the tuberculous cyst that she had actually
went away because of prescriptive medicine. Now was dr. mustafi investigated
or interviewed by the Vatican’s investigators? Now, Teresa, she publicly
bragged about coercing vulnerable people into conversion on their deathbeds she
had very strong views about women’s rights and particularly about abortion
she made it very clear that abortion is the biggest destroyer of love and peace
in the world she maintained that view for the bosnian women that had been
raped by the Serbian militia during the Bosnian war she was also a very loud
critic of contraception and divorce laws and she spent her whole life
campaigning against these things across the world in fact she was part of a
referendum in Ireland that wanted to make divorces and remarriage for women
illegal just let that sink in for a second however even though she was
campaigning around the world for making remarriage and divorce illegal she was
very happy to support her friend her rich friend Princess Diana
remember the Princess Diana was responsible for raising a lot of money
for the missionaries of charity she was very happy to support Princess Diana
when she wanted a divorce from Prince Charles now another thing that we know
about her is you know you have all these pictures of her smiling with all these
children that she wanted to help him that she was helping and even when it
comes to the children that she was trying to help her care and the care
provided by the missionaries there was very very lacking almost dangerously
lacking now dr. Chatterjee he’s a person that has been investigating the work
done by mother Teresa and her charities for a very long time he said he said
that he found a cult of suffering in the homes run by Mother Teresa’s
organization the missionaries of charity with children tied to beds and little to
comfort dying patients but aspirin now another person that actually worked in
these missions in India Hemley Gonzalez he actually gives a first-hand
account of these things as well he says workers wash needles under tap water and
then reused them. medicine and other vital items are stored for months on end,
expiring and still applied sporadically to patients volunteers with little or no
training carry out dangerous work on patients with highly contagious cases of
tuberculosis and other life-threatening illness
Gonzales also said that there is a systematic human rights violation and a
financial scam of monumental proportions happening within the missionaries of
charity now another hypocritical and ironic
thing about Mother Teresa is that she told the patients and the people that
she brought in that were laying on the beds dying screaming out in pain she
told those people that not to worry you’re just being kissed by Jesus but
when it comes to her own health when she was sick she was very happy to accept
the best medical help available in the world in America well is this again it
is important to think about why did mother Teresa want these people not to
get better why did she not provide them medical help because remember this is an
organization that gets millions and millions if not billions of dollars in
aid every year so why didn’t mother Teresa actually provide them with
medical assistance because she certainly could afford to do that the reason she
didn’t provide the medical attention and is because she wanted them to have that
desperate hopeless outlook she told him that even if you have curable diseases
you are going to die so when you’re told that you have no hope and that you’re
going to die and there’s nothing that’s going to save you your spirit breaks and
when your spirit is broken you’re vulnerable so that is what she would say
she would say look you’re going to die nothing else is going to save you accept
Jesus and accept Christianity and that’s going to make your passage better and a
person with a broken spirit who knows they’re going to die who has been made
completely hopeless is very vulnerable to these things and then a lot of people
converted so that was the modus operandi here and the hospice centers that she
created in Calcutta were in the exact same poor state between the time that
she started them and when she died another interesting thing about the
missionaries of charities is that they always refused to publish reports about
how much money they actually receive and what they actually do with that money
they never told the Indian government about what percentage of money actually
goes to helping people what person is and money goes to the Vatican what
percent of the money goes to mother Teresa in fact sources suggest that the
majority of the money that they received in donations went straight to the
Vatican Bank German magazine called Stern also estimated that only 7% of the
millions upon millions of dollars Teresa received was used for
charity also whenever you hear about Mother Teresa you hear this carefully
curated image of you know just this person full of love and happiness and
caring about people but they don’t talk about the Association she had with some
very unsavory people particularly the Duvalier family of Haiti the Duvalier
family was a very oppressive regime in Haiti who lived in luxury while their
people lived in poverty and staff to death and the Duvalier family was also
infamous for brutally torturing and murdering political rivals and I think
the part of the image that Indians tend to believe about Mother Teresa tends to
be their own fault as well because what we do is we have been conditioned and
our brain has been conditioned over the past couple of centuries to just
whatever the West tells you to just take that as the Word of God if the worst
tells us that Mother Teresa is fantastic Indians say okay very good she’s
fantastic and that is that is the part of decolonization that is slowly
starting to happen in Indian minds as well and that needs to continue to
happen we need to look objectively at who Mother Teresa was and what she did
her and a lot of other missionary organizations like her they’re not just
doing charity work like I said before what is charity charity is something
that you do out of the goodness of your heart without expecting anything in
return but a lot of these missionary
organizations that operate in India they are expecting something in return in
fact they want they need something in return they need these people to convert
to Christianity in return for the help that they’re being provided so if that
is the model here then this is not a charity don’t call it a charity this is
a business model this is a transaction that is happening here so I think a
better name for the missionaries of charity would be the missionaries of
soul harvesting and I also feel like because of this transactional nature and
because of this business model I don’t think Mother Teresa qualifies as a saint
so guys I want you to spread this message if you if you like this video
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happy stay healthy and I’ll see you soon


  1. Thank you for exposing Ms Teresa, M.O.C.! I especially like when you said that all the work was NOT charity because in return she was doing "Conversion"…Not a saint for sure!!!!

  2. Who is this screwball who seems to be having verbal diarrhea.
    According to this crackpot, mother Theresa is a criminal this seem to be BS show that cannot differentiate the trees from the forest.
    I wonder if this sharm a sham, pretending to be a Christian, an atheist, Hindu or what. This show is definitely full of rubbish and garbage. I think it needs to be renamed as the Sharm sharma garbage show.
    It’s important to understand and evaluate his credentials to even host a show about a living legend and saint. This man seems to me, like they say in Spanish – “loco”.
    It’s import go get this screwball to apologize for the rubbish he utters in his show.
    I think this idiot is s moron and a clown and if I was to guess a stupid fanatic Hindu. The way he speaks.

  3. Conversions happen becoz greedy filthy indians don't care about poor and low caste people. The so called brown skinned brahmins treat dark skinned hindus like shit. India is the latrine of world. Hindus shit anywhere and everywhere. If so much conversion is happening why Christian population is only 2%.

  4. Good work,
    अज्ञान अवगुण है,
    हमें ज्ञान, जानकारी, दुनियादारी की समझ आदि होना चाहिए,
    नहीं होना चाहिए,,❓

    जो जो हमारा जीवन निश्चित करते हैं, निर्धारित करते हैं, प्रभावित करते हैं,
    वह हमें मालूम होना चाहिए,
    नहीं होना चाहिए,,❓

    Please continue to bring facts to light.

  5. Sharma tune apni sharam bech di kute.You are speaking against christianity not Mother Teresa.She was doing an charity job for poor and looking after homeless and desperate people.You scoundrel sharma sharam kar apne aap par.you are looking like a mafia don.You idiot.

  6. Indians roots are hinduism
    Are you looking europeans or arabic. NO👺
    Christianity or islam have nothing to with india👹👹

  7. Sham Sharma wonder who is funding you to write such evil against a selfless soul who worked relentlessly for the poor, the sick, the abused, the mentally challenged, the forsaken and the dying,babies found in garbage dumps!You have blasphemed against a Saint Mother Teresa! Have you ever visited any of her Homes for the Dying, the Destitues, the mentally challenged, the abandoned babies???????????
    If you had any grievances against her, you could have always visited the Vatican and had an audience with the Pope…….

  8. Teresa used to say that AIDS was a punishment sent by God to punish homosexuals and this was long after the various means of transmission of AIDS became known. She even considered sick and dying people as a gift from God for normal people. We in Kolkata know fully well what kind of a "saint" she is!

  9. Why am I not surprised ? Back in 70s and 80 s we were not just conditioned by west propaganda but let's not forget the role of the anti hindu pseudo secular Congress party! These buggers are equally responsible for the systematic brainwashing! Good job Sham Sharma!

  10. Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.
    Mother Theresa was a Freemason, she promoted the satanic agenda. She scammed millions from good hearted people and siphoned them into the Vatican.

    She also did not teach the teachings of Jesus. If she would she would have taught them the commandments and to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Romans 10:9 “If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

    Also praying to Mary, the pope or Theresa is direct sin! God tells us this in His first commandment. “I am the Lord, thy God”
    Prayers should only be directed to God in Jesus’s name!

    The entire Catholic Church, Vatican and what not is satanic. All they want is for mankind to suffer and stray people away further from God!
    They control the bank, educational system, press, Hollywood, the music industry, the world.

    As soon as someone is vocal about the truth they label them as “conspiracy theorists” to try and discredit them.
    But it is one big coverup. The earth is 6000 year ish young, flat and God, Jesus, hell and Heaven are real.

    Get ready. The revelation is upon us.

  11. This is exactly what is practiced in South Indian states. There are good number of people in my neighborhood who go to hospitals in the pretext of volunteering and convert the vulnerable patients.
    Unfortunately there is nothing being done by any government about it

  12. Theresa was a merchant of death … that was glorified by congress..theresa the demon terraformed the demography of tamil nadu… now indigenous ppl fight and kill themselfs… thanks to this holy byatch .

  13. You said the word "convertion" so many times.So what's point of convertion if people has incurable disease and they gonna die in first place.what benefit they are getting by converting a dying person.may they get financial support.but that don't justify the reason for converting dying people.It doesn't help the religion anyway.

  14. I understand that people would simply lie down and die in the streets before she started taking them in. As a leader of a mission her job would have been to organise and lead the helpers and to raise funds to increase the effectiveness and grow the mission into other locations full of poverty. The purpose of the mission was to give people somewhere safe to die in peace away from the road traffic and back alleyways, she was not able to provide a hospital service, these are dying people. Mattresses would have been impossible to keep clean in the heat with vermin running everywhere. Along with the basic needs of thousands of dying people in many locations, money was needed to feed all those helpers, to provide transport services to collect the dying and to have their bodies disposed of and to travel to wealthy nations in order to raise money to grow the mission. Remember she was a simple person from a peasant background displaced by communism. Hitchens understands little but judges with disgusting arrogance. Who are we to judge her, the recipients of her work were grateful for her assistance because nobody else cared enough to help. People expect too much from a simple woman who acted instead of looking away and passing on by the first dying person she came across and she continued this mission until she died herself. Oh it's so easy to sit up in your ivory tower condemning others when you stand by and do nothing yourselves.

    God strongly opposes contraception and abortion too. After all He is the creator, Satan is the destroyer! Abstain if you don't want children, don't kill them and have blood on your hands.

  15. Sham you are the first one I have heard who has exposed the phony charity run by mother Terasa. She could very well be a spy planted by Vatican to convert poor Hindus. Indians were and are even today blind not to know what exactly the western missionaries are doing in India under the guise of charity. They have best marketing and financial power to carry on conversions. Hope Indians will wake up by watching your videos and send missionaries back to where they come from.

  16. I wish you can do a video on gurus, is it necessary for people during this day and age? Honestly I believe humanity is lost, it’s all about numbers and votes. It really is 90% masculine world and the feminine has been lost for centuries. Masculine dominance is about power, conquer, destroy and introducing new ideology. If it was 50% feminine the world would have been more beautiful, a lot less polluted and the eyes would not be able to discriminate one another.

  17. REMEMBER …….. someone from U.S.A came to convert sentinels of India to Christianity ,his body was never found .

  18. Great episode.
    This is our own Christopher Hitchens the analytical, scientific !
    (It was actually him who was primarily blew the lid off Teresa’s fishy business in his book ‘The Missionary Position’) !

  19. what fascinates me is all the christians in the comments calling him Lucifer or demon but have no proof or a logical argument. just virtue signalling to god to receive entry into their heaven. When challenged a christian is no better than a muslim.

  20. Obviously, she was a religious person and believed that people should die as Christians so they would go to what she believed was heaven. Also OBVIOUSLY, she did NOT believe in abortion. OBVIOUSLY, she is going to try to convert people to the religion that she believed in. WHAT IS THE NEWS HERE! WHAT is the "sin" here! Why don't you start telling people about a REAL SERIOUS PROBLEM, LIKE ISLAM, WHICH BEATS WOMEN, PERFORMS GENITAL MUTILATION on girls, MARRIES 6 YEAR OLD GIRLS AND RAPES THEM AT 9 YEARS OLD, STONINGS, BEHEADINGS, STILL PRACTICES SLAVERY, TAKES OVER COUNTRIES AND SUBJUGATES THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE as they are trying to do in INDIA, ETC, ETC INSTEAD OF defaming some old woman who did infinitely more good and humane acts than you will ever do if you lived another 1000 years. YOU REALLY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THIS TRAVESTY IN VIDEO FORM.

  21. What could her charity possibly have gained from helping these people? If this is a "business model", and her treatment of the sick was a "transaction", how did she benefit? Are you saying she or the Church benefited by converting people against their will? About the 280 unaccounted-for babies: in most places, babies are born and they go home with their mothers, or other caretakers. In her case she founded orphanages for the children of the poor. Are you saying she took the babies there? What, to boost her numbers?
    I fail to see how you can even accuse someone of selling these babies for their own benefit. These babies probably came from sick, undernourished mothers, and would cost adoptive parents Don't adoptive parents usually want healthy babies? If you are accusing her of selling babies for other, nefarious purposes, without proof, you are committing slander and/or libel. You need to be careful what you say online. You could be sued. Yes, people do sue for slander and libel. You can't defame people, using as proof articles from German magazines. I think we all know today's media outlets don't have the most sterling reputations or pure motives: they will lie, exaggerate, and take things out of context to sell their "product". I think that's what you are doing. You have not proved by any reasonable standard that what you have said is the "truth".

    Everything she supported and advocated is found in the Bible and the doctrines of the Church. Divorce, remarriage, and abortion are all prohibited in the Bible. If you have a problem with what the Bible says, or what values the Church teaches, just say so. Don't try to criticize her as a round-about way of criticizing Christianity .

  22. I adored Mother Teresa after watching 60 minuets and her story. The story goes that she refused to see the interviewer until she did 3 days of working with the sick people. She was asked why she never took a stand against the over population and birth control. Her answer was "because God didn't tell her to and her mission was to comfort the dying."  My heart was broken when I found out that almost all the money given to the Charity was given to support the Church. The dying may have been better off alone. No I am not a member of the church. God Bless to all.

  23. I agree with u fully same in Goa our some mad people says that Francis Xavier a saint & goencho bab & all but he started inquisition in Goa tortured brutally ,given money harsh punishments & rape done to women's by there priest still it's God grace that Hindus are in majority till date but most are sikular

  24. As a Christian, I totally agree with u and to me she is another form of illuminati. Don't fall for all these fake Christians who just want to make money.

  25. Bro there is a school nearby my house the motive of that is just the conversion. Most if the people even from good background had been converted. How can we get it closed? Its spreading like a cancer in society and in our country.

  26. Shaam Bhaiya…..aapko pata hei 1979 mei jab Bengal ke Morir Jhapi me Bangladeshi Refugee Hinduo ko Jyoti Basu ka leftist govt ne katle-aam kar raha tha…..Mother sab jante huye bhi waha nehi gaye….

  27. Thank God for mother Teresa,
    for all the countless baby lives she cared for and saved from certain death , a real life savor,

  28. Bengal and Kerala-Both Indian states once rooted in the purest soil of Hindu spirituality, are now dangerously contaminated with the toxic missionary elements.
    It’s really thought provoking, Exactly why did the catholics chose to pollute our spiritual roots!!!

  29. she was nothing but a crackhead zealot christian, she was thoroughly exposed by richard dawkins and his friend, these shitty christian missionaries r polluting india

  30. That doesn't matter to me who ever say any thing Mother Teresa is child of Christ JESUS Christ of Nazareth and all good work I appreciate like Mother Teresa in Hindu religion many people come before for the Lord Amen Amen Amen God bless And give this man understand of Holiness amen

  31. What's the point in converting people if they're going to be bed ridden or die soon?
    You don't make sense.

  32. Mujhe toh kabhi pata hi nahi tha ki Ye Mother Teresa hai kya aaj lagta hai accha hai mujhe kuch nahi pata.

  33. i'm sure you have not even done 0.5% of the work mother teressa had done in a year in your life time. It's very easy to criticise. what have you achieve?

  34. I was traveling from Bangalore to Pune… there was some old lady and 2 more people with her… By the end of our journey she asked me to book a cab for her from my mobile as she didn't knew how to use a smart phone… she reached me asked me to visit her at a church in Pune…. I was clearly aware that she wanted me to convert to Christianity.

  35. Also talk about Sakshi Maharaj who calls himself a "Hindu Saint" and has 34 criminal cases against him, you hypocrite.

  36. Takla kahin ka ….yun bhasan dena asaan hai kabhi kisi anaath besahara ko sahara diya hai? ek toh tujh jaise log he nazayaz bachche paida krke fek dete ho aur jisne puri life aise anaatho ki seva me guzar di usko gali kr rahe ho . kuch nahi toh apne bhagwan se he daro

  37. Catholics aren't Christian what are you talking about she advanced the Catholic Church which is lucifer worshipping

  38. Any person having common sense could say she was a fraud even without knowing the facts about the things what she was doing in the name of charity..as every country has poor, vulnerable people, then why she came to India..and the disastrous moment when people believed her to be as saint, because if it was so, that only by looking at her picture one can get free of any big disease, then everybody can get healthy just by doing the same thing, what the hell are all the doctors and hospitals doing in the whole world then..and why she wanted a doctor for herself.actually this whole religion is based on hyppocracy, as their so called God or messenger of God whatever, himself died pathetically, and befooled people by saying that he is dying for humanity.

  39. conversion was the top priority and letting people die without proper medical help was her idea of taking care.

  40. media ll only talk about crazy swamijis whom majority of hindus dont even care and leave the missionaries and the fathers doing horrendous things to women who come for confession. if you ask the covent schools orphan boarding children, they ll tell 1000s of stories,

  41. I m curious. If we can decriminalize 377. Why cant we make conversion of ppl illegal in India. U can tell us about Allah & JC but not convert them.
    Unless its an inter-religious marriage n children can choose either of religion or remain religious neutral till age of 25. They read n learn all religions & their philosophy but NOT CONVERT.
    Make it as difficult n almost impossible to get a gun in India.
    They hv to get 10 kinds of forms & certificate & character certificate & sanity proof from psychiatrist or something.
    Anyone trying to convert shall b legally punished, Unless if the person out of free-will n with all documents n everything wants to convert. It should be taken up with familial court n only that 1 person can speak for himself & not for rest of his family

  42. Thank you for doing this video. If what you're saying is true, then this is completely abominable.

    But I have to ask you, Mr. Sham Sharma, do you think it's wrong for missionaries to share the love of Christ with others, or just misuse their charity in a manipulative, coercive way to get converts? For example, I've known missionaries who truly love Jesus that will share his love with others, but will continue to give and serve whether the people convert or not. There is no one more selfless than Jesus Christ Who willingly laid down His life for mankind. It is this message of love and unselfishness that genuine followers of Him desire to share through serving others without coercion.

    The examples you showed in this video are wicked perversions of the gospel and does not please Jesus. He never coerced others and doesn't want His followers to either. Only share His love while serving, whether or not people want to believe in Him.

  43. Though I am a brahman still i would like to ask you why don't you make videos on menace of caste system still prevailing in the country dalit are denied to keep moustache, ride the horse while wedding etc. You should focus on these issues else it would be easier for missionaries to convert the dalits into Christianity and it gives them a good reason. And I am saying this had i faced these kind of discrimination i would have certainly converted.
    And don't blame missionaries for conversions blame hindu temples and upper caste like us who even after being educated can't abolish this kind of discrimination from the society. I mentioned temples because they made good amount of money they should spend it on the Upliftment of backward and poors.

  44. Even earlier these things were said but in hushed voices.Not they are getting clearer on the social media.Umfortunately they have a done a huge damage to india

  45. it is very much true about mother teresa.. she is bitch who showed my country as poor always.. indeed invaders came to loot us.

  46. I agree with the majority of what you said other than mother Theresa trying to convert people to Christianity you have a Christianity and Catholicism confused… they are not one in the same and for her to tell those people they were being put on “kissed by Jesus” is extremely disgusting and furthermore shows that she’s actually working for Satan… so please please please do not lump Christians in with this lady she is a Catholic!

  47. Can't wait for all the people know who she was and what she was doing. Another information people need to know, is about Bill Gates and the crimes against humanity with the vaccines. He used contraceptives against the ill in vaccines in India.

  48. ABSURD and FAKE NEWS spread by the dark web. You like to attack anything outside your religion. Why don't you focus on truly evil men like Osama Bin Laden or Jihadi John!

  49. The problem we have is that people have the belief that by donating money to her or her order, will 'heal" people from their sickness. You are dealing with NUNS here! NOT DOCTORS OR NURSES!!! So to expect that this order will 'heal' or do whatever they can to heal these poor unfortunate lives, are kidding themselves. NUNS concentrate on the spiritual element of lives not the PHYSICAL! To receive all these donations and not do anything constructive with it, like building a hospital in India where is it most needed is catastrophic to say the least ! What she needed are advisers of what she can do with all those donations. And have to say there are plenty of reason and ways to spend that money in India.

  50. Contrary to popular belief Catholicism is not Christianity. Read the Bible for yourself they do not practice most of Christ’s teaching. In the 1500s Catholics killed millions of Christians because they wanted to follow Christ and not the pope. One eg. Jesus said you must be born again. Catholics refute this teaching in the Bible. Jesus said if you love me you’ll follow me. Do your research.

  51. Thank you brother for exposing Ms. Teresa. Ms. Teresa….🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  52. Your correct to criticise Mother Theresa but all this was exposed 10 years ago by Cristopher Hitchens “The Missionary Position” youTube interview.
    I visited the hospice in 1979 and I was horrified by the attitude of the volunteer I talked to. He seemed amused by death and saving souls.

  53. Like I always said mother Teresa is a misinary agent created to spread propaganda of abrihamic religion like Christianity n make money in name of it.

  54. She is nothing more than a puppet . created to raise money n spread Christianity.abrihamic religions n there ideology's r the worst.

  55. I always thought there will be some negativity with this person as well. She can't be a true saint. And it's correct. Thanks bro

  56. That lady is not a Christian. She is a Satanist. Thanks for the video. Its a shame she did these horrible things. The Catholic cultic church calls themselves "Christians" but they are any thing but that. Honestly it makes me so mad to see she did these things.

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