Minecraft Daycare – MY NEW JOB! (Minecraft Roleplay) #1

Minecraft Daycare – MY NEW JOB! (Minecraft Roleplay) #1

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Bye, mom. Bye. Dad. I’m off to go live on my own This looks like a nice spot for a tent. oh- Oh wait does that rain? We better run into my tent That was the worst night in history I was so cold, and I’m so hungry, and oh I regret leaving home, but there’s no turning back now I need to go find a job right now Huh, what’s this ? job offering at a local daycare oh that sounds really interesting. I’m gonna go apply for it. Oh I’m so nervous my first job ever and my hair okay. It looks fine, and my dress okay. I’m dressed mine Well, I wonder if she’s gonna like me. I’ll ring the doorbell wow it’s a really nice ranch look at it So this is a like a very large round Hi, hi. What’s your name? I’m it’s Funneh. I heard about your job offering Yes, well first off. My name is Gold. [I’m] gonna run through some Requirements. Have you ever taken care of any kids before (eee) no, I took care of a hamster it died two weeks later um No, no, but I have a baby brother and okay And when my parents leave uh my parents let me take care of him He’s fine perfect. Then give it a perfect candidate. Okay. Let’s start building the daycare wait what? What what wait? What did you just say? We have to start building the daycare [I] Thought this is the daycare isn’t this a daycare no silly [I] just put up the flyers because I’m planning [to] start a daycare and you are Gonna Help me build it your flyer was so misleading. It said we need you Yes already [here]. [oh] my God. We’re building a daycare. Yes now. Come on Are you gonna be in it or not hurry up okay? Okay? Yeah? I need the money right now You’re still gonna be a babysitter. You know all right. You’re just gonna. Help me set it up So the inspector said in order to babysit you need some safety hazards in place, so please set up the fireplace You bought [my] fire alarm not my fireplace Okay, let me go to the kitchen and stall it for it Do I need to test it? Yup to see if it’s working It’s working okay. Good job Funneh, okay? I’m gonna turn that off okay. What are we doing next um? Okay, let’s follow me So what this I’m planning to put the nursery up here. This is my bedroom Wow, your bedrooms really big and then? This is the guest bedroom, but I think I’m gonna break it down and turn it into the nursery room for all the little kids So come on. Let’s go downstairs. [how] many kids are you thinking of fitting in here? [I] feel like How much capacity do you think would fit in here? [I’m] not too sure a three three to four Maybe yeah, I’m kind of new to this. Oh you’re new to this and you want to open one. Yes, it’s Gonna be fun Aren’t [last-minute] projects the best I guess uh let’s see what we need for the nursery well, we need some signs [I’m] gonna grab some bed Let’s maybe we could fit more [than] four Hey, you bought a lot of toys. Yeah. I bought it today Well, there’s so many toys in here. I know For all the kids to enjoy. I want to be the best daycare out there Best babysitting service. [oh] and that okay. Let’s go build those orgies if you get hungry Okay, thank you kids next so let’s start building [kid] Snacks okay. I’m gonna break this down first. We need to clear the room. That would be the best way Finish clearing it yes, how does it look beautiful doesn’t it look a lot bigger? Yeah, it does and look the kids will have a nice view of the farm yeah Hopefully, [I’m] going to get a bit a little more farm animals in there, so they could see them and play with them, okay? I’m Gonna put down the beds. We’ll put one here Do we need a space them apart? Yes, please separate them. I’ll put one here orange I’ll place one over here there oh That’s nice. These are some really nice beds let’s see we’ll place one here and one here and umm And I think we’ll put one right here. Let’s see one two [three] [four] five six oh seven Seven not too shabby um I feel like it could look a little more You know nursery room like oh. Yeah, it kind of looks [like] a jail. Cell right now. Yes [oh], let’s put down check so each kid needs a chest to put there yes, I like it okay, and we need a toy chest, so Let’s put it right [here]. Just right here. We’re Over here a toy chest. Yes, okay, let me label it toy oh wait toy chest There you go and let’s start putting down the toys you have toys with you. [oh] wait no [dartboards] Here I have some toys. Oh Wait, you should just go downstairs and get yes. That’s what I was saying right [now] the nursery room looks okay? Yeah, a little lightly [blonde]. [I] can make a change later on after the business as well. You know when it goes up Yeah, you have to build a good business first But it’s just please toys everywhere, so it looks like a kid-friendly place you have you yeah? So parents could look at and be like. Oh, this is like the coolest yeah, exactly right. Yes, nurse xylophone Put the xylophone right there. I’m so excited Did you even advertise for your customers, or does no one know about this place? No? I’m not yet I just said I’m hiring but I’m not advertising. I don’t have anything set up yet, silly. Oh, let’s see we’ll put chess board there Hey look at the etch-A-Sketch. [oops]. I put a huge horsey can you loot that? Okay, I’ll move it. Let’s move the horse in the center. So there’s a lot of space for them to rock oh wait It’s kind of blocking the door um You know what will leave this horse outside? Right here that looks nice [we] have a Tardis machine put that there It’s starting to look like a nursery. Yeah, it does isn’t it cute. I love it. I was a squirrel Yeah It’s a lateral lab is so cute should I put these we had your sketch in Front of my house or in front of the nursery, [ahh]? Mmm. No you should go put them in front of your house. So people know where grand opening, okay? Oh yeah, and what are you planning to name your? name your I Don’t know I had a couple of names on top of my head maybe gold day care gold day care, okay Another one that is one of my favorite is Baby Ranch Baby ranch yeah, [well] [any] I name you Do yeah, it’s really good, baby Totally name it baby ranch because we’re on a ranch and we’re taking care of well. We’re probably not Gonna Take care of a lot of babies I mean, but you [know] it’s a daycare, so it’s yeah like you know cute, right baby Ranch I Think our nurseries starting to look really good look at Felix poison. It’s so cute There’s toys everywhere, and I’m pretty sure the kids will [enjoy] this mm-hmm Let me put [down] this um so do we need to make food now geoff food for the get down here, but Maybe we should I have cookies. You know a lot of chocolate-chip cookies and some cherries and strawberries just to be [held] oh And yeah, we can make yogurt We can make your guess we could do you have a farm like cow chef cows Follow me. [oh] wait. Where are you over here? I’ll show you the that. One’s a long way to get out This is a shortcut to get [to] the barn Wow, your [kitchens] really nice. Thank you Hey, let me go this way, okay. [where] are we going? [oh]? wiggle your hair fine oh Hurry Run run run run So is the ranch [what] do you think wow it’s really nice are those your cuts? Yeah, I don’t have many yet. I just as you can see I love horses, so Wow, whenever a lot losing is really pretty here. [I’ll] introduce you the best Okay, hi Bessie. Yes. This is [Becky] She okay well my man collects [Ml] from Bastille and Xena. She’s my favorite boy. She’s the one [that] I This horse. Yes, wow she’s gorgeous Miss midnight. He’s very Stubborn you [know] tough. [oh], okay, and a harder to tame and this is tanner. He’s a very sweet boy He kept [Anna] would probably be good with kids right yes. He’s very easy buddy [non] from midnight. So midnight is very We should keep the kids away from it though. Yeah, I don’t See midnight okay. Uh I got the milk so let me just make some fresh milk for you to make some [york] Fresh milk I’m so excited. I wonder how many kids are gonna come I don’t know Well you want to do some advertising you know TV? Commercials yeah, are you planning any TV commercials? Yeah, I couldn’t I be in it. That’s what I was [just] gonna ask because I don’t want to be in the commercial Okay, I’m gonna make yogurt for the kid. Let’s see every kid likes yogurt We’ll make strawberry flavor and cherry Flavor Let’s put it in the fridge. So it doesn’t get run okay, and then is that your sheet Fluffy yes that. She oh it. Oh you have a donkey. Yeah, it’s frankie. Okay. We should head back Let’s go. [oh] it’s raining [while] it got dark really fast. [how] long we’ll [be] in there more Thank you funny You’re welcome, but you see. I am a good baby. I can see that yeah I’m Gonna you Wanna cook that’s amazing And let’s see we’ll put nearly cookies cookie jar for you Wow, that looks tasty look at that. I feel like we’re really prepared. [oh] my God. I’m so we are so ready Are you ready? Yes? I’m totally ready let’s uh I’m excited Let’s open okay. Now. We just need to wait [for] tomorrow, [right]? Well funny. Thank you so much for your help today You’re welcome. It looks pretty dark outside So how about you go home and rest and okay? Make sure you come early tomorrow like about 8:00 pretty [earlier] But I hope that’s fine with you All sounds good sounds good okay, so and then I’m gonna flyers And then we are going to run all around town and post it everywhere to make sure that everyone knows of our [grant]. Oh Thank you letting that that sounds that sounds so fun, okay? I’m ready, okay night gold. [I’ll] [see] you tomorrow morning. Thanks again You’re welcome. Bye subscribe to my channel xxjessylovespandasxx


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  9. This video was published 12 days before my niece was born (Published: November 11, 2015 When my niece was born: November 23, 2015)

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