Millennials Ushering in the Age of Socialism

Millennials Ushering in the Age of Socialism

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Studies show that more and more millennials are being drawn to socialism because of their financial status. Will they wake up and see it’s one of the
greatest threats to America today? I’m Robin Kinderman, and you’re watching
JBS Straight Talk. Many of you are familiar with the millennial
generation. If not, we’re discussing those ranging between
25 – 35 years old. They are often times characterized as the
tech-savvy, selfish, safe-space generation, and get blamed for many things – especially
when it comes to the current political climate. A New American online article, titled “Many
Millennials in Financial Trouble Being Drawn to Siren Song of Socialism” goes into the
current status of this generation, stating; only one third own homes, compared to half
of the generations before them at the same age. 40% are carrying an average student loan debt
of $48,000. Two-thirds of them are living paycheck to
paycheck. And they have the lowest credit score of any
generation ever recorded. According to the article, a big reason for
the current financial status of this generation was the Great Recession of 2008. At that time, many millennials were just graduating
college and entering the work force. Obviously, this wasn’t the best time to
be starting a career or family, considering the job market was grim, wages were stagnant,
and the housing market had just crashed. Many were left working mediocre jobs, living
in apartments, and struggling just to get by. So it’s no surprise that when the government
offered school loan forgiveness and free healthcare, many millennials jumped onboard. There are other factors that play in to why
millennials are the way they are. Some point out that this generation is the
product of Leftist indoctrination and No Child Left Behind. This means that they weren’t taught the
benefits of Capitalism and a free market. Instead, they were taught about America’s
greed. They also weren’t taught how to handle their
money; instead they were led to believe the rich should be forced to share their wealth. With this mind set, why wouldn’t millennials
naturally applaud the idea of government forcing services or products to be cheap or free? What many of them don’t understand is the
long-term effects of these socialist policies. The late Pastor Adrian Rogers said it best:
“You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for,
another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything
that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that
they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when
the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going
to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.” As with many nations before us, Socialism
will turn into Communism, and our nation will fall. Help us reach those millennials to teach them
the importance of individual responsibility. Congressman Davy Crockett illustrates this
in a personal example in our booklet A Humbling Lesson. Ask millennials you know to read it and then
follow that up with the Constitution to help them understand our country’s timeless founding
principles. You can get these items and more at Links are in the description. Until next time, take care and God bless.


  1. ……… One day we will wake up, open our front doors and see AMERICA CHANGED FOREVER.

  2. The biggest threat right now is
    (-5g-) there are many applications4 it one being
    Like (-china's-) research-it
    It's a nightmare-prison system

  3. It just seems socialism breeds greed and is saturated with envy. Millennials can't see the role Government has played in creating their economic situation. Government creates the problem and claims to have the solution, which is always more government.

  4. Two things happened. Starting back in the 70's our government encouraged corporations to go overseas,which drained our employment opportunities and illegals were allowed to come in a drive wages down. You put those two reasons,along with civil liberties hardly being taught in schools and we have what we have.

  5. An excellent, concise presentation. Thank you, from Australia where we voted away on the weekend a looming socialist government.
    Back to … Reality.

  6. We have huge socialist programs that need to be stopped. Social security, welfare,food stamps, worker comp, govrnment grants to corporations, tax breaks, stop all government interactions with corps

  7. Socialism began a long time ago with the advent of Social Security and the Federal Income Tax. Today most people after paying federal,state and local taxes have limited disposable income. We work many months every year to pay our share to support an out of control bureaucracy that grows more each year. The government really controls just about every facet of our lives. So, letโ€™s call a spade, a spade. We are already Socialists and are less free as individuals everyday.

  8. Australia is a Marxist paradise. We are lost. Excessive restrictions and licensing around every corner.

  9. If we stop sending people to college who can barely read and write on a high school level a college education may be worth something

  10. I don't what starts what, but millennials bundle together the regulatory state with the welfare state. There are countries in Europe, which millennials are enamored with, that have a huge welfare state but not a very large regulatory state, at least not as large as the US's.

  11. Socialism is becoming more popular because of the dualities of materialistic capitalism and the criminal cocaine warlord presidents. You can't bring in $100 billion in drugs without the support of law and gvt…they are almost all bought off. There is enough for us all and the bankers hoard digits and lend what they don't have… Its been a hands on teaching for all of us. Democracy works. It's just it for hijacked by x projects and trillion dollar disease profit schemes…like a 50% cancer rate now from the cancer infected polio vaccines . 1957-63. Shout that one from the housetops. 550,000 dying yearly and climbing . Then they arrest 30 million children for smoking the cure ! Jesus Christ almighty save america….from itself. We even hijacked God and named him Benny Hinn. Tammy Fay . It's endless say what you want about America it's all true good bad. It's the best …it's the worst …it's duality. It's so had even the Masons are disclosing all their secrets to stay ahead of Q

  12. This is great. This society has a great message, but poorly marketed to the younger generations to survive. Having an old guy sitting at his library is no way to inspire the youth, you need smart, young people to do that. Maybe branch out with a new updated logo, or an offshoot specifically for millenials and gen z'ers, like JBS ala KFC.

  13. They want everything for free and make us have to do all the work.You have to work to get the things you want

  14. They've been brainwashed by a marxist school & college system, the teacher unions are chock full of commies.

  15. Millenials can't tell time on an analog clock. They are a product of the deliberate dumbing down of America. The goal of socialism is communism. This country will NEVER be communist. People are waking up and are now able to identify the wholesale corruption and will be empowered to rectify the situation. By the grace of God this nation will be great again.

  16. being a wage slave is about the same under capitalism or a socialist master. both systems use fear to motivate workers..

  17. The Federal reserve has made our money worthless. Working hard today is for slaves. Con the system until it blows up.

  18. Millennials, no drive or ambition. Lots of
    "I want" and "give to me".
    Hard work and perseverance are very foreign to these placated fool. Yell, cry, scream and demand safe spaces.
    Nobody ever tells these buttercups that nothing is free. Schmucks.

  19. SIMPLE, WHO WERE THEIR TEACHERS IN COLLEGE?????? "Give Me a generation of YOUR youth, and I will give you a COMMUNIST country!" V. LENIN

  20. Most American colleges have always been liberal and students have always dabbled in utopian ideologies … then they graduate and have to grow up … so what's going on really isn't new … except college students back in the 60's were much better educated.

  21. . It is because
    COMMIES have infiltrated our public schools and universities ….
    Prior generations FOOLISHLY trusted the educational "experts" with our precious children .
    We failed them .

  22. Can you say educational malpractice. Our educational system has failed millennial students who failed to have the critical thinking skills or historical education to understand that socialism leads to the political class having all the money, Political power and resources. Leaving those who bought into the idea of giving up their freedom in ruins

  23. Marx stated that Socialism would be their tool to usher in Communism, and they have used this tool every time. It is always the corrupt politicians, universities, unorthodox churches, and labor unions that spread the manure of Socialism due to their ulterior motives that they keep hidden. The politicians look to make a fortune from it, after they take over, and the unions are nothing but a radicalized protection racket that is no different than the mafia. The churches and universities are their bully pulpits.

    When Marx's Communism came to the US, it was just after the Civil War, except that they would not call themselves Communists as Marx did, they called themselves "Socialists." However, the ideology had already come here within the Democrat Clubs, churches, and certain universities. They were mainly of French and German descent, and they settled in New York, California, and at several communes started in a few states. Germans such as Karl Paul Reinhold Niebuhr would preach Socialism from the pulpits of the churches, targeting the labor workers in the pews. You probably remember the name Reinhold Niebuhr popping up in the news, as that was the moniker that James Comey used on Twitter. He was close friends with another German socialist, Robert Mueller.

    Anyhow, the railroad workers were being agitated in Chicago in 1893. The Socialists/Communists saw this, and took advantage of it:

    "[They were] launched at a meeting held in Chicago in February 1893, the ARU won an early victory in a strike on the Great Northern Railroad in the summer of 1893. This successful strike was followed by the bitter 1894 Pullman Strike in which government troops and the power of the judiciary were enlisted against the ARU, ending with the jailing of the union's leadership for six months in 1895 and effectively crushing the organization.

    "The group's blacklisted and dispirited remnants finally disbanded the organization via amalgamation into the Social Democracy of America (SDA) at its founding convention in June 1897."__Wikipedia on the American Railway Union (ARU).

    The SDA kept changing from one name to to another, as well as splitting (SDA -> Social Democratic Party of America -> Socialist Party of America -> Social Democrats, USA, Socialist Party USA, Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee, World Socialist Party of the United States) -> Progressives, and finally, in 1919, the same year that the CFR was formed, (May 19, 1919) they came out of the closet as the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). The Socialist Party of America was affiliated with the Second International (1901โ€“1916), Labour and Socialist International (1923โ€“1940), Socialist International (1951โ€“1972), and became the Democratic Socialists of America today. The DSA is nothing but a front for the CPUSA and the International.

    It was these same "socialists" behind the Rand School of Social Science in New York, where Leon Trotsky was living, when he was sent to Petrograd with over two hundred agitators, to pull off the Communist Revolution in Russia during the fall of 1917. Jacob Schiff, a leading socialist, footed the bill of $20 million. Socialism and Communism have always been a rich man's tool, and they used it to force the industrial revolution upon both Russia and China.

    The wealthy power elite have been behind radical socialism since the time of Kant or before, and it was taught within the universities and unorthodox churches. They have always lied about their intentions, and France (post-revolution), the Soviet Union, and Communist China are three good examples of their tyranny, thuggery, and murder. This is the Old Guard faction in the US.

    The word, International, has another importance. What is the Black Brotherhood, the Black Nobility, the Black International, and the Black Hand? Think of the Jesuit university system. The Black Hand is the mafioso. This is who was prosecuted for the murder of Abraham Lincoln, after they turned on him. The Black Hand showed up in the US not long after the prosecutions.

    Note the date that the CFR was founded, in Paris. Do you see the nine and eleven? Can you find the number 9-11 within the Jesuit Order? What is on Mary's chalice? IX-XI? The occult runs deep in these orders, and it is tied to the Cult of Isis, the Pythagorean Cult, and the Imperial Cult of Rome.

  24. The liberal education system is to blame for these idiots…half of high school graduates cannot read above a fifth grade level.

  25. Still can't tell the difference between military dictators and free tuition or debt forgiveness under democratic government. You want to fight for the greater good then find a way to alleviate debt through the private sector.

  26. I agree, but where were the parents, did they not see what their kids were being taught, and try to re-teach them at home if they couldn't go to private school ? Just saying, not the kids fault.

  27. On the bright side, have observed that there are quite a few (not sure of the actual numbers/percentages) of them who are not relying on (or even fully trust) the Government. In all fairness, the Millenials DID NOT create the conditions that are driving many of them to embrace socialism….

  28. Is our educational system the problem or is it the government has been on a Socialist progression since the Wilson and Franklin D Roosevelt administrations?

  29. They know Not what they have done…..
    When there aren't any cars for them to drive to fast food hamburger joints because cars have been seized by the Socialist Communist Gov't and the hamber joints closed because cows were taken away, well AOC said they can make their OJ & Coffee with their own urine…. What dweebs…

  30. Eaither way the system would have left them broke. Inflation taxes car insurance. it was planned.

  31. Morons should realise that the Frankfurt School Bolsheviks have lead us it this mess deliberately using useful idiots such as these since the 1960s

  32. Sadly, most of them wonโ€™t wake up. It will be their demise. It was the same way during WWII. And, so many neglect the Bible. Very sad.

  33. Capitalism in America is finished – profit motive and free to choose will be gone soon – time to move to another country that supports capitalism and freedom

  34. Great job! Explanations without placing blame.
    When you place blame you alienate people. When you explain a problem you provide a foundation to build upon.

  35. Socialism? In the form or corporate welfare, bailouts, pensions, and other examples, we already have it. Illegal aliens and other groups get treated better than citizens. The education is of far less quality than years past, but far more expensive. You screwed them over and now, you are blaming them. I spit on the premise of this video.

  36. Millenials are paying for the mistakes of previous generations. Your leaders are already bribed by China, Saudi, Israel, Qatar, etc. You have inflation, money printing , open borders, sanctuary cities, and a welfare state. Millenials did not vote for any of this.

  37. they used to say, "get a job." Now, they say "get another job." Soon, they will say, "get three jobs." You busted the borders of this country and then, exported the industrial sector with lies about "free trade." China is burying the USA, and millenials are getting blamed for the fact that your CEOs got rich off foreign bribes to betray the USA.

  38. you all need to hear this report from Mike Adams!!!Breaking News: Insurrection Act Coming Soon?

  39. Yes, so this is about socialism, but former Libertarian Presidential candidate Michael Badnarik clearly showed that the United States is already following ALL the planks of the Communist Manifesto. Some of the names are even the same, like introducing a "graduated income tax." Karl Marx was a Freemason. These political "ideals" are not what they seem. It is all about those at the very top wanting EVERYTHING. And they are close to reaching that goal. Example: When you register your car, read the fine print; it no longer belongs to you. Property Deeds list you, "citizens," as "tenants." Black's Law Dictionary is plain on exactly what that means. Even your children are only MOSTLY yours because possession truly is 90% of the law; but they can be taken away. Simply put, in the "land of the free," we have consented to ENSLAVEMENT. So you've been provided with the old Roman trick, "bread & circuses," so you won't notice it.

    Cecil Rhodes had a goal in his wills to recapture the United States for the British Empire, again. His/their secret society did just that. Their plan is a worldwide government Plato's Republic style. The government will own EVERYTHING, citizens and their families will be CLASSED, and no one will ever ESCAPE that CLASS. Even Richard Dreyfus gave a very illuminating speech on the FUTURE of our world! We are being told the plans of the elite; it's just rarely mainstream. I've turned off my television five or so years ago. I will never turn it on again. Life is far more important, not to mention the distraction and brainwashing I see it does so well.

  40. The takeover of public education, and then accelerating the indoctrination policies, (military PsyOps through education, media, marketing, everywhere there's an outlet) from birth to death, training kids what to think, replacing teaching kids how to think as policy. Training, and teaching aretwo completely different things, yet the terms are used interchangeably by pollutitians, Government agencies, entities, media, advertising. (marketing)
    As the generations after my generationall this being accelerated, and upgraded as US Government's divisions (military division is 10,000) of shrinks working on getting into people's heads by any means necessary, and finding new means to hack their way in, and "manage the people's perception" to bring the desired results consistently. It's worked very well. It's not 100% not all people are affected, for whatever reason the indoctrination doesn't stick. Others it's not permanent, some, once they become aware of what's being done to them can somehow stop the means to manipulate their mind, and there are many ways to hack the human mind. Radio frequencies, we're sensitive to certain wave lengths. Subliminal messaging, certain manners of speaking, writing, and phrasing, tone of voice, and other methods. The best method is a whole indoctrinated generation have children, now indoctrination begins in the womb as soon as audio functions come online. The parents, those that babies instinctively trust the most, are destroying their own children, because they themselves arent aware their heads been shrunk.
    Pass it on to subsequent generations, until no one alive knows anything else. Leaving no reason to question the things we ancients know are wrong. The mind is incredibly powerful, but is vulnerable in many ways particularly young minds that pull data from every thing it see's, touches, smells, hears, feels, both tangible, and intangible feelings.
    Unfortunately there's too few of us left, and these kids are trained to respond to everything with moral outrage, emotion is powerful, when aroused can overwhelm all logic, and reason, and makes it impossible to think. The reason emotionally driven people make such catastrophic decisions.
    Which has made it difficult to find anyone that meets the legal description of "a reasonable person". Pollutitians exacerbate the issue, deliberately perverting definitions of the words they use, them repeating the twisted sentences, and phrases in the media until the meanings, and definitions of the words meanings, are now something completely different than their original meanings. The wording of the 2nd amendment has probably been the most abused, and manipulated, and corrupted the words mean "black", instead of their original
    "white". In the vehicle code, the word "safety", now means the most unsafe conditions possible are created by law. Words like "patriot" have been used to title legislation that is everything execpt "Patriotic". The "Patriot Act" for example. The most unpatriotic piece of legislation ever written.
    "Obummercare" is another.
    "The Affordable Healthcare Act".
    Never affordable by those mandated to buy it, Those that could afford it, had exempted themselves from the mandate.
    (an illegal act in itself) Then gifted themselves the finest healthcarein the world, for their family, and for life. On the taxpayers dime. Also giving themselves a fat raise, andpension at that pay grade also for life. Obummercare is no healthcare at all. It's the ultimate in surveillance, with limited healthcare. At the time this crime against humanity was law, doctors had gained a split attitude towards patients. With money, all smiles, the best care available at their level. Without money, the most condescending, unhelpful, nasty demeanor towards these patients, like "why don't you just die, we're going to do nothing for you". This was something of a surprise to learn, the hard way.
    The "death panels" were/are real, and a component to UN Agenda 21/2030 Sustainability Development Guidelines. This is one of the most deadly, pretty worded, benign sounding titles ever written. In real life this is a 90% world de-population plan. Written by the Globalist NWO.
    The first phase has been underway for a couple decades in US, scheduled to be 81%
    de-populated by 2025. None otherthan US Government is carrying out the Globalist NWO directives of the Banking Cabal located in the City of London.
    (Khazars-Zionist Jews yes there is such a thing) There are people, US citizens that believe this a good idea, and are happily assisting US Government to kill them. Paying for it, too.

  41. The reason they are turning to socialism is because no one has proposed any other systems which might be utilized to challenge the status quo… and that means you,JBS. The more you condemn socialism without presenting an alternate means to break the poor kids free from the neo-feudal system of debt-peonage that you left for them, the more they will distance themselves from you and whatever systems you promote. They say you can measure the morality of a people by whether they leave the world better or worse for the generation that comes after them. It really doesn't speak well of a nation who, when their kids are being born into the bottom of a failing pyramid ponzi scheme, blame it on the kids and condemn whichever alternative economic system they turn to without proposing an alternate system for better change.

  42. Millennials don't support socialism. They support the umbrella term which they think socialism means, which is basically all your financial problems will disappear and you'll have more money for weed & tattoos

  43. THe Globalists have engineered the snowflakes to push for socialism . Socialism will soon become Totalitarianism with un-contested Capitalism and worker slave state.

  44. Look at what the past four presidents have done for America? Really look. Make your vote count for The America established in 1783 // Stand up for America American's Vote Red or The America we once knew is dead !

  45. The โ€œsystemโ€ created this situation to drive towards the Orwellian NWO Government! The pending exchange from Bill Clintonโ€™s, NAFTA, (which is unconstitutional) to USMCA (which is even more unconstitutional) will give away the peopleโ€™s rights in the US to an unelected international group just like the EU! We have to stop all international agreements! They will destroy all that our posterity has to count on for their freedom and constitutional rights and will create a living hell! Wake up people!!

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