Men’s Closet Organization for Small Closets | How To Organize a Men’s Closet

Men’s Closet Organization for Small Closets | How To Organize a Men’s Closet

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– Hello guys, this is
Marcos de Andrade again. And today I’m gonna go over
a new topic for you guys. We’ve been talking a lot
about haircuts, hairstyles, outfits, and a lot of cool stuff. But before being stylish,
we need to be organized. And in this video, we’re gonna
start from the beginning, which is your closet and
how to organize your closet so it will look cool and you
can find your style faster. I think the best way to
start organizing your closet is by taking a day off,
like a Saturday or a Sunday. I know we are all busy but we need to make some effort to
keep our stuff organized. Because after it’s organized, it’s so much easier to keep up with it. So let’s start from the beginning and the first thing you’re gonna do is take everything out of your closet. So you’re gonna choose the
things that you’ve been wearing and it’s still useful for you; and the stuff that you don’t wear anymore, you’re just gonna take and put in a box. I would advise you to give a donation. There’s a lot of people that need clothes and would be so happy to get new clothes like the homeless, go to the some shelters and place like that, and you can donate your old clothes. A good rule I like to follow is that if I don’t wear something
for one whole year, I’m gonna take that out
and I’m gonna donate it. So I think you should do the same. If you haven’t worn a piece of like a t-shirt or a shirt or
pants in the whole year, I don’t think you’re gonna use it anymore. Unless you have like
a very luxurious piece that you only where in a special event. So other than that, take
everything out that you don’t wear, and you gonna put in boxes, alright? So after you do the first step, the next step is to organize your T-shirt. I think those are the pieces
of clothes that you have more so let’s start with the T-shirts. How I like to organize my T-shirts, it’s by collar and by graphics. Let’s say there’s a drawing or like a image on my clothes so
that’s a different category. And the neutral colors, I separate them. So let me explain, let’s
go with the basics. So you gotta take your, I would say like, let’s choose two colors, white and black. So you’re gonna separate all the colors that you have for the T-shirts. And for every color you gonna put a neutral color all together, and on the side you’re gonna
put the graphic T-shirts. So it’s gonna be like neutral
white with the graphic white, and the neutral black with
the graphic black T-shirt. So it basically should look like this. And the next step is to organize
your shirts and blazers. You should follow the
same rule with those. Also for your suit and blazers, also separate by linen,
cotton, and different fabrics. also separate by linen,
cotton, and different fabrics. That will also make it so much easier because normally you
wear like a linen suit in the summer because it’s cooler. Yeah you got the point. So now let’s jump to jeans and pants. Those tends to get wrinkled. And I hope you don’t wear wrinkle clothes, so you should hang them. So you gonna take your jeans and pants and put on the hangers. If you don’t have too
much space in your closet, hang at least the pants and fold the jeans because they are usually thicker and shouldn’t get that wrinkled and you can always iron them. The trick about shoes and accessories is to make them visible. You want to see everything that you have. Just as the clothing and the pants, like, when you take everything
out that you don’t wear and you make everything
visible it’s so much easier. So you gonna do the same thing for the shoes and accessories. For the shoes you can buy a shoe rack and you can just separate them by style, or if you like to keep them in boxes, you can get clear boxes
and put them inside. So every time you gonna wear them, you gonna see it easier in your closet. Another tip if you don’t have
too much space in your closet, is to put the shoe rack
underneath the hangers, so you’re gonna save a lot
more space in your closet and still it’s gonna look cool. And it’s very easy to choose
the one that you’re gonna wear. Another cool thing to
have for your jewelry, for your watches, is like
a portable case like this. This is a little heavier but
I have a plastic one too. You can always, like, organize your stuff inside a box like this and you can take on your trip. It makes so much easier to store them plus it looks very cool. The ties and belts you
never want to fold them. Because one, the ties will get wrinkled. And second, the belts like
you can damage the leather so it’s gonna look terrible. So you can find ties and
belt hangers on Amazon. I’m gonna put some links
on this description here for the ones that I really like. So always hang your ties and belts, and like I said you can find different ones for belts and for ties. And it’s also very convenient. Alright guys so I hope
you like these tips. These tips are very basic but
not a lot of people do it. Just remember that when you take that day to organize everything, and you maintain organizing every time you put away something
you gonna organize it, it makes so much easier. And you always gonna have
like a cool looking closet. And I think the most
important thing is don’t live for tomorrow what you can do today. So let’s do a challenge, post here in the comments if
you have organized your closet and if you followed these tips, and let me know how it went. So thank you guys for watching, hit the subscribe button so you
can keep watching my videos. So I’ll see you next
time with a new topic, so I’ll see you then. (mellow electronic music)


  1. Get it done today! You will see that the time put in to organize your closet will be worth it. What do you think? 🙂

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