Lush How It’s Made: Twilight Shower Jelly

Lush How It’s Made: Twilight Shower Jelly

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(laid back music) – Hi I’m Taylor, and today we’re gonna be making Twilight Shower Jelly. Rashwin and Brendan are
gonna be compounding. To start, we make a
calming lavender infusion with real lavender petals. We wrap them in a cheesecloth and steep them in water, just like tea. Then we squeeze out the cloth to make sure we get every last drop, and
leave our concoction to cool. Next, we create two color mixes, a beautiful blue and a pretty pink, and mix them together with our soap base. Then we blend it with
our lavender infusion and a heap of shimmering
plastic-free glitter. Next let’s add our carrageenan extract. This cruelty-free alternative to gelatin gives our jellies their trademark
wobble and softens skin. Finally, we blend in the
bestselling sleepy scent of tonka, ylang ylang, and
lavender to soothe busy minds. We swirl together the two color mixes in our recycled plastic pots
and leave everything to set. Then we add the labels and lids and ship these jellies
off to a store near you. – And that’s how you make
the Twilight Shower Jelly. – Thanks for watching. Be sure to check out our
other videos, subscribe, leave a comment below and let us know what you’d like to see made next.


  1. The product in itself is honestly so aesthetically pleasing. It looks more like cotton candy in a jar 💓💓💓💖💖💖

  2. Can you please do a “how it’s made” on the holiday collection when it comes out? Ps love you lush!

  3. Lush rainbow (clay) please i really love this product. it like you changing your soap every day form a new shape new smell and quite cost effective compare to others product. Very fun to play with

  4. Hey , I love your products can you please come to India again . You have a huge fan base here would love to use your products .
    p.s keep up the good work .

  5. Love the signature wobble! It’s what makes the jellies so fun. Let’s see a video on the making of the new Michelle ma belle or good day sunshine soaps.

  6. Oof idk if this applies but when making tea you never squeeze the tea bags cause all the bitterness comes out when you do

  7. Stop making fun of the guy…he had his own style..dont forget he myt be reading ur if u could say it to him..than only write such things

  8. I was in a U.K. store and they demoed this product and I fell in love with it, bought it and used it in the shower and it’s AMAZING. Definitely gonna buy it more often!

  9. Can you do an in-depth video on how you should store these and your other packaging free products? Maybe fun and creative ways?

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