Logan Paul talks YouTube, pink eye on Fox Business | Full interview

Logan Paul talks YouTube, pink eye on Fox Business | Full interview

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  1. and your second fight will be pirated even more now. Fox News needing to bring someone like him on for their own views is pathetic and just shows how pathetic they truly are.

  2. It just shows you if you are good looking but more importantly have a strong personality
    Look what might happen
    Now just think if he played sports with his good looks and personality
    He might have been someone like Mike Trout

  3. I’m one of the guys who facilitated the illegal streams 🙂 we streamed to over 2 million viewers illegally and click through ad garnered us over $30k. Thanks Logan!

    *note: this post is for entertainment purposes only

  4. People are so clueless.

    Why would he be donating 100k to charity if he was broke.

    Marketing execution at its finest. Good work LP.

  5. My husband said that Logan Paul in this interview reminds him of Ryan from The Office after he lost everything and returned to the Scranton office. 😂

  6. This lady Is a baboon. No one on earth has ever watched an apology video and thought "I actually really liked that"… what?

  7. Wow…a news source actually brings logan paul on of all people. The person that most youtubers find annoying.

  8. Logan says he’s called csi 1 minute later I’m gonna beat Ksi Cleary pretending he doesn’t know his name

  9. I COULD BEAT HIM🦗🦗✨ (but I’m probably not “big” enough to be considered; I’d do it tho). 💫😃

  10. He's such a wanker tho :p. Here let me explain how the business you're in works, the one you make 15$ million a year in

  11. Shouldn't they interview Pewdiepie he has more followers on YouTube than Logan had across multiple platforms

  12. Let's all feel bad for the multi-millionaire that say 20 years old let's all feel bad for the poor innocent multi-millionaire

  13. Dear God this whole interview is so cringe inducing I thought I was watching a Nickelodeon Disney Channel interview:/

  14. Why is he even famous? He sets such a bad example for young kids. This is so sad that y’all really see sum in him. Yikes! I CAN’T relate tho! LOL

  15. So stupid how he spent so much time saying how he’s moving on and quitting YouTube. YT is the biggest video platform and it’s not going anywhere

  16. The stupidity of your comments is incredible … this dude is trolling and look at your comments..why so serious ?

  17. “i am an ex controversial” nonono. we’re not gonna forget the suicide forest thing. just because you “apologized” doesn’t mean we forgive you. it still happened.

  18. Great little interview, this lady is great at what she does liked and subbed please cover the fight with KSI its not CSI ha ha Logan still making fun of him its a long story

  19. She literally said less than a few sentences and he said “I don’t really understand what you are saying.”
    I wish he was more like a ghost…

  20. He legit says "bruh" at ~ 3:41 😄
    Also, I hate that I find his brother so incredibly unlikable and obviously sociopathic that Logan seems almost sufferable in comparison. Wtf.

  21. hes not even on the apple tp 100 podcast charts, he and his brother are such douchers cant wait to hear about one of them overdosing

  22. People don’t understand that to ACT dumb and be funny like him you have to be intelligent, perhaps if you don’t get the joke, you are the joke

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