Krátký film o bus party / Short film about Bus Party

Krátký film o bus party / Short film about Bus Party

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It was in a year of 2007 or 2008 when I was engaged in leading Bhakta Program I wanted to introduce book distribution to new devotees in a palatable and interesting way. So we have created a team of 9 or 10 people and went for travelling. We have had program where book distribution was accompanied by harinam. This program showed itself very successful. Today’s bus party developed from this program. At those times we had to always stay in homes of grhastha devotees In this way we had to do the same area or two every year. (There were only few grihasthas who were able to accommodate us) Then the idea came – that it would be nice not to be bound to few places. ‘It would be better to travel everywhere without limitations. And it would be nice to have some bus. Also the inspiration from Radha Damodara Travelling Sankirtan Party was there. So we have started to search for a bus. Finally we have found bus advertised on internet – that one which we have now. We decided to buy it. We just wanted to try it out. It cost us about 60 000,- CZK. (2400,- Euros) It was not in a very good shape… We just thought we will test it for one summer. We did not know if we will even fit in… We started to make basic repairments. But instead complete reconstruction took a place. So finally it costed us 500 000,- CZK. Finally it looked like a new one, ready for a mission. That was spring 2013. We were building it for one month with Kamala Pati Prabhu. We were working for one month from morning til night. After one month it was ready. We drove it to Brno for varnishing and in the beginning of June have marched for the first bus party! This whole program is based on what Srila Prabhupada has desired the most. We know that Srila Prabhupada mostly stressed book distribution… …and harinam sankirtan And if it is possible to support it with prasadam then it is an ideal trinity of weapons against Maya through which we can introduce Krishna Consciousness to the people in a complete package. And Harinam Sankirtan Bus Party is designed exactly for this. We do harinam during that books and prasadam are distributed. In this way Krishna Consciousness is being spread very nicely. And Srila Prabhupada and Acharyas must be very pleased. The main goal is to bring to Krishna Consciousness as many people as possible and to make our movement very visible We are Sankirtan movement. That means we should be very visible. Sankirtan means that Hare Krishna is chanted everywhere books are distributed everywhere and prasadam is available everywhere. And for that this program is here. That people now about us, they see us… Our presence has to be felt… …and… people have chance to begin their journey of devotional service terminate the cycle of births and deaths Start their journey out from the material suffering. They will be saved from the danger of hell. Every devotee who is doing these activities is doing the highest welfare work. The greatest welfare in the existence. And he gets great blessings of Srila Prabhupada! Especially for young men it is very beneficial to be in a team of likeminded and enthusiastic devotees This team spirit is very important. We know from Bhagavatam that Pracetas were favored by the Lord especially because they had very cooperative spirit And there is a similar situation in the bus. There were nine Pracetas and our bus is also for nine devotees 🙂 And this team spirit when we are all together in the front line it gives a lot of joy a nd enthusiasm from all those activities we are doing there. Devotees can share their activities, atmosphere, exchange realizations. One feels like on the flotilla on the mission It is an amazing atmosphere when we leave for Srila Prabhupada bus is full of devotees, mahamantra is chanted, . prayers to Lord Nrsimhadeva for protection It is completely different atmosphere in comparison to one standing alone in the street one feels strength and security from the association of other devotees it is important especially for new devotees to be in association of others, And over that, we are Sankirtan movement that means we are not doing it only for others – but we are also doing it together Sankirtan means together There is an atmosphere in our bus of all of us pulling together We do together all the services cooking taking care of a car cutting vegetable then we all go together for harinam distribute books and cooperation must be there, without cooperation it won’t work Then devotees can develop mutual relationships which is the essence of spiritual life to have deep relationships with fellow devotees based on the service for Lord Krishna And then one feels natural satisfaction in such a service and he does not have a reason to search for happiness anywhere else when he is surrounded by devotees who are doing the same thing and are ready to sacrifice for each other And during that we will all go through many difficult or challenging situations and a lot of fun as well and adventure is there – when one sleeps in the nature next to the rivers or lakes in the mountains ice cold baths in the mornings… blissful baths during hot summer days or some storm can get us And experiences can be very multifarious Police can chase us… What should I say about this…? Shall I laugh more? It’s a movie… Are you already shooting? Of course… it’s a movie This year Maya have created a lot of obstacles for us there were a lot of problems but by the mercy of Srila Prabhupada we conquered them all.


  1. Krásně zpracované video, jak technicky, tak obsahově! Hodně štěstí při tvorbě dalších videí a rozdávání knih Šríly Prabhupády!

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