JUSTICE FOR ANDY NGO!! PART 2 || Saleem 'N' Dion

JUSTICE FOR ANDY NGO!! PART 2 || Saleem 'N' Dion

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Vito yeah are you yeah you cool really I see I think she thinks so sorry you know I haven't seen many of the Republican things but as the way is going from what I've seen on the Democratic side yeah like yeah finding clickbait all right how you doing right do you uh what do you identify as politically every America America that's what I'm talking about that's what I'm talking about I like that page one one for all yeah yeah how do you feel about left-wing terrorism going on right now you know why why I let it bother you you're only hurting yourself because this guy got beat up showing the picture the Democratic politicians have actually condoned it and Ino was brutally assaulted by Antipa and a teapot coats pictures of us all around Seattle I'm a new fashion white supremacist I don't know what is people Antipa anti fashion they say I'm a fascist okay I don't know you decide if I'm out here supporting freedom of speech of my fascist well it does because fascist would shut down free my speech yeah you got good yeah really isn't I know look at him right here looks great much better I don't know what what did he do you didn't do anything and Tifa assault any conservative in portland and so just because he was there assaulted brutally beaten it's not terrible I'm not saying any I'm not gonna say what it looks really like people that did this job like what did you do I don't know any journalism so just watch my video for this how deep how do they know that happens a little bit death right they said what you guys condemn any violence right run we calm them down we condemn every action the transics are you talking finally to find one crazy bro huh yeah same same difference you know he represents America yeah and the freedoms that wait for sure dude I don't know who Andy and go Andy no is a gay Asian journalist I got beat up by left-wing terrorists well that sounds pretty common yeah you guys know what an Tifa is oh yeah yeah Nancy fat anti-fascist ease so call them Cassius GOG they call me and D on white supremacist and shit you're a bigot Barbie bigot Barbie yeah so here's the thing though you know what I'm saying like Democratic politicians have actually condoned their actions Joe Biden called them very courageous Americans keith Ellison posted a picture with the anti-fascist handbook and was like sending it to Donald Trump and shit like that it was like dog like how are you going to come out here and support a group that is literally labeled a domestic terrorist organization and it's fine and then Huffington Post and Vox and all these left-wing organizations and media organizations are saying no no no the right-wing are the terrorists the Republicans are the terrorists honestly be like does it matter which side they're on like if you're violent you're domestic terrorists that have done well no here's an you think like if you end up in Aleppo or something you say fuck Trump and I punch you in the face I should go to jail and get my ass kicked and a story if you're violent you need to be condemned but they're not doing that and that's what really bugs me you know what I'm saying you got a condemned left wing terrorism even if you guys are liberals we got to condemn it political violence on any side and if you keep they fight for gay right the fact that they attacked a gay Asian journalist dummy antifa yeah you can Danny Antipa the iodine Mende pykon yeah we're talking for our YouTube channel you got time for a quick interview we're just talking about left-wing violence and this journalist getting beat up we're trying to raise awareness and all that why would we blame it on truck Costa where's the guy koala Jimmy Costa got kicked out of a room this guy got the crap beat out of him and his bleeding his brain is bleeding because left wing terrorists liberal terrorists beat him up yeah he's gay and he's Asian he's a Cajun they call him gay genes it's anti fascist but they're not actually anti fascist bro like they call me in him he's black I'm Indian they call us neo-nazis and white supremacists do I look like their neo-nazi or white supremacist I'm a conservative I just support Trump I'm a Republican that's it yeah okay do you want to show the footage liberal extremists left-wing extremist communists she'll show you the fit the video it's like these black terrorists they're like dressed in black with the masks on ski masks and bandanas over their face and they're just beating him up and they do that all the time they've been doing for the last three years they've been declared a domestic terrorist organization and nobody is doing anything about them you're a trump supporter I am okay but he often will say the general is I the enemy of the people and now this general is capito I know specifically what you said actually the quote that he actually used was fake news do you know what antiva is so-called anti-fascist protesters that beat up so-called racists and things like that but they say me and him are racist they call white supremacist do I look like a white supremacist where's all the hippie movement and you bring that back to Portland that's inhumane that's inhumane living I wish I knew I wish I knew this story more oh he's a gay Asian journalist and keifa brutally assaulted him on Saturday and the only Democrat candidate that condemned antifa was Andy Andrew Yang and the Raza's support in secret 2020 fuckin I always saw like the the little piece of the the of the what is it the debates yeah it was like a week ago or two weeks ago or something like that and what did he just keep saying like oh free yeah let's just give everyone $1,000 yeah trickle up I can have everyone $1,000 like oh that's cool dude yeah I'll take a thousand bucks but that's dumb it's not gonna help anyone exactly so how is today how is we asked how as we as conservatives how should we stand against antiva like what are we supposed to do about them there's already groups like the proud boys who beat the shit out of them I mean like is that is that is that like the best idea or should we like speak out and get an anti mask ban in the cities in the country should we jail these guys like how are we supposed to prosecute a group that goes black bloc so and they come out they punch you in the face then they run back and the rest of black bars like I don't see anything you're all dressed the same so I mean which one of us did it so you can't prosecute them so so it's gonna be kind of a spaz right but again they're domestic terrorists and Tifa is so like and I'm honestly surprised that n FIFA is the ones that have sold at a gay Asian journalists like sent me to surprising I'm a brown muslim disabled guy apparently that's not enough social justice points allowed you gotta be gay too


  1. This using gays as a boost for conservatism is the dumbest thing ever. They will not ever be conservative.

  2. Omg at 3:50 the guy drinking the beer i thought was on fire I was like umm wtf how is he so chill about it

  3. Like the Cow bell brought greatness to rock n roll, Zac is your Cow bell.

    We need more Zac.

    Can you patent Bigot Barbie? Cuz that is some funny stuff.

    Unleash the stache!

  4. One conversation at a time please. Talking to people who dont even know what antifa is, seems a waste of time since they have to be blind and dumb and totally lost on topics of importance.

  5. Progressives have realized a long time ago what conservatives have known for years and that is that many progressives as they experience the real world and get educated turn towards the conservative ideology. But NEVER .. EVER .. do young conservatives " grow up " and experience the real world and embrace the Marxist Lunatic progressive ideology. That is why they are frightened to death of intelligent conservative commentators. Hence the reason the left labeled Ben Shapiro as .. " The most dangerous person in the country " because of obvious reasons.

  6. you guys rock!!! you guys are like the opposite of antifa so thats like the biggest compliment anyone can give you lol

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