Josh Gorges and Habs players play slo-pitch for charity

Josh Gorges and Habs players play slo-pitch for charity

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Kelowna has the hospital that we have and we’re very fortunate for the people that live in Kelowna. But there are a lot of communities and towns around and even further out, a few hours away that don’t have the luxury of having a hospital that provides everything that they might need. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some people that have had to come from out of town, whether it was a premature birth, someone dealing with cancer, some other sort of sickness, and they’re either there by themselves or
families come to and from, and they should be concerned about their loved ones, the people that are in trouble or the people that are in need. They shouldn’t have to worry about having
to pay for parking and where they’re going to get their meal and do I have time to get
back home and sleep before I have to go to work in the morning? So I think that was the biggest reason why Blake [Comeau] and I thought that this was a good opportunity for us to jump in. It’s a good cause and working with the KGH Foundation, they’re an amazing group of people. We feel very fortunate. We’ve all become really good buddies. We’ve known each other for a long time. There just happens to be a lot of Montreal
or ex-Montreal guys that live out this way, so it’s easy to get them here. But as a group of guys, we’re always here
to support each other, so for Blake and I, we knew we just needed to ask them and they would be here. It’s exactly the same way [Gallagher] plays hockey… Head down, bulldog, 100 miles an hour, keep your head up if you’re on the other team — and
last year, keep your head up if you’re on his team. He’s not afraid to run somebody over. Oh yeah, there it is. That’s good pitching. Again, it’s like they’re are who they are
in hockey. I mean, you watch [Price] up to bat, he’s just
smooth. Everything is smooth. When he throws and plays, he’s calm. He’s got some power behind him, so I told
him he’s batting cleanup today. So I expect big things out of him. That was… I couldn’t stop laughing. That’s it, that’s it. Atta go boys.


  1. Man Weaver, Gill and Gorges… those 3 defemsmen gave everything they got on everyshift. 3 tanks. Fans who didnt understand what they brought to this team don't know anything about hockey.

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