John McDonnell says workers will take back control under Labour

John McDonnell says workers will take back control under Labour

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Labour will rewrite the rules of our economy. It’s all about treating people fairly and
with the respect they deserve. Today’s business model of shareholder
domination is increasingly proving to be incompatible with not just the fair
and respectful treatment of workers but also with the responsibilities associated
with any organisation operating within a democracy. So Labour’s reforms to how our large businesses
and public utilities are governed, owned and regulated and how both workers and consumers are
represented will genuinely enable them to take back control. We aim to take on the excesses of the
shareholder model and lay some of the foundations of
a stakeholder economy. The relentless pursuit of shareholder value
has been to the detriment of workers, consumers, communities and yes, our environment. In our report we assert a basic principle
that companies form part of our society and are valued elements of our society
but they must abide by the same norms and rules as the rest of us.


  1. Lies. Labour party when the Glasgow city council fought for 12years against equal pay for women workers, When snp were elected the city council they made the payouts, Look it up for yourself folks

  2. They haven't represented the working man for 30 years and they going to start now lol just get your usual immigrant vote and dole merchants don't insult the working class

  3. In short let’s turn the uk into East Germany. He’s a dangerous Marxist please don’t vote for him or comrade Corbyn.

  4. John McDonnell spent much of his 'career' supporting terrorism on the streets of the UK. I really don't care what he has to say about the economy

  5. What a narrow minded man, these lot wasted all the money the last time they ran the country, last person to leave Britain turn the lights out please.

  6. Nobody is going to invest in any thing when there is the chance the government might just nationalise it in the future.
    Investment dries up and jobs and money go. This is exactly what happens everywhere it's tried every time it's tried…

  7. I prefer Tory elitists to take back control from the working classes as they know what's best for fellow privileged elitists.

  8. Labour are trapped in some kind of Time Warp that is in the 70's.we have moved on..I was a Lefty Loon too…when I was a feckin teenager,ya bunch of numb nuts.

  9. The workers, the traditionl labour voters, that the Labour party have totally neglected for decades? Labour has forgotten its grass roots, but not its, " jam tomorrow " message.

  10. I know of People already selling property and businesses they own to overseas ghost owners, and then renting it back, own nowt me Guv!

  11. were actually gonna have boris as a pm…..and weirdly thats actually the best option

    kinda helps you understand how trump made it, ya know

  12. Power to the people, Wolfie!
    Einstein said, insanity was asking the same question over and over again and expecting a different answer.
    The socialist question is insane.

  13. OK then Johnny.But first lets take back democracy and leave the EU as voted for in 2016.Oh, wait, you're an anti-Brexit undemocratic Party !

  14. Left wing unionists are so arrogant.

    Denmark have already proven that socialism is completely unnecessary, the Scots need to pay attention to this and escape from the mess that is England.

    England is the USA of western Europe, a bloated bully that throws it's weight around.

  15. How come people risk their lives to flee Marxist regimes to Capitalist societies, but no one does it the other way around?

  16. John 'day of rage' McDonell still preaching his dinosaur Marxist policies that have failed time and time again . Keep it up John you are the best advert the opposition could hope for .

  17. 30 hr week £13 ph what company will stay here for that. So we will all be out of jobs. Labour is the party that will put the country and workers in debt.

  18. A few hundred people controlling 90% of all the wealth worldwide, what could possibly be wrong with that ? I can think of a few hundred things

  19. If the British workers had control we would have left the European Union by now. Clearly the Labour Party is no longer for the working class.

  20. Our ideology around finance must change in the west, capitalism needs to drop neo liberalism immediately before it breaks the system, the EU is now dying of cancer after it backed neo liberal corporatism to its open borders/corporate Europe model, this has now failed royally, expect all western country's to collapse financially if we don't move extremely fast to rid ourselves of deregulation with Neo liberal financial model, sad times but unbelievable and true

  21. So their policy on Brexit is that ordinary people are too stupid to make these big choices and don't make the right choice.
    But now they want to put McDonalds staff in control.
    Like everything these momentum activists do. It makes no sense at all. It's so surreally inconsistent.

  22. Most of our high street is been boarded up. Why would shop keepers fight to keep businesses open if they face been bullied by their staff and unions ?
    If I was a business owner put years of work building a business then get bullied and pushed around by unions. I would just sell up.

  23. Now that Labour has closed the mines and the Tories are putting the rsil network back together that Labour destroyed, which group of workers is Labour going to harm next?

  24. How exactly are the workers going to take back control when Corbyn wants to flood the country with millions of immigrants!

  25. “Work And Be Free” at least McDonnel is “recycling” old memes! Who votes for this Stalin fan knowing he murdered over 40 million people

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