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Jobs after an MBA | MBA Crystal Ball

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I interact with thousands of MBA aspirants
every year. And I have not come across many who want to
pursue the degree purely for the intellectual stimulation it offers. And that’s not surprising. When you’re spending over a $100,000, you
would be concerned about what you’re getting in return, in addition to the knowledge. For most MBA students, the big attraction
is a career change that pays well. Let’s take a quick look at some career options
after an MBA for 4 popular specializations – Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Technology. We are leaving management consulting and investment
banking for another day. What industries offer rewarding careers to
MBAs? What are the job descriptions and salaries? Which are the top companies that recruit MBA
grads? Let’s start off with marketing. Companies need marketing managers in good
times and bad. They’re the ones who get business and income
for the company. While nothing is guaranteed in a downturn,
good marketing professionals would likely be the last to get laid off. Here are some industries you can aim for:
And the job titles: Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll
do in these jobs Career progress and salary of MBAs in Marketing
depend on their capacity to innovate. For example, an enterprising marketing manager
may rise through the ranks to become product development manager and even vice president
of marketing or CEO. Popular companies in the U.S. include
Here’s a list of the top b-schools for an MBA in Marketing: An MBA in finance can provide you an opportunity to specialize in the following fields The magic words “finance” and “management” can open up career opportunities in various
sectors including these: Here’s a sample list of job titles available
after an MBA in Finance Corporate finance is about ensuring that funds
are available for a company’s business activities. Here’s what finance professionals are expected
to do: This is how much you can expect to earn in
finance jobs Here’s a list of the top bschools for finance Operations management originated in the manufacturing industry with Henry Ford’s assembly line
for automobile manufacturing. Today, it is a valued specialization across
industries, including the new-age sectors such as telecom, IT, and e-commerce
While not as glamorous as the other specializations, operations management is becoming more popular
among b-school aspirants. The number of jobs in the field has gone up,
and so has the competition Job titles include the following As the name suggests, operations managers ensure the smooth implementation of every
key process and project in the company MBA grads in Operations are usually hired
to handle these responsibilities The world has a lot of experts who understand
technology, but not enough who understand technology and business. This is where you come in with your Tech specialization. An MBA in Technology can get you into almost
any industry that relies on tech to keep its wheels spinning. With experience, MBAs in Technology go on
to become information systems managers, systems analysts, and chief technology officers Technology managers keep up with fast-changing
technology developments and innovations. They understand products and services and
keep an eye on new trends that will thrive in the market In many schools, the MBA program covers the business implications of emerging technologies
like AI and cryptocurrencies. Here are a few top ones If you are planning for an international career in any of these fields, we can help you with
the first big step. Getting into a top university. Drop us an email for a personal and confidential
discussion. And don’t forget to read Beyond The MBA
Hype. Bye
for now


  1. That was great and very informative. I would like to know more about the MBA Universities and B-schools which accept GMAT score for MBA in technology or MBA in Operations. With 4 years of work experience in top MNC company, what are my chances to get into a top B-school for MBA in technology?

  2. Sir i want to ask that, if i am doing BA (eng hons) and after qualifying CAT i can get good colleges?? Plzz clear my doubt

  3. Asslamu Alaikum sir

    Currently I'm pushing MBA At Local College..

    part time job doing as a mensWear Wholesaler home based right now I have 3 years experience..
    I have small confusion I want to choose specialization Finace or Market,

    After complete my Pg I got 5 years experience in sales..

    Which is best pls suggest me sir

  4. Got any questions for us about career prospects and jobs after an MBA from international business schools? Paste them here along with your profile details. We'd be happy to share some perspectives.

  5. Hi Sir I have completed my MBA in finance from Nagpur university after that completed my MBA I didn't get the job in finance ….hence I was join in IT can you give me the idea how I can change my domain ..I wish to work in finance only .

  6. Hi Sameer , the thing is I'm planning to go for MBA in Operations after I'm done with first 2 semesters. I'm from Arts background and not from Engineering by any means. Does that reduces my chances of getting a decent job ?

  7. I am into in engineering and technology and the goal is to become … CTO …in the future. Should I be doing Masters of technology or Masters of Business Administration ?

  8. Sir i want to study mba from Boston university or ucla. right now i am studying in iit for engineering. Which college would be better for me through financial aspects.

  9. Hi, I have completed my MS and currently working as an Electrical Engineer in the US, after two years I will have a total of 4 years experience in my technical field, is it advisable to get my MBA with 4 years experience or should I wait and gain more experience? I am aiming top 20 B-schools in the US.

    Another question I have is, I am currently on F-1 visa and my company will be filing for my H-1B visa.
    Considering I get my H-1B next year and after that, I decided to pursue an MBA in the US, is there any way I can maintain H-1B status and get my MBA. Or if I go back to F-1 status do I get 3 years OPT after I complete my MBA?

  10. Thank you for the information!

    Can you please make a video on MBA operations opportunities/prospects after MS in Industrial Engineering(from the US). The salaries look similar for both areas. Is it worth it?

  11. I'm planning to take MPA+MBA from James Cook University, Is James Cook University one of the top universities in Australia?
    and after completing this can I get a job very easily in Australia itself and getting a PR (I doesn't have any work experience)

  12. Sir i am planning to go to ireland for masters (1 year).
    Then i am planning to work for 2 years there and then i am planning to go to usa for mba. What do you think about this?

  13. Hello sir, I want to take finance as my specialisation in MBA program.
    Can you suggest me few certificate programs that will help me in excelling in the area of finance.

  14. Hello sir ! I am pursuing my I am in last year's right now so I want to do my MBA in finance so how many years of experience it is needed to get into top MBA colleges and how much GMAT score is needed for MBA ?

  15. Sir,
    I have graduated by B.E degree and I am planning to do mba.I have certain doubts.Do we need work experience before doing mba.Is it possible to take finance with HR.

  16. Hi sir. Very thankful to you. Sir I'm an commere aspirant . As I always have a confusion about my career. I'm good at my subject as well with good percentile of 92% from CEC. Now please help me with my career opportunities with which I can lead a Better life. I'm literally loosing my confidence about career options and I'm from middle class family 😞So please suggest me a better opportunities

  17. Hi sir, I've completed B.E. civil and I'm confused about which MBA field to choose. Can you guide me regarding the MBA field or course which will be beneficial? And also can I pursue career in Marketing irrespective of my civil background?

  18. Hlo sir,
    I am going to do mba in leadership from jcu brisbane campus
    And my university admission interview is on next Tuesday.
    I have prepared myself but i am confused about which job i will do after completion my mba degree can you suggest suitable job along with salary which i can tell in my interview .

  19. Sir I'm done BBA in Finance age of 2019 i don't have a work experience. & it's to late for me. But I wanted To Do Mba In Information Technology. i know i'm not come from a technical background. but Can It's Possible to do programming and language classes and work on both technical + management roles. Or It's difficult do survived in IT industry a non-technical person.

  20. Sir, I want to do MBA in Human resources but I don't knw much abt that ……I hv got 65% in 12th now I'm in 1st year so plzz tell me k kya mjhe koi work experience lena chaiye or konsa collage best rehega for MBA in HR

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